Urutora SebunUrutora Sebun

Urutora Sebun (Ultra Seven) originally aired in Japan from October 1, 1967 through September 8, 1968 (49 episodes)

Created by Tsuburaya, Eiji
Music by Fuyuki, Tōru

Character Actor/Actress
Moroboshi, Dan Moritsugu, Kohji
Ultra Seven Uenishi, Koji
Ultra Seven (episodes 14&15) Kikuchi, Eiichi
Commander Kiriyama, Kaoru Nakayama, Shōji
Furuhashi, Shigeru Dokumamushi, Sandayu
Anne Yuri Hishimi, Yuriko
Taiin, Soga Achiha, Shinsuke
Amagi Furuya, Bin
Narrator Urano, Hikaru

Ultra Seven (Urutora Sebun) is the second Ultraman series (third if you count Ultra Q).

Ultra Seven Moroboshi, Dan

Space Garrison Post Observer 340 from The Land of Light in Nebula M78, is sent to map the galaxy. arriving on Eath he is impressed by the willingness of human Satsuma, Jiro to sacrifice himself to save another, copies his likeness for his human form while on Earth. He makes up the name Moroboshi, Dan the momemnt he was asked by two members of the Ultra Guard what his name was.Moroboshi, Dan joins the Ultra Guard as its sixth member. Post Observer 340 becomes know as "Ultra Seven" after being named an honorary member of the Ultra Guard. Its not until the end of the series that the other Ultra Guard members learn that members 6 and 7 are the same person. The story of how Ultra Seven decided to create Morobashi, Dan is not actually reaveled to the viewer until a flashback in episode 17, when Satsuma,Jiro is trapped in a mine cave in and Morobashi, Dan remembers his first day on Earth. The silver plate on Ultra Seven's chest is a solar colletctor if he runs low on energy he can recharge in the sun. In episode 35 he absorbs the light and heat from an exploding bumb to recharge himself on the moon.

Emerium RayEye Slugger

Unlike Ultraman (and most of the other Ultras) who can only appear as a giant, Ultra Seven can appear human sized, as a giant or even shrink to microscopic size (episode 31). Ultra Seven two most commonly used weapons are his "Emerium Ray" and "Eye Slugger", he can use them what ever size he is.

Wide ShotEnergy String

Less frequently used is Ultra Seven's "Wide Shot", first introduced in episode 13. "Energy String" which he uses to paralyze monsters is introduced in episode 16.

Windom Miclas Agira

Capsule Monsters:

Moroboshi, Dan carries five capsules which contain monsters he can summon to fight for him then return to the capsules,
he uses them when he for various reasons cannot become Ultra Seven.
Although he's shown carrying a box containg five capsules only three are ever used:

Windom - episodes 1, 24, 39 (killed by Alien Guts)
Miclas - episodes 3, 25 (killed by Gandar)
Agira - episodes 32, 46 (killed by Robot Ultraseven)

Notes: in Ultraman Leo episode 34, Ultraman Jack brings Moroboshi, Dan a gift of another capsule monster: Sevengar.
Utraman Mebius features Marquette Monsters which are aritifical capsule monsters which can only last for one minute, including copies of Miclas and Windom.

Because Morobashi, Dan and Ultra Seven are actually the same person any wounds suffered by one is felt by the other. If a monster bites Ultra Seven in the shoulder than Morobashi, Dan will have a wounded shoulder or if Morobashi, Dan is shot in the leg than Ultra Seven will have a bad leg. According to episodes 24 and 35 Ultra Seven is weakend by extreme cold (which is odd given that he flys through space). Morobashi, Dan is also effected by the cold.

