Tetsujin Taiga 7

Tetsujin Taiga 7 (Iron Man Tiger 7)
October 06, 1973 - March 30, 1974 (26 episodes).

Created by Ushio, Shoji
Music by Kikuchi, Shunsuke

Character Actor/Actress
Takigawa, Go Nanj˘, Tatsuya
Iron Man Tiger 7 Kamosita, Kazuo
Professor Takigawa Chuj˘, Shizuo
Kitagawa, Shiro Tatsu, Shunichi
Hayashi, Sanpei Sakuma, Hironori
Aoki, June Kumari, Yuka
Aoki, Jiro Yoshida, Tomonori
Crown Prince Gill Maki, Ryotaro
Crown Prince Gill (voice) Kobayashi, Kyoji
Black Mask Kimizuka, Masazumi
Black Mask (voice) Masuoka, Hiroshi
Narrator Okabe, MasÔki

Iron Man Tiger 7

Opening Theme

The Primitives of the Mu Empire ruled the Earth until humans drove them underground. 14,000 years later a research team led by Professor Takigawa discovers an ancient temple. The professor's son, Go, is attacked by a Sand Primitive Sand Grudge. To save his son's life the professor performs heart transplant surgery, replacing Go's heart with an ancient aritifical heart, he also gives his son an anicent pendant. The Mu Primevals attack again, everyone on the research team is killed, except for Takigawa, Go who vows to avenge the death of his father and friends.

tiger pendantTakigawa, Go

Using the tiger-faced pendant to activate the powers of his artifical heart Takigawa, Go can tranform into the super warrior Tetsujin Taiga Sebun (Iron Man Tiger Seven) with the word "Tiger Spark".

Iron Man Tiger 7

For the first 7 episodes Tiger 7 appeared without the red scarf. In episode 8 the scarf belonged to Takigawa, Go's girlfriend. After she was murdered by Stone Primitive, Go started wearing the scarf as a memorial to her. The scarf stays on him when he transform into Tiger 7.

Most of Tiger 7's special combat techniques come from his "Fight Glove": His most used technique is the"Tiger Cutter" karate chop. With "Tiger Hawk" his glove hand pierces the monster's body. He can throw his glove which becomes a sharp boomerang, "Tiger Glove Cutter". He can throw a powerful "Tiger Punch". He can also produce a powerful "Tiger Strike" kick. In one instance he used a bladed weapon, "Tiger Slicer".

Tiger 7's belt gives him the power to heal wounds (his own or others), "Tiger Buckle Energy". If someone's heart has stopped beating Tiger 7 may be able to save them if he reaches them in time, by biting them and releasing "Tiger Energy" into their body. However, this puts a great strain on him. Tiger 7 can release all his energy in a single blast with "Buckle Energy Red Zone".

Tiger 7 can spray a gust of wind from his mouth, "Tiger Hurricane". His eyes fire a yellow beam, "Tiger Eye Attack". Tiger 7's most powerful weapon uses the jewel in his head, "Tiger Point". With it he absorbs light from the sun, converting it into a powerful laser, "Tiger Head Beam".

Spike Go

Takigawa, Go rides a Susuki motorycycle which is equiped with rocket boosters, allowing it to reach speeds other motorcycles cannot match. When he transforms into Tiger 7 the motorcycle transforms into "Spike Go". Although is probably supposed to be happening all the time Spike Go is not actually seen until episode 6. Spike Go is faster than ordinary motorcycles and can fly. Spike Go drives itself to Tiger 7 when he roars. Spike Go can shoot flame and smoke. Using Spike Go, Tiger 7 performs the "Tiger Hurricane Top" attack, in which the monster is smashed under Spike Go's front wheel.

Takigawa, Go works with a group of scientific researchers who become an Anti Mu Primitive group, Professor Takaid˘ and his students(?): Kitagawa, Shiro; Hayashi, Sanpei; and Aoki, June (the only female). The child in this series is June's younger brother Jiro. June and Jiro are orphans, raised by Professor Takaid˘ who promised their father he would take care of them before the man died. Aoki, Jiro discovers that Takigawa, Go is Tiger 7 at the end of episode 9. Professor Takaid˘ eventually figures it out too but none of Go's other friends seem to notice the tiger pendant he wears or that Go and Tiger 7 wear the same red scarf. Kitagawa, Shiro is especially mean to Go believing he is a coward, who runs away when the monsters show up.

Episode Titles

Ending Theme

P-Productions also produced Magma Taishi [Ambassador Magma] (1966-1967), Kaiju Ouji [Monster Prince] (1967), Supekutoruman [Spectreman] (1971-1972), Kaiketsu Lion Maru [Swift Hero Lion Maru] (1972-1973), Fuun Lion Maru [Storm Cloud Lion Maru] (1973) and Denjin Zab˘gÔ [Electroid Zab˘gÔ] (1974-1975).

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