Satsuma, Jiro Moroboshi, Dan

Ultra Six: Moroboshi, Dan

Human form of Ultra Seven. Unlike the original Ultraman who merged with a human, Ultra Seven created the Moroboshi, Dan form based on a real person Satsuma, Jiro. Ultra Seven was visting Earth when two humans were mountain climbing and to save his friend Satsuma, Jiro cut his ropes and fell to what would have been his death if Ultra Seven hadn''t flew by, caught him and set him gently on the ground. Impressed with Satsuma, Jiro''s willingness to sacrifice himself for another Ultra Seven decided that while on Earth he would module his appearance on this human. When first asked his name, he made up the name Morobash, Dan on the spot.

Moroboshi, DanMoroboshi, Dan

Moroboshi, Dan became the sixth member of the Ultra Guard. When he transforms into the giant warrior the other members of the Ultra Guard accepting him as the honorary seventh memember of their team refer to him as Ultra Seven, not realizing that he's Moroboshi, Dan. He keeps his secret until the final episode in which he reveals to his true identity to Anne. He does this because the constant battles have been slowly weaking him and he needs to returl to the Land of Light to heal and he wants Anne who is in love with Moroboshi, Dan to understand why he will soon be leaving.

Moroboshi, Dan Moroboshi, Dan

Moroboshi, Dan transforms into Ultra Seven using the Ultra Eye also known as the Task Mask, which he places over his eyes, he then begins to transform starting with his face then his shoulders and then the rest of his body.. Ultra Seven reverses the process by holding his hands to his eyes causing a swilring light to swirl around his body starting from his eyes and the Ultra Eye to appear in Morobashi, Dan's hand.

Played by Moritsugu, Kohji