Alien CoolAlien Waiell

Episode 1: Alien Cool - aducted humans to study them in order to determine human weaknesses before invading earth, did not giant size
Episode 2: Alien Waiell - parastic plant which turned infected humans into plants which infected other humans who in turn infected still more humans, the first one giant sized when it was killed by alll the humans returned to normal

Alien PittEleking

Episode 3: Alien Pitt - disgused as twin girls stole the Ultra Eye and infiltrated TDF headquarters, did not giant size themselves, summoned the giant monster Eleking
Episdoe 3: Eleking - giant monster summoned by one of the twin aliens to kill Ultra Seven

Alien GodolaAlien Bira

Episode 4: Alien Godola - picked ships out of the oceans, carrying them into space so the TDF and UG would concentrate on the oceans while they invade from space, one of them impersonated Furuhashi, Shigeru and then Moroboshi, Dan
Episode 5: Alien Bira - took control of a human scientist who supposed to upgrade the TDF/UG's radar system so he could sabotage it before their invasion

Alien PegassaAlien QurasoAlien Metron

Episode 6: Alien Pegassa - residents of a massive space ship, when its navigation system breaks down it becomes stuck on a oollusion course with Earth, both sides reluctantly come to the conclusion that to save themselves they must destroy the others, although the UG did offer to allow the Pegassa to escape to Earth, only one arrives on Earth in an attempt to destroy it, he does not giantsize, defeated but not killed by Ultra Seven the last Pegassa is apparently living in hiding somewhere on Earth
Episode 7: Alien Quraso - Prisoner 303, a criminal escapes from the planet Quraso to Earth. Space Station V3 has been monitoring a strange signal, which it turns out is the other Quarso attempting to warn Earth that a murderer has escaped and thaty they should shoot him on sight. doesn't actually fight Ultra Seven just Moroboshi, Dan
Episode 8: Alien Metron - placed alien poppy seeds in cigarettes which causes anyone who smokes them to temporarily become insane killers, when he wears off they instantly fall asleep and wake up with no memory of their actions, their plan is to have the humans kill each other so they can take over the planet

Zero OneAlien Chibu

Episode 9: Zero One: - android created by Alien Chibu, programmed, to kill Morobashi, Dan
Episode 9: Alien Chibu - disguised as an old man, made "toy" that were actually real guns and sold them to children whom he planned to hypnotise into being his troops, believed human adults would not fire on children, did not giantsize

Alien IcarusAlien WildNasu

Episode 10: Alien Icarus -first alien not to know Morobashi, Dan is Ultra Seven, disguised as man in black, traps Morobashi, Dan in the Fourth Dimension believing its caught a human, when he escapes it reveals its true form, a gaint and so does Morobashi, Dan
Episode 11: Alien Wild - from Four Dimesions to two, uses an alien camera which sucks the life out of people including Morobashi, Dan, leaving apparently dead bodies behind while they are actually alive inside the camera as 2 dimensional recordings, doesn't want to invade just steal a few young lives to safe their aging population, does not giantzize, killed by Sogo in revenge for Morobashi, Dan's murder {he doesn't know the victims can be restored until the end of the episo de)
Episode 11: Nasu - giant mechanical dragon brougt to Earth by Alien Wild, damaged by Ultra Hawk One and finished off by Ultra Seven

Alien SpellAlien Iyros

Episode 12: Alien Spell - space vampires who use watches to syphon blood from women when a child wears one of the watches they discover the blood of children is even better {sorry about the poor quality of the image but it had to be taken from a poor quality video of this banned episode), appeared only as a giant
Episode 13: Alien Iyros - running low on fuel for their space ship instead of asking humans for help they attack Space Station V3 and later capture Furuhashi, Shigeru and Amagi making duplicates of the men which they send to UG headquarters to steal fuel from the Ultra Hawks, appeared only as a giant, first alien Ultra Seven had to use "Wide Shot" on to kill, immune to his other weapons

