Fuun Lion Maru

April 14, 1973 - September 29, 1973, 25 episodes

Created by Ushio, Shoji

Character Actor
Dan, Shishimaru Ushio, Tetsuya
Fuun Lion Maru Kamoshida, Kazu
Shinobu Miyano, Ryoko
Sankichi Arai, Tsunehiro
Mantle (voice) Kobayashi, Kiyoshi
Agdar Ootai, Tooru
Black Jaquar Hayasaki, Masaki
Tora, Jnosuke Fukushima, Yoshitaka
Tiger Jo, Jr Fukushima, Shingo
Narrator Shinohara, Daisaku

Fuun Lion Maru (Storm Cloud Lion Maru) takes place in feudal Japan, the time of the samurai and ninja. Such programs were common in Japan at the same time as westerns were popular in the USA.

The age of civil wars in Japan has come to an end. There should be peace, but the forces of darkness never rest. A new group has arisen which seeks to conquer and inslave.

older brother Dan, Shishimaru

After the older brother of Dan, Shishimaru is murdered by the evil group Mantle, Dan, Shishimaru steels a rocket pack which gives him the power to "Rocketto Lion Maru" into Fuun (Storm Cloud) Lion Maru. (Although the same actor who played Shishimaru in Kaiketsu Lion Maru plays Dan, Shishimaru they are different characters.)

Fuun Liom Maru finishFuun Liom Maru finish

After cutting the monsters Fuun Lion Maru rests his sword on his arm, then raises the sword to make a slicing motion in the air. As he brings the sword back down to his shoulder the monster explodes. Once the monster is dead Fuun Lion Maru reverts back to Dan, Shishimaru.

Dan, ShishimaruSankichi & Shinobu

Dan, Shishimaru is more of a loner than the other Shishimaru. Although he has friends he normally does not travel with them. His going on without them does place them in danger often, but of course he manages to show up just in time to help them.


Dan, Shishimaru's friends Shinobu and Sankichi travel in a cart pulled by a single horse. When they have to fight off Mantle ninja the cart is armed with spears.

The spirit of Kaiketsu Lion Maru makes a brief appearance in episode 9, to save Dan, Shishimaru's life.

Dan, Shishimaru Fuun Lion MaruBlack Jaguar human formBlack Jaguar

For the first half of the series Fuun Lion Maru has a rival, Black Jaguar (episodes 2-8, 10, 11).

Tiger Jo, Jr ep 11,13,15 Tiger Jo, Jr ep 14,16,21,25

During the second half Tiger Jo, Jr. appears (episodes 11, 13-16, 21, 25) to help out Lion Maru.
Tiger Jo, Jr looks and sounds like the original Tiger Jo but his henshin phrase is "Tiger Junior".

Dan, Shishimaru sidekick Dan, Shishimaru sidekick

Dan, Shishimaru has a sidekick (assistant) in episodes 17-20 , 22, 24.

Fuun Lion Maru Fuun Lion MaruFuun Lion Maru

In these later episodes Fuun Lion Maru usually appears without his helmet.
With his mane flowing free he looks more like a male line.

Mantle leader

Fuun Lion Maru battled the evil group Mantle.

P-Productions also produced Magma Taishi [Ambassador Magma] (1966-1967), Kaiju Ouji [Monster Prince] (1967), Supekutoruman [Spectreman] (1971-1972), Kaiketsu Lion Maru [Swift Hero Lion Maru] (1972-1973), Tetsujin Taiga 7 [Ironman Tiger 7] (1973-1974) and Denjin Zabg [Electroid Zabg] (1974-1975).

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Fuun Lion Maru

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