Boys Rider Squad

Boys Rider Squad Boys Rider Squad

The Boys Rider Squad was founded by FBI Agent Taki Kazuyain episode 74 of Kamen Rider, to report on the activites of Shocker, and later, Gel Shocker. Once Gel Shocker was defeated Taki Kazuyareturned to the United States, leaving Tachibana, Tobei in charge of The Boys Rider Squad which continued to exist even though there were no kajin to monitor. Then Destron appeared and The Boys Rider Squad once again aided in the fight against evil.

communications station

The Boys Rider Squad's original headquarters was destroyed so Tachibana, Tobei created a new base hidden under his store, Central Sports.

Tama, Junko and Tachibana, Tobei Tama, Shigeru

Tachibana, Tobei was assisted in operating The Boys Rider Squad's by Tama, Junko (against the wishes of Kazami, Shiro). Junko recruited her younger brother Shigeru as a Squad Leader.

Boys Rider Squad

Kazami, Shiro and Tachibana, Tobei train the squad members in martial arts.

After the defeat of Destron the Boys Rider Squad apparently disbanded, as it was never seen again although in Kamen Rider Super-1 there was a new group "The Junior Riders Team".

"Song of Boys Kamen Rider Squad"