As the Earth is facing threats from other planets two forces are created to deal with these threats:

TDF officers

Terrestrial Defense Force (TDF) - international military formed to defend Earth from invasion, main headquarters in Paris, France but has bases in most other countries. including Japan

Commander Kiriyama, Kaoru Furuhashi, Shigeru Taiin, Soga Amagi Anne Yuri Moroboshi, Dan

Ultra Guard (UG) - elite defense force under the TDF, assigned to carry out investigations and respond to alien attacks on Earth

Ultra One Commander Kiriyama, Kaoru
Ultra Two Furuhashi, Shigeru
Ultra Three Taiin, Soga
Ultra Four Amagi
Ultra Five Anne Yuri
Ultra Six Moroboshi, Dan

There are many other men and women working with the TDF and UG who do not wear the uniform but are never the less under thier command,. In episode 30 Moroboshi, Dan has put in a request for an extra Ultra Guard member but the trainiee wants to out do Morobashi, Dan and gets himself killed trying to take on four heavily armed tanks all by himself. Otherwise they're would have been an "Ultra Eight".

Ultrahawk One Ultrahawk One

The Ultra Guard had 3 specialised aircraft: "Ultra Hawk One" - can split into 3 seperate parts ("Alpha", "Beta", "Gamma") to either attack different targets or the same target three times, armed with missiles and lasers. Crashes in several episodes but is apparently repaired and returned to base. Actually destroyed in episode 32, Replaced. Used in the final battle of episode 49.

Ultrahawk Two

"Ultra Hawk Two" - a fast moving spaceship (in episode 22 its said it could reach Saturn in 3 days), armed with a laser. Destroyed in episode 33. Replaced. Destroyed in episode 48 (part 1 of 2 part episode no time to replace it)

Ultrahawk Three

"Ultra Hawk Three" - fighter jet used for reconnaissance missions and to back up "Ultra Hawk One", armed with ground to air missiles, air to air missiles and lasers. Carries "Magmariser". Has a self destruct device which is deactivated with less than 30 seconds to go on the timer in episode 24. Used in the final battle of episode 49.


For land transport the Ultra Guard drove a car called "Pointer". Pointer was arned with a missle launcher and laser beam, had an energy shield for defense. Rocket jets could lift it slightly off the ground, to move over obstructions or to drive over water. (There was actually only one car, a heavily modified 1958 Chrysler Imperial which was in such bad shape it did not actually run but had to be pushed. In 1991 a Japanese fan found a working 1958 Chrysler Imperial and customized it to look like "Pointer", which he refers to as "Japan's Batmobile" and which he loves to drive). For most of the series only one such vehicle was seen and it was labeled as "TD PO-I". But in episode 34 after the first Pointer mysteriously vanishes along with Morobashi, Dan and Taiin, Soga a second Pointer is used to transport Commander Kiriyama, Kaoru to the scene (strangely it too has "TD PO-I painted on it). Pointer 2 retursns again in episode 37 when Furuhashi and Amagi are in Pointer 1 and radio Dan in Pointer 2.

V3Space Hawk

Several space stations are supposed to function as early warning systems detecting alien invasions before they reach Earth. The one most often refrenced is space station, V3. Given its name there are at least two more. Of course V3 and its crew become targets themselves (episodes 2 and 13). Space Station V3 (and presumably the others) are defended by space fighters called "Space Hawks". Space Station V2 makes a brief apperance in episode 37. TDF also has a base on the moon which comes under attack in episode 35.


In episode 4 the Terrestrial Defense Force (TDF had a nuclear powered battle ship called "Max" but after it was hijacked by aliens Ultra Seven blew it up in order to eliminate the aliens. Presumably the TDF built another one.


Episode 14 introduced a UG submarine the "Hydroranger". Appears very briefly and does nothing but carry some Ultra Guard on a failed attempt to rescue another submarine. The "Hydroranger" returns in episode 21 in which its revealed that there actually two, "Hydroranger 1" (piloted by Furuhashi, Shigeru) and "Hydroranger 2" (piloted by Amagi). Each is sent to different parts of the ocean to search for missing ships. "Hydroranger 1" and "Hydroranger 2" are mentioned in episode 32 but turn out not to be needed. In episode 42 "Hydroranger 1" is launched (with both Furhasi and Amagi aboard) to investigate the destruction of an expermental underwater base, "The Seahorse". Later piloted by Commander Kiriyama, Kaoru who uses it to destroy the underwater city belonging to the Nonmalt, who destroyed "The Seahorse". In epsidode 46, "Hydroranger 1" (crewed by TDF soliders not UG members) is destroyed by alien torpedoes. (The UG should never let TDF soldiers use their equipment it always ends badly).


