Masked Rider Complete Song Collection
Series 8 Kamen Rider Black

Kamen Rider Complete Series 8 - Kamen Rider Black CD cover front

Twenty-one songs from Kamen Rider Black (October 4, 1987 - October 9, 1988, 51 episodes). Total playing time is 77 is minutes and 05 seconds.

Music by Watanabe, Michiaki and Uzaki, Ryuudō. Tracks 4, 6, 8, 9 have lyrics by Ishinomori, Shoutarou (creator of the Kamen Riders).

Song Collection

Track   1: Kamen Rider Black [opening theme] - vocals: Kurata, Tetsuo
Track   2: Long Long Ago, 20th Century [ending theme] - vocals: Tadao, Sakai
Track   3: Dash! Two Great Machines - vocals: Igarashi, Toshiya
Track   4: Run For The Goal - vocals: Igarashi, Toshiya
Track   5: Lullaby From The Stars - vocals: Igarashi, Toshiya
Track   6: Black Action - vocals: Igarashi, Toshiya
Track   7: Black Hole Message - vocals: Igarashi, Toshiya
Track   8: Transform! Rider Black - vocals: Igarashi, Toshiya
Track   9: My Youth - vocals: Kurata, Tetsuo
Track 10: Let's Fight Rider - vocals: Igarashi, Toshiya
Track 11: Kamen Rider Black (album version) - vocals: Kurata, Tetsuo

Karaoke Collection

Track 12: Kamen Rider Black
Track 13: Long Long Ago, 20th Century
Track 14: Dash! Two Great Machines
Track 15: Run For The Goal
Track 16: Lullaby From The Stars
Track 17: Black Action
Track 18: Black Hole Message
Track 19: Transform! Rider Black
Track 20: My Youth
Track 21: Let's Fight Rider

Song title translations, composer, lyricist and vocalist names provided by Basri Ispandi.

I purchased this CD from Anime Jungle. CD number is COCC-13224.

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