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Urutoraman: Kuso Tokusatsu Shirizu (Ultraman: A Special-Effects Fantasy Series)

Urutoraman: Kuso Tokusatsu Shirizu (Ultraman: A Special-Effects Fantasy Series) ran from July 17, 1966 through April 9, 1967 (39 episodes)
it was originally considered the second season of Ultra Q which is why it starts out with a color version of the Ultra Q credit sequence.
Today the series is most commonly known simply as "Ultraman".

Opening Theme

Created by: Tsuburaya, Eiji

Character Actor/Actress
Hayata, Shin Kurobe, Susumu
Muramatsu, Toshio Kobayashi, Akiji
Arashi, Daisuke Dokumamushi, Sandayu
Ide, Mitsuhiro Nihei, Masanari
Fuji, Akiko Sakurai, Hiroko
Hoshino, Isamu Tsuzawa, Akihide
Dr. Iwamoto Hirata, Akihiko
Narrator (episodes episode 1-19) Koji, Ishizaka

Altough not listed in the onscreen credits Ultraman was played by Furuya, Bin who had previosly played the sea monster Ragon in episode 20 of Ultra Q.
Ironically as Ultraman he fights a second (giant sized) Ragon in episode 4 of Ultraman

Ultraman Ultraman

Ultraman was actually introduced in a stage show on July 10, 1966 entilted "Birth of Ultraman" which featured the monsters Red King, Kanegon, Chandora, Alien Baltan, Antlar, Garamon, M1 and Neronga. The television series followed one week later.

Science Special Search Party (SSSP) Chief Hayata, Shin is on patrol when he spots a strange blue sphere traveling at Mach 2. Unware of the red sphere that was also tracking he follows the blue sphere to Ryumagori where the blue sphere has landed in a lake. As he approaches the lake so does the red sphere. The two collide. The patrol ship crashes and burns. Hayata, Shin's dead body is taken inside the red sphere which is actual the Travel Sphere of an alien from Nebula M78. The alien was transporting the Space Monster Bemular when it esaped (in the blue Travel Sphere) he followed it to Earth.

Beta Capsule

In order to save Hayata, Shin's life the alien merges with his body. He gives Hayata, Shin a Beta Capsule and tells him to use it in an emergency. The Beta Capsule allow Hayata, Shin to actually transform into the giant warrior, which Hayata, Shin calls "Ultraman". Ultraman is actually a warrior from the Space Garrison of the Land of Light in Nebula M78, a being of light capable of taking physical form. Ultraman stays and protectes the Earth from aliens and giaint monsters until his superior Zoffy appears on Earth and orders him to return home to rest and heal from his many battles. Zoffy brings with him a second life energy source so that Ultraman can seperate from Hayata, Shin without killing the human.

Science Special Search Party (SSSP)


Earth is protected from aliens and giant monsters by the Paris based International Science Police Organization (ISPO) with agents in many countries. The Japanese branch is the Science Special Search Party (SSSP). The US, English dubbed version of Ultraman renamed it the "Science Patrol". SSSP officers wear two uniforms a blue dress uniform and an orange duty uniform. In order to change quickly, they actually wear the duty uniform under their dress uniform. The men are mostly seen wearing the dress uniform in the base, while Fuji often wears her's even outside the base if not in a combat situation. The men wear slacks, Fuji wears a skirt.

Captain Muramatsu, Toshio Captain Muramatsu, Toshio

Captain Muramatsu, Toshio often addressed simply as "Cap" is the serious and hightly inteligent, pipe smoking leader of the Science Special Search Party (SSP), age: 36 years old. In episodes 26 & 27 he needs to communicate with SSSP New York and in doing she he speaks some English (he does not appear in episode 30). Renamed Captain Mura in English Dubbed US version. Kobayashi, Akiji previously played Lieutenant Colonel Amano in episode 19 of Ultra Q. He would go on to play Tachibana, T˘bei in the first five Kamen Rider series, mentor to the first seven Kamen RIders (plus Tackle).

Hayata, Shin Hayata, Shin

Chief Hayata, Shin is the Science Special Search Party's brave, no-nonsense second in command. Killed when his Sub VTOL aircraft crashed into the Travel Sphere of the alien from the Land of Light in Nebula M78. Brought back to life when the alien merged itself into his body. Uses the Beta Capsule to become "Ultraman", the giant silve and red alien. Seperated from Ultraman when the alien Zoffy brings a second life energy sphere and loses all memory of being Ultraman. (The English dubbed US version left out the memory lose), age: 25 years old Kurobe, Susumu previosly played Kimura, Shigeo in episode 10 of Ultra Q.