Episode 17 introduced "Magmariser", a drilling tank for underground missions, when the UG is asked to help rescue miner Satsuma, Jiro trapped in a cave-in. In episode 17 the "Magmariser" is armed only with a laser beam. "Magmariser" returns in episode 20 when its discovered someone or something is attempting to steal the Earth's core. In episode 30 "Magmariser", which now has missiles, is hijacked by an alien during Ultrua Guard practice maneuvers and fires live rounds at the Ultra Guard. The "Magmariser" is usually transported where its needed by "Ultra Hawk Three" but in episode 30 its driven to scene, by TDF soldiers instead, which is how its taken over. In episode 40 "Magmariser" is used to help rescue captured Ultra Seven. Makes its final appearance in the series finale as the last enemy is hiding inside a volcano.

Ultra Seven is a darker series than Ultraman. In some episodes the humans are clearly in the wrong. Although Morobashi, Dan/Ultra Seven generally loves the human race and has sworn to defend it he cannot always agree with the decisions made by the TFD/UG. Twice they sent probes into space leading aliens who don't like being spyed on to attack Earth. Once they launched a super weapon capable of destroying a planet causing him to fear they've gone from defending themselves to becoming the agressors. The aliens he's forced to kill are not always the ones at fault. He does occasionaly give the aliens a chance to turn around and go home in peace, only one had the good sense to accept the offer. In one episode the Ultra Guard has no choice, they have to destroy a massive malfunctionaing alien space ship to keep it from crashing into the Earth. They offer to evacuate the aliens to Earth and help them rebuild. but the aliens don't believe the primative humans can actually destroy their "space city". Ultra Seven realizes he can't save both so he lets the aliens die. When one loan surviver attacks him, he defeats it without killing it and lets it run away. Its hiding on Earth somewhere still. Note: some of the UG's actions come back to haunt them in the 1990s Ultra Seven direct to video specials when aliens seek revenge for past actions (such as blowing up the "space city").

Episode 43 is unique, it takes place on another planet, Morobashi, Dan; Taiin, Soga and Ultra Seven stopping an alien invasion of Earth before it even gets started. The "aliens"are humans, ruled over by andorids (robots that look human) and its the robots that want to attack not the humans. There were two other aliens that could have been human. The Alien Kill of episode 28 who only appear as human males but who's bodies disinigrate when they're killed so we never get to see if they have a different form, and the Alien Magellan in episode 37 who appears as a girl and actually has her own name, Maya. She commits suicide, vaporizing herself rather than accept living on Earth among its "crazy people". Her people wanted to destroy the planet not conquer it. Its possible that when Ultra Seven turned their planet destroying missile around so it headed back where it came from that the Magellan may have all been killed, by their own weapon and thats why Maya killed herself. There are a few other aliens who are never actually seen at all, they don't leave their space ships that get blown up.

Morobashi, Dan and Ultra Seven's superiorMorobashi, Dan and Ultra Seven's superior

Episode 48: Morobashi, Dan is failing fast, can't see straight, can't keep awake. He receives a holographic message from his supperior officer on The Land of Light in Nebula M78, who looks exactly like Ultra Seven, he intiailly revers to Dan as "Space Garrison Post Observer 340" before addressing him by his Earth name "Ultra Seven". He informs Ultra Seven that his body has been damaged by so many battles that he can no longer absorb enough energy from Earth's sun and its time to come home to Nebula M78, Dan refuses as he cannot leave the humans when an alien invasion is coming. Ultra Seven barley survives a battle against the giant monster Pandon. He has no energy to generate "Emerium Ray" and only manages to wound it with "Eye Slugger" because Anne piloting Ultra Hawk 3 is able to distract it. As Morobashi, Dan doctors are not sure he will survive a cracked skull.

