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Urutoraman Esu (Ultraman Ace)

Urutoraman Esu (Ultraman Ace) ran from April 8, 1972 through March 31, 1973 (52 episodes)

Ultraman Ace

Opening Theme

Character Actor/Actress
Hokuto, Seiji Takamine, Keiji
Minami, Yuko Hoshi, Mitsuko
Ryu, Goro Sagawa, Tetsuro
Yamanaka, Ichiro Okita, Shun'ichi
Kon'no, Tsutomu Yamamoto, Masaaki
Mikawa, Noriko Nishi, Keiko
Yoshimura, Kozo Sano, Mitsuhiro
Kaji, Yoichi Nakayama, Katsumi
Umezu, Dan Umezu, Akinori
Umezu, Kayoko Miyano, Rie
Ultraman Ace (voice) Naya, Goro
Narrator Kishida, Shin

Counting Zoffy (but not Ultra Seven's unnamed superior, no one counts him) Ultraman Ace is the fifth Ultraman to defend the Earth. Whether the series is the fourth or fifth Ultra series depends on whether you treat Ultra Q and Ultraman as seperate series or count Ultraman as the second season of Ultra Q, as Tsuburaya Productions originally did (its why a color version of the Ultra Q logo appears in the opening credits of Ultraman).

Yapool beings Hokuto, Seiji & Minami, Yuko

The inhabitants of the Land of Light in Nebula M78 have learned that the Alternate Dimension Being Yapool is planning to attack Earth. As their newest warrior, Ultraman Ace, is on the way to Earth the Terrible-Monster Verokron attacks. The Terrestrial Defense Force (TDF) is wiped out. Hokuto, Seiji (male) and Minami, Yuko (female) die trying to safe lives. Ultraman Ace witnessing their sacrifice merges himself not with one of them but with both. restoring their lives. He gives each an Ultra Ring which when touched together transform the two of them into Ultraman Ace. Giving Ultraman Ace two hosts was supposed to grant him the courage of a man and the compassion of a woman. Given how he tends to rip enemies apart I don't think the compassion part worked out. Hokuto, Seiji and Minami, Yuko both join the newly formed Terrible-Monster Attacking Crew (TAC) which replaced the Terrestrial Defense Force (TDF). Ultraman Ace is the first (and to date last) Ultraman to have two human hosts. However, half way through the series (episode 28) Minami, Yuko is revealed not to be from Earth but from the Moon. And returning home she gives her Ultra Ring to Hokuto, Seiji so that he alone becomes Ultraman. Despite her saything they will never meet again she makes a brief appearance one Christmas Eve (episode 38), she does not actually speak to Hokuto however. Her next appearance is in Ultraman Taro (episode 39), alongside Father of Ultra. Hokuto, Seiji and Minami, Yuko will meet again and speak to each other 34 years after their last conversation in Ultraman Mebius (2006) [episode 44]. At which time she acknowledges that had she stayed on Earth they may have become a romantic couple.

Terrible-Monster Attacking Crew (TAC)

Ryu, Goro Mikawa, Noriko

Captain Ryu, Goro: thirty-five years old tends to take things comely and believes in solving problems scientifically
Mikawa, Noriko acts as communications officer when not on missions, carries exploding jewerly

Hokuto, Seiji Minami, Yuko

Hokuto, Seiji: former bakery drunk driver, male human host of Ultraman Ace, shares a birthday July 7th with and trusts Minami, Yuko more than any member of the team
Minami, Yuko: former nurse, female human host of Ultraman Ace (episodes 1-29), trusts Hokuto, Seiji more than any other member of the team, but still keeps a secret, that she is from the Moon not Earth, from him. No other member of TAC seems to notice that Hokuto has added a white scarf to his uniform and Minami a yellow scarf to her uniform [so the audience will always recognize them even with their helmets on]

Yamanaka, Ichiro Kono, Tsutomu

Yamanaka, Ichiro: team sharpshooter, armed with two TAC guns while all others only carry one, engaged to Takashina ,Maya (episodes 7 & 8), who is murdered by Alien Metron Jr. (I cannot stand him. he's arrogant and loud mouthed and always wrong when he chews out Hokuto who is always right about the Terrible-Monster)
Konno, Tsutomu:former police offficer, team engineer, goes on vacation to see his niece (episode 15) and King Crab attacks

Yoshimura, Kozo Kaji,Yoichi

Yoshimura, Kozo: walking encyclopedia on aliens, goes on vacation (episode 16) to visit a friend, the friend is turned into a Cowra by Yapool
Kaji,Yoichi: scienist, weapons designer (episodes 1 - 3, 5 - 14, 16 - 27, 31))

TAC Panther

Like the previous teams TAC has their own car, TAC Panther,

TAC Arrow TAC Space

and several aircrat, TAC Arrow, a single pilot fighter jer, TAC Space a two pilot fighter jet,

TAC Falcon

and TAC Falcon a larger jet which carries at least two Falcon Arrows which can be launched form inside even when Falcon is in flight.

