Denjin ZabogaDenjin Zaboga

April 6, 1974 - June 29, 1975, 52 episodes

Created by Koike, Kazuo
Music by Kikuchi, Shunsuke

Denjin Zaboga and Daimon, Yutaka

Character Actor
Zaboga Tajiri, Yoichiro
Daimon, Yutaka Yamaguchi, Akira
Chief Inspector Nitta, Daigoro (episodes 1-29) Nagami, Jun
Nitta, Miyo (episodes 1-39) Hoshino, Midori
Nitta, Hiroshi Kamiya, Masahiro
Detective Nakano Kikuchi, Eeichi
Dr. Akunomiya (episodes 1-39) Okabe, Ken
Miss Borg (episodes 1-35) Fujiyama, Ritsuko
Akitzuki, Gen (episodes 22-30, 34-38) Kazato, Ken
Lady Borg (episodes 37-39) Yoshida, Taeko
Narrator (episodes 1-15) Okabe, Masāki
Narrator (episodes 16-39) Watabe, Takeshi
Asao, Yuki (episodes 40-52) Motoki, Noriko
Devil Hat (episodes 40-52) Toya, Takanobu
Queen Meza (episodes 40-52) Tsutsumi, Mitsuko
Matsue, Ken (episodes 40-52) Sakada, Tatsuya
Narrator (episodes 40-52) Okabe, Ken

Stuck In Somebody's Frame

Opening Theme

Daimon, Yutaka

Starred Yamaguchi, Akira as Secret Police (Himitsu Keiji) agent Daimon, Yutaka; the man who controlled Denjin Zaboga (Electroid Zaboga). Yamaguchi Akira also played Yuki Joji/Riderman in Kamen Rider V3. Unlike the quiet Yuki Joji, Daimon Yutaka is always shouting as he goes into combat. Daimon is determined to destroy the evil group Sigma, for its murder of his father (the creator of Zaboga). This determination leads him into bloody battles against cyborgs and robots which are usually stronger than he is. Of course Daimon and Zaboga always win. (Yamaguchi, Akira died on April 6, 1986 of lung cancer. He was only 39 years old.)

circuit design

At age six Daimon, Yutaka was "killed" in an automobile accident. To revive him a special circuit (a kind of super pacemaker) was implanted in his chest. This circuit keeps Daimon alive when he's been so badly wounded that he should die. This circuit was created by Daimon's scientist father who decades later created Denjin Zaboga. Daimon and Zaboga are linked by this circuit. Zaboga is powered by Daimon's anger. In at least one episode Zaboga cannot function because Daimon is not angry enough.


While Daimon, Yutaka was out of the country his father, Dr. Daimon was murdered by his former partner Dr. Akunomiya. Dr. Akunomiya murdered Dr. Daimon over Dr. Daimon's invention of the metal Daimonium (which Dr. Akunomiya wanted to use to create cyborgs and robots to carry out a crime spree). Daimon, Yutaka returned to Japan to find his father's murderer. Dr. Daimon left his son a map to his secret lab and a key. The key turned on Dr. Daimon's greatest invention the robot warrior Denjin Zaboga (made out of Daimonium).

Daimon, YutakaDaimon, Yutaka

Unlike the android heroes "Jinzo Ningen Kikaida" and "Kikaida 01" or the non-transforming "Robot Detective", Denjin Zaboga can not speak, has no emotions and has to be activated by Daimon's command "Go Zaboga" or "Denjin Zaboga Go" or "Fight Zaboga" or "Henshin Zaboga". Once activated, Zaboga's programming allows him to fight, although Daimon normally has to order Zaboga to use the special techniques. Daimon controls Zaboga through a microphone built into his motorcycle helmet.

Daimon, Yutakawatch

Should Daimon not be wearing his helmet he can still control Zabogā using a second microphone. In early episode he kept this backup microphone in his pocket. In later episodes he stores it inside an especially designed watch.

Daimon, YutakaiDaimon, Yutakai

Daimon, Yutaka knew that Zabogā was needed because he received radio messages, which only he could hear, through a special receiver implanted on his eyeglasses, whenever cyborgs, robots or dinosaur men were on the prowl. In the early episodes the messages came through Chief Inspector Nitta, Daigoro. In later episodes the messages came from the Zaboga-Head Base (introduced in episode 26) operated by Nitta, Hiroshi; Daigoro's son and the young woman Asao, Yuki.

Daimon, Yutaka was trained in Shorinji Kempo, Judo and Karate. His special combat technique is "Flying Dragon Tri-Stage Kick" (Hi Ryuu San Dan Geri).

Boomerang Cutter

Zaboga's special attacks are "Jet Punch" (fist on chain fires at enemies at 10 yards per second), "Double Punch" (both fists shoot out), "Boomerang Cutter" (his "ears" are blades which, when thrown, return to him after doing their damage)...

Rapid-Fire Destruction GunRapid-Fire Destruction Gun

...and "Rapid-Fire Destruction Gun"(Sokusha Hakai Juu) - his mouth opens to reveal a gun which fires exploding shells to destroy the evil robots.