King JoeAlien PedanAlien PedanAnnon

Episodes 14 & 15: King Joe - robot controled by Alien Pedan, originally appears in 4 pieces which assemble together before it attacks TDF Defense Center in the mountais in episode 14, in episode 15 it attacks a port, Ulrtra Seven was on;y able to defeat King Joe with the help of TDF scientists and Soga's marksmanship
Episodes 14 & 15: Alien Pedan - in episode 14 one Pedan appears digused as a blonde, American woman, in episode 15 two Pedan are seen in silhoute only. except for one scene that passes so fast you can easily miss it in which the explosion inside their space ship briefly lluminates one of them revealing it green skin

Episodes 14 and 15 make up the first (of three) two part Ultra Seven stories. When Earth launches a probe to examine the planet Pedan, the inhabitants of this planet mistake it for an invasion attempt and launch a counter strike, the begin by carrying out sabotage against ships and assassinating TDF scientists who were secretly traveling to Japan from around the world. The TDF's Washington, DC branch attempted to explaint to the Pedans that they meant no harm, want peaceful relations with Pedan, but their message went unasnwered, cleary the Pedans did not believe the humans. In episode 15 Morobashi, Dan and a Pedan agent disgused as a blonde American woman, make a deal to avoid war, the humans will stop building weapons to attack the Pedans and the Pedans will leave Earth, but the leader of the Pedan forces decides he wants to conquer Earth and sends a fleet of space ships to attack Earth. Episode 15 features Ultra Seven's second use of "Wide Shot".

Episode 16: Annon - for a second time Earth's sending probes into space brings trouble, Annon returns "Cherry Blossom 9" an Earth probe ship back to Earth, then destroys it, apparently as a message to stop spying on Annon, the explosion causes it too lose its "body", a strange rock which is picked up by a child. when the rock is returned to the landing site it grows into a stone monster, its not actually evil it just whats Earth to stop sending probes to spy on its planet, and when Ultra Seven promises they wont bother its planet any more the eye, which is actually all the Annon alien is leaves the stone body and flies off into space, the body which is just a shell the eye controled crumbles, second alien not killed, first time Ultra Seven uses "Energy String" to paralyse a monster

U-Tom 1U-Tom 2U-Tom 3U-Tom 5

Episode 17: U-Tom - robots existiing in an underground city, their origins and purpose is a mystery, discovered when a cave-in traps miner Satsuma, Jiro (the human Ultra Seven copied when he created Morobashi, Dan) and Ultra Guard is asked to help in the investigation and rescue, easily destroyed with laser pistols or "Wide Shot", did not giantsize (really only 1 costume they just changed the chest plates which is why they appear 1 at a time),

Ticks Of the False Space Alien Bell Gumonga

Episode 18: Ticks Of the False Space - insects dropped on Amagi in Dimension X, when he smashes one its full of red blood
Episode 18: Alien Bell - giant creator of Dimension X, brings others into Dimension X just to torment them for fun, during UG training execises the others parchute safetly to the designated spot on Earth, Soga and Amagi land in Dimension X
Episode 18: Gumonga - spider kaiju created by Alien Bell

Alien BadoAlien ShaplayGiradorus

Episode 19: Alien Bado - first alien that wanted to destroy Earth not conquer it, xenophobic they want no other inteligent life forms to exist in the galaxy (claimed there was once life on Pluto until they destroyed that civilization), their leader giantiszes and tries to beat Ultra Seven with alien brass knockles, Ultra Seven throws him down breaking his neck
Episode 20: Alien Shaplay - impersonates a well known scientists assistant in order to search for "Ultonium", a stone at the Earth's core, the creature it creates for this purpose causes Earthquakes, did not giantsize, killed by Anne and Soga
Episode 20: Giradorus - created by Alien Shaplay to search for "Ultonium", attempts to avenge its fallen master, can control weather

