Inazuman Flash

Inazuman Flash aired April 9, 1974 - September 24, 1974 (23 episodes & 1 movie)

Inazuman Flash

Created by Ishimori, Shotaro
Produced by Hirayama, T˘ru
Music by Watanabe, Michiaki

Character Actor
Watari, Goro Ban, Daisuke
President Geisel And˘, Mitsuo
Makoto, Arai Uenoyama, Koichi

Makoto Arai and Watari, Goro Makoto Arai and Inazuman

After the Shin Jin Rui is defeated Inazuman takes on the DespÔ Gundan (Despar Army) in Inazuman Flash. Watari, Goro's friends from Inazuman do not appear in this series, instead he is working with a Interpol agent; Makoto, Arai; who has a personal grudge against Despar.

Watari, Goro has to henshin into Sanagiman before he can become Inazuman.

"G˘riki Sh˘rai!" (Gain Herculean Strength)

Sanagiman's body absorbs every attack used against him, storing the kenetic energy to charge the henshin belt. When Sanagiman's belt is fully charged he can become Inazuman.

"Ch˘riki Sh˘rai!" (Gain Super Strength)

Inazuman is a moth. Watari, Goro is like the caterpillar stage, Sanagiman is the cocoon.

The henshin sequence is the same, except that the cacoon effect is missing and Sanagiman no longer explodes.

DespÔ Gundan was actually introduced in the 3D movie Jumping Out, Inazuman on March 16, 1974. The movie which came out 10 days before Inazuman the TV series ended featured both the Shin Jin Rui and DespÔ Gundan, and included events not seen in either TV series. Although Toei seems to consider Inazuman and Inazuman Flash to be two seperate series, each with their own opening and ending theme songs, I have a Japanese book which includes an episode guide that treats them as one 48 episode series. Which actually makes sense since Inazuman episodes 24 and 25 include Despar robots (Udespar appears as Nazo no Roboto Senshi [Robot Warrior of Puzzle]), Inazuman episode 25 ends with the Japanese for "to be continued" on the screen and the Inazuman Flash credits include scenes that are actually from Inazuman.


Inazuman means "lightning man" and in Inazuman Flash he gains the ability to strike his enemies with lightning bolts.

Inazuman Flash Episode Titles

Inazuman Flash Songs

In a 2002 Anime DVD titled "The Boy Who Carried a Guitar: Kikaida vs. Inazuman" (Guitar wo Motta Shounen - Kikaida tai Inazuman), Inazuman meets Kikaida.

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