Kamen Rider Black Original TV Soundtrack

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Music from Kamen Rider Black (October 4, 1987 - October 9, 1988, 51 episodes). Music composed by Kawamura, Eiji & Watanabe, Michiaki. This CD is number 36 in the Animex 1200 series of CDs made from out of print vinyl records. Each disk was limited to 5000 copies. This CD contains 66 minutes and 02 seconds of music.

Track   1: Kamen Rider Black (TV Size) [opening theme] - vocals: Kurata, Tetsuo
Track   2: Fatal Birth
Track   3: Emotion
Track   4: Search
Track   5: Danger
Track   6: Monster
Track   7: Scramble
Track   8: Kamen Rider Black (TV Size Karaoke)
Track   9: Lonely Heart
Track 10: Little Shop
Track 11: Gorgom
Track 12: Hidden
Track 13: Attack
Track 14: Battle
Track 15: Black Hole Message (TV Size Karaoke)
Track 16: Love And Peace
Track 17: Step On
Track 18: Long Long Ago, 20th Century (TV Size) [ending theme] - vocals: Tadao, Sakai

Tracks 1 and 18 are the only ones with vocals, the rest are instrumental. Kurata, Tetsuo played Minami, Kotaro/Kamen Rider Black. The first minute and a half of track 10 is a variation of the ending theme. Track 14 includes an instrumental version of the opening theme. Although track 16 is titled "Love And Peace" the line "Love and peace forever" is from the vocal version of "Black Hole Message" (not on this CD). Track 17 includes a variation of the ending theme.

I purchased this CD from CD Japan. CD number is COCC-72036.

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