Alien Mimy saucerIron RocksAlien Braco

Episode 21 Alien Mimy star fish shapped saucer which travels underwater, Alien Mimy is never seen on camera only its voice is heard
Episode 21 Iron Rocks - submarine/battleship created by Alien Mimy from sunken vessels and scrap metal
Episode 22: Alien Braco - feeds on female chromsomes, Anne and a friend become its victims falling into comas and turning green, after one is killed by Commander Kiriyama, Kaoru with a laser pistol. a TDF scientist is able to desect it, learning that the cure for the women is not found on Earth, Ultra Seven has to fly to Saturn if he can get past a fleet of Braco ships bent on stopping him

Alien ShadowGaburaAlien Kanan

Episode 23: Alien Shadow - target a fortune teller because he can see their planned attacks in his crystal ball and he tries to warn the Ultra Guard, do not giantisize themselves but send a giant monster after Ultra Seven
Episode 23: Gabura - after pretending to surrender the Alien Shadows sick this kaiju on Ultra Seven, after he cut its head off the head continued to attack until he destroyed the flying saucer that was controling it
Episode 24: Alien Kanan - aliens from a frozen world they try to claim the Arctic on Earth, all Kanan involved were female, do not giantsize, instead they take control of Windom forcing Ultra Seven to fight his own pet

Alien PollGandarStar Bem Gyeron

Episode 25: Alien Poll - generated a black cloud which covered up the sun causing freezing cold and blizzard conditions, also took down the UG's nuclear reactor
Episode 25: Gandar - Alien Poll's bioweapon, kills Miclas, the first of the capsule monsters to die
Episode 26: Star Bem Gyeron - after an Ultra Guard tests a new weapon, R-1 said to be as powerful as 8,000 H bombs, on what they thought was an unihabted planet, its one inhabitant comes to Earth seaking revenge, it sprays a radioactive gas the UG believes is a result of its exposure to the radation from their weapon

Alien BorgAlien KillDinosaur Tank

Episode 27: Alien Borg - female alien, captures an Ultra Guard raido operatpr, placing a device in his skull that allows her to control him and sends him to sabatoge Ultra Guard headquarters
Episode 28: Alien Kill - disguised as human, when shot by Ultra Guard members their bodies disingrate so their true form is never seen, unless they were esentially human
Episode 28: Dinosaur Tank - just as silly as it sounds, a dinosaur riding a tank, created by Alien Kill to stop the Ultra Guard from testing a new explosve

Alien ProteAlien PlachikuAlien Plachiku skelton form

Episode 29: Alien Prote - disguised as a college professor involved in the launching of "David" the first privately launched satellite from Japan which was supposed to collect sciientific data but was actually spying on the Ultra Guard, disovering where all their secret bases are so they can be destroyed prior to invastion, could make itself invisible and create illusionary duplicates of itself
Episode 30: Alien Plachiku - during Ultra Guard practice maneuvers takes control of Magmariser and several UG tanks replacing their dummy shells and missiles with live ones, after its normal form is killed by Ultra Seven it returns in a skelton form which it only takes one plast from a laser pistol to destroy


Episode 31: Darii - inteligent alien parasite which infects a young woman, Ultra Seven shrinks himself to microscopic size to fight it inside her
Episode 32: Rigger - came to Earth on "flying island", a space ship made to look like an island, which was giving out powerful magnetic waves, unable to transform because of the magnet waves Morobashi, Dan summons his last capsule monster Agira" (original script called for Rigger to be controlled by Alien Mandala, at filimg time they were cut from the script)


Episode 33: Shadowmen - shadows of dead people, come to life to steal microfilm containing the location of every TDF base on Earth, the Shadowmen are eventually discovered to be controlled from a space ship but the aliens responsible are never seen, do not speak and are not identified (original script called them Alien Uley and would have had them appear in the episode)
Episode 34: Dancan - this alien was seeking refuge from "space storms" and just wanted to stay on Earth where it would be safe, but instead of asking for help it took over a city, attacked the Ultra Guard and Ultra Seven resulting in its demise, in its true form its a giant