"Jet Punch!" "Boomerang Cutter" "Sokusha Hakai Juu"

Denjin ZabogaMachine Zaboga Machine Zaboga

Denjin Zaboga can transform into the motorcycle Machine Zaboga, for Daimon, Yutaka to ride.

"Change Machine Zaboga!" "Denjin Zaboga Go!" "Change Zaboga!"

Heli-Cat Heli-CatHeli-Cat

Inside Zaboga's head is Heli-Cat, a miniature helicopter with a video camera, used for spying on the villains. The video appears on a screen on Machine Zaboga's back.


Zaboga's eyes take still photographs.

Sea Shark

Inside Zaboga's back is a Sea Shark, looks like a miniature jet and flies but also operates underwater like a submarine.

Mouse Car

In each of Zaboga's feet is 1/2 of a small car. The two pieces snap together to form Mouse Car.

(Daimon, Yutaka tests out Sea Shark and Mouse Car)

Chief Inspector Nitta, DaigoroNitta, MiyoNitta, HiroshiDetective Nitta

Initially Daimon, Yutaka is assisted by Chief Inspector Chief Nitta, Daigoro who has a daughter Miyo and a son Hiroshi. Hiroshi is the requisite child. He is played by the Jinzo Ningen Kikaida Masaru actor Kamiya, Masahiro. Later in the series Detective Nakano takes over for Chief Inspector Nitta.

Zaboga-Head Base

After Miyo and Hiroshi learn that Daimon, Yutaka controls Denjin Zaboga they run the Zaboga-Head Base for Daimon.

Miss Borg and Doctor Akunomiya Lady Borg

Denjin Zaboga's 52 episodes were divided into two chapters. The first chapter, episodes 1-39, featured the terrorist group Sigma, led by the evil Doctor Akunomiya and his female assistants Miss Borg (episodes 1-35) and Lady Borg (episodes 37-39). This part of the series was shown on TV in Hawaii.

Daimon, Yutaka vs Akitzuki, Gan

After many others have failed to kill Daimon, Yutaka, Dr. Akunomiya assigns the task of eliminating his greatest enemy to Akitzuki, Gen (episodes 22-30 and 34-38) a young assassin who rides the motorcycle Machine Hawk.

After the death of Dr. Akunomiya and the destruction of Sigma peace should have been restored, but another group arose to terrorize Japan....

Denjin Zaboga vs. the Dinosaur Army
Denjin Zaboga vs. the Dinosaur Army
(Denjin Zaboga tai Kyouryuu Gundan)

Triple Neck Demon Devil HatQueen Meza

The second chapter, episodes 40-52, had a new version of Zaboga, Strong Zaboga fighting Kyouryuu Gundan (Dinosaur Army), led by Triple Neck Demon, Devil Hat and Queen Meza. Actually the Dinosaur Army was introduced in episode 39 but Daimon, Yutaka doesn't encounter them until episode 40. This part of the series was not shown in Hawaii.

Daimon, YutakaMatsue, Ken on Machine Baja

Starting in episode 40 Daimon, Yutaka wears a sort of uniform, green and red jacket, white shirt, red tie, green and red pants. The episode also introduces Secret Police (Himitsu Keiji) agent, Matsue, Ken who rides a motorcycle that has two bazookas mounted on it, Machine Baja. After episode 43 Daimon, Yutaka's shirt is black and the tie is gone.

Asao, Yuki

Nitta, Hiroshi's sister Miyo vanishes from the show to be replaced by Asao, Yuki who seems to like Matsue, Ken.

Strong Zaboga
"Change Gattai Zaboga!"

In episode 41 Machine Baja and Machine Zaboga combine to form Strong Zaboga.

Rocket Jet Punch

Episode 42 reveals that Matsue, Ken can command Strong Zaboga.

Strong Zaboga's new weapons are "Jet Boomerang", "Rocket Jet Punch" and "Strong Bazooka Fire".

commercial break commercial break

Episode Titles

Over all I prefer the Sigma episodes over the Dinosaur Army episodes. Daimon, Yutaka gets in more fights with Sigma soldiers then he does the dinosaurs, and Denjin Zaboga sees more combat than Strong Zaboga. Matsue, Ken doesn't add much to the series, his primary function is to get beaten up by the dinsosaurs, in place of Daimon.

In 2011 "Karate-Robo Zaborgar" a movie remake of Denjin Zaboga was released.

Ending Theme

P-Productions shows

P-Productions also produced Magma Taishi [Ambassador Magma] (1966-1967), Kaiju Ouji [Monster Prince] (1967), Supekutoruman [Spectreman] (1971-1972), Kaiketsu Lion Maru [Swift Hero Lion Maru] (1972-1973), Fuun Lion Maru [Storm Cloud Lion Maru] (1973) and Tetsujin Taiga 7 [Ironman Tiger 7] (1973-1974). As far as I know Denjin Zaboga was their last tokusatsu series.

 Machine Zaboga

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