Umezu, Dan Umezu, Kayoko

Apart from the TAC members there are no regular appearing characters until episode 29 "The 6th Ultraman Brother" introduces the boy Umezu, Dan and his older sister Umezu, Kayoko. Dan can see the Star of Ultra, which normally humans who are not hosts of an Ultraman cannot see. This leads him to proclaim himself "The 6th Ultraman Brother". In episode 30 "You Can See the Star of Ultra", Hokuto discovers Dan and Kayoko have moved into the same apartment building he lives in. Dan becomes like a younger brother to Hokuto. Dan and Kayoko last appear in episode 43 on a ski vaction with Hokuto.

Guest appearances are made by Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultra Seven, and Ultraman Jack. This series also introduces a new character, Father of Ultra:

Zoffy Ultraman

Zoffy - Captain of the Inter Galactic Defense Force (episodes 1, 5, 13, 14, 23, 26, 27, 35)
Ultraman - warrior of Inter Galactic Defense Force (episodes 1, 13, 14, 26, 27)

Ultra Seven Ultraman Jack

Ultra Seven - warrior of the Inter Galactic Defense Force (episodes 1, 13, 14, 26, 27, 31, 39, 44)
Ultraman Jack - warrior of the Inter Galactic Defense Force (episodes 1, 13, 14, 26, 27)

Father of Ultra

and introducing Father of Ultra - Supreme Commander of the Inter Galactic Defense Force (episodes 27 and 38), married to Mother of Ultra (introduced in episode 1 of Ultraman Taro)

At the time this series was produced the "Ultra Brothers" were considered to actually be biological brothers and Father of Ultra their actual father. This has since been retroconed to mean "Brothers in arms" as they are all soldiers in the Inter Galactic Defense Force, and have fought for the humans of Earth. Father of Ultra is their commander-in-chief, one of the oldest living Ultras he's Father of Ultra in the same sense that George Washington was called the "Father of the USA" because he fought in the American revolution and was the first president of the USA. Now of these five "Ultra Brothers" only Ultraman and Ultraman Jack are actually brothers. Ace is the son of two Ultras who were killed and Father of Ultra and Mother of Ultra (introduced in next series) adopted him. Ultraman Taro is their biological son and a cousin to Ultra Seven. Ultraman Leo and Astra will also be biological brothers..