Ultra Seven leaving

Episode 49: Moscow, New York and Paris (where TDF headquarters was) are destroyed! London and Tokyo have been threatened to be next. Ultra Seven's superior warns Dan not to transform because it could ill him. Anne finds him and want to know why he has been hiding from the doctors. So he reveals his true identity to her as he goes off to fight to save Earth one last time. Anne of course rushes to inform the other members of the Ultra Guard that Ultra Seven is "our own Morobashi, Dan". Ultra Seven and the Ultra Guard battle "Reconstructed Pandon", not to the series theme song but some piece of classic piano. They win. Ultra Seven flies home. THE END.

The Songs

The Episodes

This series was originally intended to take place in an alternate universe from Ultraman (1966) which is why Ultra Seven looks so different from Ultraman. Later however both shows were considered to take place in the same universe, involving the same Earth. Ultra Seven thus became the nephew of the Father of Ultra and the Mother of Ultra, the cousin of Ultraman Taro and the father of Ultraman Zero (Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie, 2009). According to the Ultraman Mebius (2006) series none of the Ultras are actually named Ultraman, that the title Ultraman is given to them by the humans of Earth, (and the Father of Ultra consideres defending Earth and earning the title be a great legacy which Mebius should strive to continue).

Ultraseven Ultraseven

On November 11, 2012 Ultraseven was released on DVD by Shout Factory TV, in Japanese with English subtites.
On December 10, 2019 Ultraseven was released on Blu-ray by Mill Creek Entertainment, in Japanese with English subtites.

Ultra Seven was proceeded by Ultraman and was followed by Return of Ultraman .

Seven years after Urutora Sebun (Ultra Seven) Moroboshi, Dan becomes one of the main characters in 1974's Urutoraman Reo {Ultraman Leo) without the ability to become Ultra Seven.

Heisei Ultraseven :Twenty-seven years after the original Ultra Seven series, Ultra Seven returns in series of TV specials and direct to video specials set in an alternate universe in which none of the other Ultraman series have taken place, only the events portrayed in the original Ultra Seven series have taken place on this Earth. So as far as these stories are concerned Ultra Seven is the only existing Ultra. In 1994 Ultra Seven returns in two TV specials: "Ultra Seven - Operation: Solar Energy" and "Ultra Seven - The Land of the Earthlings". Furuhashi, Shigeru is now in charge of the Ultra Garrison (formerly the Ultra Guard). These two specials feature the original Moroboshi, Dan, just much older..

In 1998 direct to video stores: "Ultra Seven - The Lost Memories", "Ultra Seven - The Eternal Earth", "Ultra Seven - Betrayal of the Sun" have Ultra Seven in human form alternating between Morobashi, Dan and a younger Ultra Garrison memeber Kazamori, Masaki (whom Ultra Seven traps in a capsule when he's pretending to be him). Furuhashi is now a high ranking officcer in the TDF.

In 1999 Ultra Seven has to merge with Kazamori, Masaki) to save his life, but since he already has a human form he can appear as either man. The 1999 stories are: "Ultra Seven - Glory and Legend", "Ultra Seven - The Flying Iron Colossus", "Ultra Seven - The Day the Fruit Ripens", "Ultra Seven - Consequences of a Promise", "Ultra Seven - The Imitated Man", "Ultra Seven - I Am an Earthling", In 2002 the final Ultra Seven series, subtitled "EVOLUTION" does not feature Morobashi, Dan at all: "Dark Side", "Perfect World", "Neverland", "Innocent", "Akashic Record". [Note: I have only actually seen the first two specials from 1994 and the first direct to video episode from 1998.]

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