Arashi, Daisuke Arashi, Daisuke

Arashi, Daisuke the Science Special Search Party's sharp shooter, favorite weapon is two-handed "Spider Shot" ("Gamma-Ray Gun" in US version), has a soft spot for children, age: 26 years old. Dokumamushi, Sandayu is the only regular cast member not to have appeared in Ultra Q, he went on to play Ultra Guard memeber Furuhashi, Sigeru in Ultra Seven

Ide, Mitsuhiro Ide, Mitsuhiro

Ide, Mitsuhiro (called Ito in US version) the Science Special Search Party's ordinance and munitions inventor, sometimes feels over shadowed by Ultraman. often used as comic relief characer which makes him seam not too bright, but he is the first to suspect that Hayata is Ultraman (episode 3. age: 24 years old Nihei, Masanari previously appeared in Ultra Q episodes 2 (man delivering milk), 6 (one of the bank robbers) and 15 (one of the men on the bulldzzer).

Fuji, Akiko Fuji, Akiko

Fuji, Akiko the Science Special Search Party's only female member, main communications officer, age: 21 years old (does not appear in episode 30) Sakurai, Hiroko previously played Edogawa, Yuriko in Ultra Q.

Hoshino, Isamu Hoshino, Isamu

Hoshino, Isamu the Science Special Search Party's unofficial mascot (and required child character), in the US version he is renamed Hoshino Fuji and is made Ariko's younger brother. age: 11 years old (appears in episodes 1 - 4, 6, 9, 11, 16 - 18, 21, 24, 25). He is is eventually accepted as a full fledged member complete with the orange field uniform (episode 17) and the blue formal univorm (episode 21). He even wears a sidearm but wether his is actually functional is unclear as he never fires it. Tsuzawa, Akihide previously played Saburo in episode 12 of Ultra Q. After filming Ultraman episode 25 he broke his leg on an artiifical sky slope while on vacation and was hospitlized for 3 months after which he decided to leave acting and go to junior high school. He eventually went to work for 7-11 from where he ultimatly retired.

Dr. Iwamoto

Dr. Iwamoto the Science Special Search Party's scientific adviser, taking over from Dr. Ichinotani (see Ultra Q) after his retirment. Dr. Iwamoto invented the Jet VTOL aircraft, age: 40 years old (appears in episodes 5, 12, 13, 16, 25, 36, 39) ) Hirata, Akihiko previously played Chief Hanazawa in episode 16 of Ultra Q, he would go on to play the evil Mr. K in Rainbowman: Warrior of Love.

Sakomizu, Shingo

Sakomizu, Shingo Science Special Search Party member who is never actually seen in this series, he was on patrol at the edge of the solar system, just past Pluto. as one of the first Faster Than Light craft pilots.he encountered Zoffy and learned that the Utras had been protecting the Earth for a lot longer than any human was aware of. Because of the "Rip-Van-Winkle Effect", time inside the craft moving slower than outside when he returns to Earth very little time has passed for him but its been decades on Earth thus, he find himself on Earth in 2006 appearing to be age 40 when its been 70 years since his birth. (see Ultraman Mebius).

Several ISPO members from other branches will journey to Japan from time to time to help the SSP. mostly from France. (These were actually played by French actors who had to learn their lines in Japanese)


Every officer wears a Meteor Badge, the SSSP logo, which is a radio with a telescoping antenna.

Super Gun Spider Shot

Each SSSP officer carries a Super Gun energy pistol. Arashi favors the Spider Shot, a rifle version of the Super Shot.

Mars 133

Ide's favorite is his own invention the Mars 133, based on Ultraman's Specium Ray.


SSSP main aircraft is the Jet VOTL


One Jet VOTL has has a nuclear powered rocket engine installed to allow it to travel into space.


For patrolling the seas they have Submarines S16, S21 and S25.


For land patrol they have the SSSP car.

Underground Tank Vellucidar

For dealing with monster underground the Underground Tank Vellucidar was invented (episode 29).


The final episode of the series introduces the one and only guest Ultraman of the series, Ultraman's superior Zoffy. Who orders Ultraman to return home to the Land of Light in Nebula M78. And brings with him an extra spark of life, so that Ultraman can seperate from Hayata, Shin without killing the human. As a result of the seperation Hayata, Shin loses all memories of hosting Ultraman and everthing he experienced with the SSSP since his ship and Ultraman's ships crashed into each other.


