Kaiketsu Zubat

Kaiketsu Zubat

Kaiketsu Zubat

February 2, 1977 - September 28, 1977, 32 episodes

Created by Ishimori, Shotaro
Produced by Hirayama, T˘ru
Directed by Tanaka, Hideo
Music by Kyo, Kensuke

Character Actor/Actress
Hayakawa, Ken/Kaiketsu Zubat Miyauchi, Hiroshi
Asuka, Goro Okazaki, Jir˘
Dectective Toiyo, Shingo Saito, Makoto
Asuka, Midori Nobuko, Oshiro
Terada, Osamu Nobuyuki, Nakano
Grand Master L Hayami, Ryuji
Narrator Aomori, Noboru

Kaiketsu Zubat
"Zubatto sanj˘! Zubatto kaiketsu!
Hitori yonde sasurai no hiiroo! Kaiketsu Zubat!!!"

Stuck In Somebody's Frame

Opening Theme

Asuka, Goro and Hayakawa, Ken

After private detective Hayakawa, Ken's best friend Asuka, Goro (Okazaki, Jiro) is murdered by the criminal group "Dagger" (Dakka); Hayakawa, Ken (Miyauchi, Hiroshi) seeks revenge. Using Asuka's design for a suit to be worn by astronauts Hayakawa creates a costume which gives him super-human speed, agility and strength. Wearing the power suit he becomes Kaiketsu Zubat, the Swift Hero Zubat. The name Zubat comes from the word "zubatto" which is the sound of a whip snapping.

Hayakawa, Ken

Like Jiro in Jinzo Ningen Kikaida Hayakawa, Ken introduces himself by playing a tune on his guitar.

You're Just No. 2 In Japan

The song he always plays is called "You're Just No. 2 In Japan" ("Nippon ja niban me da"). He meets a Dagger assassin who is proud of some skill (such as, speed and accuracy with a hand gun or knife throwing) and after displaying their skill to him, he shows he can do better, a lot better.

guitar secret compartmentHayakawa, Ken

Hayakawa, Ken keeps the Kaiketsu Zubat suit inside a secret compartment built into the guitar. When he thinks of his dead friend Asuka, Goro he sings a sad song, "Horizon Of Two Men".

Kaiketsu Zubat Kaiketsu Zubat

Kaiketsu Zubat's weapon is whip which can be collapsed into its handle and used as a dagger. After whipping the assassins into submission Zubat finishes the off the local Dagger boss with his "Zubat Attack" kick.

Grand Master L

Hayakawa, Ken and Kaiketsu Zubat battle the criminal organization Dagger [Dakka]. Each week a different Dagger Boss and a different Dagger Bouncer commit crimes which Hayakawa, Ken investigates.


At the end of most episodes Hayakawa, Ken vanishes then Zubat appears in his flying Zubatcar, swings on his whip and gives his introductory speech (serifu) "Zubatto sanjou! Zubatto kaiketsu! Hitori yonde sasurai no hiiroo! Kaiketsu Zubat!!!" ("Zubat is here! To solve problems with the crack of a whip! People call me the wandering hero! Swift Hero Zubat!!!").

Dagger Boss and ZubatZubat's card

After defeating the Boss of the week Zubat asks if he was the one who killed Asuka, Goro (of course he doesn't find the killer until the last episode), then he would usually disappear before the police arrive. When the police arrive they would find Zubat's calling card on the fallen criminal.

timerexploding suitHayakawa, Ken

Every time Hayakawa, Ken becomes Kaiketsu Zubat he is risking his life. On the side of the mask is a imer which starts running as soon as he closes the mask. Zubat must defeat the Dagger Boss and open the mask before time runs out in five minutes, otherwise the suit will explode.

Toiyo, Shingo

The only person who knows that Hayakawa, Ken is Kaiketsu Zubat is his friend police detective Toiyo, Shingo (Saito Makoto).

Asuka, MidoriTerada, Osamu

Hayakawa, Ken is a wanderer. Always on his trail but never quite catching up to him are Asuka, Goro's sister, school teacher Asuka, Midori (Nobuko Oshiro) and one of her students Terada, Osamu (Nobuyuki Nakano).

which is which?

Episodes 16 and 17 feature a Hayakawa, Ken duplicate.

Tsuruma, Chiyo Tsuruma, Saeko

In episode 21 Hayakawa, Ken's mother and sister are threatened by Dagger.

Ishinomori, ShotaroKaiketsu Zubat and Ishinomori, Shotaro

Series creator, manga artist, Ishinomori, Shotaro, made a guest appearance in episode 10.

Dagger Bouncer #2 Dagger Boss #12

Amamoto, Eisei (Shinigami Hakase in Kamen Rider) plays a Dagger Bouncer in episode 2. Hirohisa, Nakata (Emperor Zero in Kamen Rider Amazon) plays a Dagger Boss in episode 12.

Ikeda, Shunsuke as Kirasaki, NaoyaBan, Daisuke as Kawana, Kazuhiko

Ikeda, Shunsuke (Ichiro/Kikaida-01) guest stars as chemist Kirasaki, Naoya who is researching a new explosive in episode 25. Ban, Daisuke (Jiro/Kikaida and Watari Goro/Inazuman) is in episode 28.

Hatakeyama Baku

Hatakeyama, Baku who played ďiwa, Daita/Kirenjaa in Himitsu Sentai Gorenjaa plays a villain in episode 29.

Lisa MinagawaChiba, Jir˘ as Interpol Agent Jinryu, ShinsukeChiba, Jir˘ as Interpol Agent Jinryu, Shinsuke

Episodes 31 and 32 feature Hijiri, Matsumoto (Misao in Kikaida 01) as Lisa Minagawa a scientist who knew Asuka, Goro and posseses the secret formula for a light weight, bullet proof material which Dagger is after, and Chiba, Jir˘, (Taki Kazuya in Kamen Rider and Detective Shinj˘ in Robotto Keiki) as Interpol agent and master of digsuises Jinryu, Shinsuke.

Miyauchi, Hiroshi

Series star Miyauchi, Hiroshi also played Kazami, Shiro in Kamen Rider V3; Shinmei, Akira, the Aorenger (Blue Ranger) in Himitsu Sentai Gorenjaa; Banba, S˘kichi/Big One in J.A.K.Q. Dengeki Tai and Captain Miura in Choriki Sentai Ohrenjaa. He would also appear in two episodes (31 and 40) of Toei's Spider-Man as a Hayakawa, Ken like private detective (even wore the same black hat). These days Miyauchi, Hiroshi appears at conventions, and in advertisements for video games, dressed as Hayakawa, Ken; apparently his favorite role.

Kaiketsu Zubat
"Zubat is here! To solve problems with the crack of a whip!
People call me the wandering hero! Swift Hero Zubat!!!"

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