Alien ZamppaPeteroAlien Pega

Episode 35: Alien Zamppa - three years ago UG Commander Kiriyama, Kaoru and V3 base commander Kurata defeated Alien Zamppa, now he's back seeking revenge, spends most of the episode disguised as a human, only shows true form long enough to be killed. does not giantsize
Episode 35: Petero - used by Alien Zamppa to cause havoc to TDF Moonbase
Episode 36: Alien Pega - turns a bodyguard into an assassin who murders the men he's supposed to protect and abudcts Soga, from a low pressure planet cannot surive on Earth outside its space ship so need hyptonized humans to carry out its schemes, does not giantsize or leave ship, Ultra Seven offers to let him go home but he'd rather die

Alien MagellanCrazygon

Episode 37: Alien Magellan - its been awhile since a pretty girl stole the Ultra Eye so thats what Alien Magellan did, only appears as girl, no other form and does not giantsize, a human alien? Unlike most of the other aliens she actually has her own name Maya
Episode 38: Crazygon - giant robot which steels cars for the Alien Banda (not seen or heard), Ultra Seven comes up with the craziest way of defeating this metal monster

AronAlien Guts

Episode 39: Aron - sent by Alien Guts to test Ultra Seven's abilities, they record the battle and play it back in b/w which is how the audience sees the fight, from Alien Gut's point of view
Episodes 39 & 40: Alien Guts - come to Earth to kill Ultra Seven so the humans will surrender when they invade in full force

Episodes 39 & 40 make up the second (of three) two part Ultra Seven stories, Aron is sent by Alien Guts to fight Ultra Seven while they record the battle in order to determie what his weaknesses are so they can defeat him. Their plan is to kill Ultra Seven so the humans having lost their champion willl surrender to their invasion fleet. Duriing Morobashi, Dans first encounter with Guts, he loses his second capsule monster as he recalls Windom just seconds too late. By the end of episode 39 Ultra Seven has been captured, his energy depleted, and he's been sentenced to be executed at dawn (10 hours away). In episode 40 it takes the Ultra Guard all of that 10 hours to decipher a mysterious signal, which they discover is comming from Ultra Seven, create a device to generate the energy he needs, find him (as the Ultra Seven put on public display was just a hologram) and deliver the energy he needs to free himself and defeat the Guts invasion force. Before Ultra Seven is saved Soga volunteers to make a suicidal attack on Guts (denied permission) and Anne mopes over the missing Dan.

Alien TepetoTepeto

Episode 41: Alien Tepeto - any impersonated or are responsible for the Japanase legends about "kappa", rivier demons
Episode 41: Tepeto - Alien Tepto's bioweapon, they either lack the imagination to give their creation its own name or they're too egotistical, hatches from a giant egg

GuyrosNonmaltRobot Chief

Episode 42: Guyros - sea monster sent by Nonmalt to attack ships and port cities, Ultra Seven uses his Eye Slugger like a knive and slices it to death, one limb at a time
Episode 42: Nonmalt - a race of people living under the sea who claim humans stole the Earth from them, driving them into the sea, don't like the surface dwellers trying to build their own under sea city, use kaiju Guyrus and the "Gloria" a nuclear submarine stolen from the British navy to attack Japanaese ships and port cities, (Morobashi, Dan reccognizes "nonmalt" as the world his people from Nebula M78 use to refer to all people not from Nebula M78, in other words the Ultra word for "alien")
Episode 43: Robot Chief - android dictator of People of the Fourth Planet, a technologicaly advanced race who's robots rebelled and enslaved them, plots to invade Earth of course, met by Dan and Sogo only when they find themselves on the Fourth Planet after a new rocket ship they were testing malfuctioned taking them off course, only episode in which the planned invasion of Earth is stopped on the planet it was to be launched from before it even got started, because the ship was designed for long journies it put Dan and Sogo to sleep for 30 days (was only supposed to be 20) and the rest of the Ultra Guard thinks what they experienced was only a dream (depisite the fact they they were over 10 days later in returning to Earth), not giant monsters just a bunch of rocket ships for Ultra Seven to blow up