Episodes           Strange Beast(s)
  1.    07-17-1966    Ultra Operation No, 1           Space Monster Bemular
  2.    07-24-1966    Shoot The Invader           Alien Baltan
  3.    07-31-1966    Science Patrol, Move Out!           Invisible Monster Neronga
  4.    08-07-1966    Five Seconds Before The Explosion           Undesea Primitive Human Ragon
  5.    08-14-1966    The Secret Of The Miroganda           Bizarre Plant Green Monse
  6.    08-21-1966    The Coast Guard Command           Feature Sea Monster Guesra
  7.    08-28-1966    The Blue Stone Of Baradhi           Magnetic Monster Antlar
  8.    09-04-1966    The Monster Anarchy Zone           Red King, Chandlar, Magula, Suflan, Pigmon
  9.    09-11-1966     Lightning Operation           Uranium Monster Gavora
10.    09-18-1966    The Mysterious Dinosaur Base           Ruffled Dinosaur Jirahs
11.    09-25-1966    The Rascal From Outer Space           Brain Wave Monster Gango
12.    10-02-1966    Cry Of The Mummy           Mummy Monster Dodongo
13.    10-09-1966    Oil S.O.S.           Oil Monster Pestar
14.    10-16-1967    The Pearl Defense Directive           Sprout Monster Gamakugira
15.    10-23-1966    Terrifying Cosmic Rays           Two-Dimensional Monster Gavadon
16.    10-30-1966    Science Patrol Into Space           Alien Baltan II
17.    11-06-1966    Passport To Infinity           Four-Dimensional Monster Bullton
18.    11-13-1966    Brother From Another Planet           Alien Zarab
19.    11-20-1966    Demons Rise Again           Aboras and Banila
20.    11-27-1966    Terror On Route 87           Highland Dragon Hydra
21.    12-04-1966    Breach The Wall of Smoke           Poison Gas Monster Kemular
22.    12-11-1966    Overthrow The Surface           Underground Monster Telesdon
23.    12-18-1966    My Home Is Earth           Metamorphic Monster Jamilar
24.    12-25-1966    The Undersea Science Center           Abyssal Monster Gubila
25.    01-01-1967    Mystery Comet Tsuiphon           Guigass, Dorako and Red King
26.    01-08-1967    The Prince Of Monsters (Part 1)           Ancient Monster Gomora
27.    01-15-1967    The Prince Of Monsters (Part 2)           Ancient Monster Gomora
28.    01-22-1967    Human Specimens 5 & 6           Three-Faced Phantom Dada
29.    01-29-1967    Challenge To The Underground           Golden Monster Goldon
30.    02-05-1967    Phantom Of The Snow Mountains           Legend Monster Woo
31.    02-12-1967    Who Goes There?           Vampire Plant Keronia
32.    02-19-1967    Endless Counterattack           Scorching Monster Zumbolar
33.    02-26-1967    The Forbidden Words           Alien Mefilas
34.    03-05-1967    A Gift From The Sky           Megaton Monster Skydon
35.    03-12-1967    The Monster Graveyard           Ghost Monster Seabozu
36.    03-19-1967    Don't Shoot! Arashi           Transforming Monster Zaragas
37.    03-26-1967    A Little Hero           Monster Chief Geronimon
38.    04-02-1967    Spaceship Rescue Command           Saigo and Keylla
39.    04-09-1967    Farewell, Ultraman           Space Dinosaur Zetton

Despite being originaly considered the second season of Ultra Q none of the original characters appear in Ultraman. Guess it would be confusing to children to have Edogawa, Yuriko and Fuji, Akiko who look like twins (same actresss) appearing in the same show. Although I think it would have been fun to have the original trio of ordinary citizens who investigated aliens and monsters meet the SSSP, to see how government was handling things now. And offer their approval or criticisms. What would Manjome, Jun and Togawa, Ippei think of the supposedly friendly alien Ultraman, after all their encounters with hostile alies?

Ultraman: A Special-Effects Fantasy Series has the longest title of any Ultraman series but at 39 episodes its the shortest of the Showa Era Ultraman series. Ultraman Taro at 53 episodes is the longest beating Ultraman Ace by one episode. (Of course if you count this series as the second season of Ultra Q than its a total of 67 episodes).

In the direct to video special "Ultraman Kaiju Densetsu: 40 Years of Truth" which had SSSP members get together for a 40 year reunion, it is said that Hoshino, Isamu abscence (after episode 25) was a result of his being sent to school over seas. It also indicates that Captain Muramatsu had died 10 years before the reunion. And Hayata says he believed that Cap knew he was Ultraman all along even though he never let on.

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On October 15, 2019 Ultraman was released on Blu-ray, by Mill Creek Entertainment, in Japanese with English subtites

Ultraman was proceeded by Ultra Q and was followed by Ultra Seven

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