Kamen Rider's Counting Song

Lyricist: Nakase, Touichi
Composer: Kikuchi, Shunsuke
Singers: Masato, Shimon & Columbia Cradle Club

English translation: Igadevil

One One One eye Kaijin Dokudalien
The person with hands that are growing leaves

Two Two The Mysterious one who vanishes Chameleon
He is aiming to steal the Treasure and escape climbing up the wall

Three Three
Mummy Kaijin Egyptus
Blowing fire and smoke to kill people

Four Four Creeping in the night Komori-Otoko
Drinking their blood to destroy people

Five Five Turning things to stone Torigabuto
He starts spitting out green venom

Six Six Six horrible vines squeezing Sarasenian
Crushing people's necks and pulling them under the ground

Seven Seven Leaving slime in his path Namecushira
Changing his shape to creep around

Eight Eight Peering out from the dark night Yamogeras
Crawling around up high in the room turning to look

Nine Nine Aiming at the children Mukaderas
Attacking people with his electric field of hypnotism

Ten Ten Toh*! Look and watch the Rider Kick!
I am the only person in their way Kamen Rider

*As in the sound Kamen Rider usually yells when jumping into the air