GorryAlien GoronAlien Perolynga

Episode 44: Gorry - a chiken thief who when caught transformed into an ape and killed the police officers who had arressted him, did not giant size, killed by Furuhashi, Shigeru
Episode 44: Alien Goron - iinteligent alien ape who turned the human Gorry into an ape,wants to turn all humans into apes, hides in a zoo by masquerading as a golden lion tamarin, revelaed its true form as a giant, Ultra Seven was apparently familiar with this species of alien, in its disguised form it could speak and hypnotise humans but in its true form all it did was grunt and growl like an animal. this episode was inspired by the move "Planet of the Apes" (1968) which had just came out
Episode 45: Alien Perolynga - disgused as boy, had a fleet of ships attempt to conquer the Earth, giant sized to be killed by Ultra Seven, this episode makes no sense at all, everyone knows aliens have been trying to invade Earth they've all heard of Ultra Seven, the TDF and UG and yet when a man sees space ships through his telescope know one, not even the UG takes his warnings of a coming invasion seriously until its almost too late, may have made sense earlier in the series but at this point no one should be suprirsed at alien invasions, the battle at the end is too weired to descriibe but Ultra Hawk One and Ultra Seven win

Alien SalomeRobot UltrasevenAlien Hook

Episode 46: Alien Salome - human appearing aliens,, have no other form and do not giantsize
Episode 46: Robot Ultraseven - created by Alien Salome, who abducted Morobashi, Dan; to destroy the human race and let them die believing their hero betrayed them, killes Agira, Morobashi, Dan's last capsule monster (poor thing could not seem to understand why its master had turned on it and really didn't have the heart to put up much of a fight)
Episode 47: Alien Hook - nocturnal aliens, during the day 15,000 humans live in a massive apartment complex which at night sinks into the ground to be replaced by buildings inhabited by aliens masquerading as the humans, discoverd by a man was who is out drinking and comes home at night after the switch has been made, to find his wife, son and neighbors all claim not to know him, because he's drunk Furuhashi, Shigeru doesn't believe his phone call, but of course Morobashi, Dan does, the drunk looks and sounds like Tachibana, Tobei of Kamen Rider fame (because its the same actor Kobayashi, Akiji, before Kamen Rider), another very battle in the air between the Ultra Hawks and the alien spaceships while Ultra Seven fights 3 giantsized Hooks on the ground

PandonReconstructed PandonAlien Ghos

Episodes 48 & 49: Pandon - two-headed bird monster, barely defeated by Ultra Seven who can barely stand let alone fight
Episodes 48 & 49: Reconstructed Pandon - two-headed bird monster restored with artificial arm and arificial leg, killed by Ultra Seven with help from the Ultra Guard
Episodes 48 & 49: Alien Ghos - creators of Pandon/Reconstructed Pandon, last and most destructive of the alien invaders, they nearly succeeding in conquering the Earth, having destroyed major cities including New York, Moscow, Paris (where the TDF's headquarters was located), left London and Tokyo for last, speak their own language which is left untranslated,

Two episode finale of Ultra Seven: despite being in a weakened state from simply too many battles and not enough rest, Ultra Seven manages to cut off Pandon's left arm and right leg with "Eye Slugger" thus defeating the giant monster. However Ultra Seven suffers a head wound which passes to Morobashi, Dan nearlly killing him. Alien Ghos replaced thier monsters missing limbs with mechanicals ones. Before the final battle a badly weakened and wounded Morobash, Dan reveals the truth that he is Ultra Seven to Anne Yuri who in turn reveals it toe the rest of the Ultra Guard. The Ultra Guard kills Alien Ghos and help Ultra Seven to defeat Reconstucted Pandon after which Ultra Seven flies home to the Land of Light in Nebula M78. He will return on several occcasions finally staying to form Monster Attacking Crew (MAC), one of many groups which followed after the Ultra Guard, in .