Episode 22, "Mysterious Machine Hawk, Enter Akitzuki, Gen"; introduces Daimon, Yutaka's chief rival; Akitzuki, Gen. Although Akitzuki, Gen did not like working for Dr. Akunomiya he was forced to serve Sigma because the doctor could with the press of a button inflict extreme pain on him. Akitzuki, Gen appeared in episodes 22-30 and 34-38.

Akitzuki, Gen episodes 22 through 30Akitzuki, Gen on his Machine Hawk

Akitzuki, Gen's motorcycle Machine Hawk did not transform into a robot, it was just a fancy looking and very powerful motorbike. Although it was originally intended to transform into a robot, budget limitations prevented this from happening. (However, there are toy versions of Machine Hawk fully transformed. )

Akitzuki, Gen on Machine Hawk

Akitzuki, Gen episodes 22 through 30Akitzuki, Gen episode 30Akitzuki, Gen episode 30

Dr. Akunomiya was able to bend Akitzuki, Gen to his will through Akitzuki, Gen's head band, which Akitzuki could not remove. Daimon, Yutaka freed his rival from Dr. Akunomiya by destroying the head band.

Akitzuki, Gen episodes 34 through 38Akitzuki, Gen episodes 34 through 38

Akitzuki's freedom was short lived however as he was tricked into putting on a braclet which once again gave Dr. Akunomiya the power to inflict severe pain on him with the flip of a switch.

Thunder PunchThunder PunchThunder Punch

Akitzuki Gen had two special combat techniques, "Thunder Punch" (through episode 30) and "Hurricane Punch", both of which could temporarily defeat Daimon, Yutaka's "Flying Dragon Tri-Stage Kick".

Akitzuki, GenAkitzuki, Gen vs Daimon, YutakaAkitzuki, Gen vs Daimon, Yutaka

Despite being an unwilling servent of Dr. Akunomiya's Akitzuki, Gen's hatred of Daimon, Yutaka seems geniune.

Akitzuki, Gen's sister

Akitzuki, Gen had a younger sister. He was very protective of her.

Akitzuki, GenDaichi, Bunta

Akitzuki, Gen was played by Kazato, Ken (later Kazato, Yűsuke) who two years later would play Daichi, Bunta/Clover [Club] King in "J.A.K.Q. Dengeki Tai".

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