Zaboga-Head Base

The top secret Zabogā Base is normally hidden underground. Robotic cameras monitor the base, watching out for intruders. The base has two floors. The top floor is the Command Centre. The bottom floor is a garage. The base is armed with a long range laser cannon which Nitta, Hiroshi operates. The Command Centre includes Daimon, Yutaka's sleeping chamber and the Command Room.

Zaboga-Head Base Zaboga-Head Base

The Command Room security system includes a cage which falls from the ceiling to intrap intruders. From the Command Room, Nitta, Hiroshi; Nitta Miy or Asao, Yuki can monitor Zabogā's and Daimon's whereabouts, transmit communications, and receive data in real time regarding Zabogā's internal condition.

Zaboga-Head BaseZaboga-Head Base

The command room has a large computer with several types of displays and monitors. It can decrypt messages and perform in-depth analysis of just about anything.

Zaboga-Head BaseZaboga plans

The schematics for Denjin Zabogā are stored in the Zaboga-Head Base, which also has equipment for repairing the robot should it be damaged in combat.

Zaboga-Head Base

Sigma was never able to locate the top secret Zabogā Base, but a blunder on Matsue Ken's part led the Dinosaur Army into locating it. For the rest of the series the Dinosaur Army attempt to invade the base. Ultimately they succeed in destroying the Zabogā Base (episode 50).