Ultraman Ace

The Episodes

  Episodes Terrible-Monster(s)
  01.    04/07/1972    Shine! The Five Ultra Brothers Missile Terrible-Monster Verokron
  02.    04/14/1972    Surpass The Giant Terrible-Monster Ancient Terrible-Monster Chameleking
  03.    04/21/1972    Go Up In Flames! Terrible-Monster Hell One-Horned Terrible-Monster Vakishim
  04.    04/28/1972    A 300-Million-Year-Old Terrible-Monster Appears Strange-Fish Terrible-Monster Garan
  05.    05/05/1972    The Giant and Terrible-Monster vs. The Ultra Brothers Great Ant Terrible-Monster Aribunta
  06.    05/12/1972    Solve the Mystery of the Transforming Terrible-Monster Transforming Terrible-Monster Brocken
  07.    05/19/1972    Monster vs. Terrible Monster vs. Alien Terrible-Monster Doragory, Alien Metron Jr, Monster Muruchi
  08.    05/26/1972    The Life of the Sun Is the Life of Ace Terrible-Monster Doragory, Alien Metron Jr, Monster Muruchi
  09.    06/02/1972    100,000 Terrible-Monsters! Surprise Attack Plan Ninja Terrible-Monster Gamas
  10.    06/09/1972    Duel! Ultraman Ace vs. Goh, Hideki Rhino Terrible-Monster Zaigon & Alien Antira
  11.    06/16/1972    Terrible-Monster Is Ten Women? Kunoichi Terrible-Monster Unitang
  12.    06/23/1972    The Red Flower of a Vicious Cactus Cactus Terrible-Monster Sabotendar
  13.    06/30/1972    Death Penalty! 5 Ultra Brothers Assassin Terrible Monster Varava
  14.    07/07/1972    5 Stars Scattered In the Galaxy Assassin Terrible Monster Varava
  15.    07/14/1972    Summer Horror Series - Curse of the Black Crab Giant Crab Terrible-Monster King Crab
  16.    07/21/1972    Summer Horror Series - Scary Story of the Cattle God-Man Cattle God Terrible-Monster Cowra
  17.    07/28/1972    Summer Horror Series - The Demon Woman of Hotarugawara Giant-Firefly Terrible-Monster Hotarunga
  18.    08/04/1972    Give the Pigeon Back! Giant-Pigeon Terrible-Monster Black Pigeon
  19.    08/11/1972    The Mystery of the Haunted Kappa Mansion Kappa Terrible-Monster King Kappa
  20.    08/18/1972    Stars of Youth is The Stars of Two Giant-Cicada Terrible-Monster Zemistlar
  21.    08/25/1972    I Saw a Vision of the Celestial Maiden! Celestial Maiden Terrible-Monster Aprasari
  22.    09/01/1972    Vengence Demon Yapool Vicious Terrible-Monster Black Satan
  23.    09/08/1972    A Game Changer! Here Comes Zoffy Alternate-Dimension Terrible-Being Yapool
  24.    09/15/1972    Behold! Midnight Transformation Alternate-Dimension Being Mazaron
  25.    09/22/1972    Pyramid is a Terrible-Monster's Nest! Ancient Terrible-Monster Sphinx
  26.    09/29/1972    Total Defeat! The 5 Ultra Brothers Inferno Alien Hipporit
  27.    10/06/1972    Miracle! Father of Ultra Inferno Alien Hipporit
  28.    10/13/1972    Goodbye Yuko, Sister of the Moon Full-Moon Terrible-Monster Lunaticks
  29.    10/20/1972    The 6th Ultraman Brother Underground Terrible-Monster Gitagitanga & Terrible-Being Ungramon
  30.    10/27/1972    You Can See the Star of Ultra Black-Cloud Terrible-Monster Red Jack
  31.    11/03/1972    From Ultraseven to Ultraman Ace Tapir Terrible-Monster Bakutari
  32.    11/10/1972    With Hopes in the Star of Ultra Terrible-Monster Human Cokes
  33.    11/17/1972    Shoot That Airship! Airship Terrible-Monster Bad Baron
  34.    11/24/1972    A Terrible-Monster Dances on a Rainbow Over the Sea Rainbow Terrible-Monster Kaiteigagan
  35.    12/01/1972    A Gift from Zoffy Dream Terrible-Monster Dreamgiras
  36.    12/08/1972    A Terrible-Monster Registering 10,000 Phons? Noise Terrible-Monster Soundgiller/font>
  37.    12/15/1972    Star of Friendship Forever Slow Feet Terrible-Monster Machles
  38.    12/22/1972    Resurrection! Father of Ultra Namahage & Snow Terrible-Monster Snowgiran
  39.    12/29/1972    Seven''s Life! Ace's Life! Flame Terrible-Monster Firemons and Flame-Being Alien Fire
  40.    01/05/1973    Return the Panda! Space Terrible-Being Alien Steal
  41.    01/12/1973    Winter Horror Series - Scary Story! Lion Drum Lion Terrible-Monster Sisigoran and Evil God Terrible-Monster Kaimanda
  42.    01/19/1973    Winter Horror Series - Mystery! Monster Woo Rises Again Ice Terrible-Monster Iceron and Monster Woo
  43.    01/26/1973    Winter Horror Series - Scary Story! Yeti's Cry Blizzard Terrible-Monster Fubugirara
  44.    02/02/1973    Setsubun Scary Story! Sparkling Beans Demon Terrible-Monster Onidevil
  45.    02/09/1973    A Desperate Situation! Save Ace! Gas Terrible-Monster Gasgegon
  46.    02/16/1973    Ride Over the Time Machine! Time Terrible-Monster Daidarahoosi
  47.    02/23/1973    Salamander's Curse! Fluid Terrible-Monster Hanzagiran
  48.    03/02/1973    Revenge of Verokron! Missible Terrible-Monster Verokron II
  49.    03/09/1973    The Flying Jellyfish Aquarius Terrible-Monster Aquarius and Alien Univerlages
  50.    03/16/1973    Tokyo Great Panic! The Mad Traffic Signals Signal Terrible-Monster Signalion and Alien Lebori
  51.    03/23/1973    The Life Sucking Sound Violin Terrible-Monster Geegon
  52.    03/30/1973    You Are the Ace of Tomorrow! Ultimate Terrible-Monster Jumboking and Alien Simon

Ultraman Ace episodes end with a trailer for the next episode, except for the final episode which ends with a review of the main characters (no trailer for next series).

Ultraman Ace

On May 26, 2020 Ultraman Ace was released on Blu-ray, in Japanese with English subtites, by Mill Creek Entertainment

Ultraman Ace

Ultraman Ac was proceeded by Return of Ultraman and was followed by Ultraman Taro

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