Supa Robotto Reddo Baron (Super Robot Red Baron)

Supa Robotto Reddo Baron (Super Robot Red Baron) ran July 4, 1973 through March 27, 1974, 39 episodes

Character Actor/Actress
Red Baron (1-6) Nagano, Akihiko
Red Baron (7&8) Iizuka, Susumu
Red Baron (9-18,25&26,33&34,37-39) Yamjima, Tokio
Red Baron (19-24,27-32,35&36) Hotta, Kamoyuki
Kurenai, Ken Okada, Yosuke
Matsubara, Mari Maki, Rei
Hori, Daisaku (1-26) Hozumi, Pepe
Sakai, Tetsuya Kato, Hisashi
Daigoi, Minoru (1-26) Oshita, Tetsuya
Kumano, Ippei Tamagawa, Isao
Makami, Shiro (27-39) Ushio, Tetsuya
Hori, Daisuke Maruyama, Hisakazu
Hayashi, Hachiro Koyama, Asuza
Murata, Yoshiko Terao, Rie
Yamada, Hiroshi Matsubara, Kazuhito
Mizuki, Hikaru Amemiya, Sadako
Dr. Deviler (1-26) Ikaida, Hiroshi
Giras Q [voice] (27-39) Yoda, Eisuke
Narrator Suzuki, Taimei

World Robot Expo Secret Science Investigation

Although produced by the same company which produced Iron King this series is entirely different, has more four times the cast for example. It's the 21st century the "Century of the Robot", the World Robot Expo is to be held in Tokyo, Japan. One by one the robotic experts of the world have been vanishing along with their robots, taken by the Iron Alliance, which seeks to enslave humanity under a Robot Empire. Kurenai, Kenichiro concerned that he and his robot could be next calls his younger brother, Ken of Secret Science Investigation (SSI) to come to his lab so he can hand over his "Super Robot Red Baron". Four years ago their parents and younger brother Kenzo, vanished after an automobile accident. Recently two scientists had a similar accident and haven't been seen since. Which is why Kenchiro is afraid he's next. By the time the SSI has arrived on the scene the Expo has already been infilitrated by the Iron Alliance in the form of their giant Troy Robot and they have confirmed they are after Kurenai, Kenichiro. And they get him. But they don't get his robot and that failure will result in their downfall.

Super Robot Red Baron

Super Robot Red Baron Super Robot Red Baron

Built by Kurenai, Kenichiro over a period of four years, after the disappearance of his parents and youngest brother, worked on his Supa Robotto Reddo Baron (Super Robot Red Baron). He programed it so the first person to touch its control yoke would be the only person who could control it. And that person was his other brother Kurenai, Ken. He gave it to his brother knowing the Iron Alliance which murdered their parents and younger brother would kill him for doing so. He sacrificed himself to save the world (or Japan at least). Red Baron can fly using rocket jets in its feet. Although its special combat techniques require manual entry it does have some automatic combat skill and can be summoned by Kurenai, Ken using a remote control device strapped to his wrist. Just as Red Baron's control stick is keyed to Kenichiro, Ken's fingerprints the remote control device is keyed to his voice patterns. Super Robot Red Baron is powered by nuclear fusion (episode 22), like the sun and requries a special kind oil based lubricant "BR70", which is produced in Japan and in the USA. Red Baron's skin is made of "Baronium" which can withstand temperatures up to 100,000 C. (episode 23) but that proves insufficent so scientists have to develope "New Baronium" (episode 24).

Red Baron's combat skills are:
"Baron Punch!" - Red Baron's fists shoot out to hit the enemy robot
"Baron Barrior" - reflects enemy attacks back at them
"Elec-Trigger" - the "killing" blow, a blast of 1 billion volts from Red Baron's ears
"Baron Missile" - missile fired from the chest
"Baron Beam" - blast of energy fired from the next
"Baron Kick" - just what it sounds like
"Arm Missile" - missile fired from Red Baron's hand (developed by the SSI and introduced in episode 7, first of several upgrades)
"Spiral Beam" - a spinning bream fired from Red Baron's eyes (developed by a scientist in episode 8 to counter his "Magnetic Reflection Mirror" which had been stolen by the Iron Alliance)
"Red Baron Full Power" - emergency 60 second burst of all Red Baron's power reserves allowing it to do massive damage with brunt force attacks when all weapons systems have been disappeled, requires full recharger after wars (introduced in episode 11)
"Baron Chop" - right handed karate chop (introduced in episode 14)
"Jef Fire" - Red Baron's rocket jets in its feet, not technically a weapon but used to melt enemy robot's shield (episode 15)
"Baron Break" or "Baron Hammer" - hard to tell apart, Red Baron just charges into the enemy robot to punch it
"Rainbow Shot" - colorful explosive charges fired from Red Baron's hand (episode 38)

Drill Arrow Space Wings

Super Robot Red Baron goes through seven other modificactions after being damaged by the alien robot Sky Shark (episode 25) including doubleing the power of "Baron Punch!" and "Elec-Trigger", installing a "Drill Arrow", two missiles attached to Red Baron's shoulders which instead of exploding when they hit have drills which bore into the target (episode 26), "Space Wings"which fly up to and attach to its back so it can travel through space and Rocket Missiles (episode 27) for use in space combat. (None of which was originally planned but was done because the series was extended past its original 26 episodes,) "Baron Searcher" a yellow scanning beam fired from Red Baron's yellow eyes (episode 31) allows Ken to find enemy robots that use smoke screens to hide, something he could have used in earlier episodes.

SSI logo

Secret Science Investigation

SSI plus the inspector
(The male agents wear the same pants as Shizuka, Gentaro from Iron King)

After the murder of Kurenai, Kenichiro by the Iron Alliance all five members of the SSI (not just his brother Ken) swear an oath to fight to the death to avenge him. Two of them will die keeping the oath. As the name implies the Secret Science Investigation is secret so each member has a cover job.

Daigoi, Minoru Kurenai, Ken

Daigoi, Minoru - captain of SSI, refered to as "Boss", his apartment is the secret base, expert knife thrower (auto repair shop owner) - (episodes 1-26)
Kurenai, Ken - pilots Super Robot Red Baron, when not in Red Baron he sometimes drives a white convertible (car mechanic)

Sakai, Tetsuy Hori, Daisaku

Sakai, Tetsuya - drives a jeep, carries a bazooka in the jeep, a revolver on his person (car salesman)
Hori, Daisaku - youngest agent, rides a motorcycle, works with Tetsuya to fire the bazoooka (newspaper copy boy) - (episodes 1-26)

Matsubara, Mari  Makami, Shiro

Matsubara, Mari - sole female agent, drives a racecar armed with twin machineguns, uses a whip (lools like "Iron Belt" from Iron King) [introduced in episode 10] (news photographer)
Dr, Makami, Shiro - replaces Daigoi, Minoru as team leade, a brilliant scientist, the others were surprised when they met him, they were expecting someone older, prefers not to use his title "just call me Makami", does not wear SSI uniform, in the SSI's new headquarters (on a military base) he wears a business suit (rarely with a white lab coat over it), in the field wears black while riding his motorcycle and carries a long barreled revolver which means his gun would have greater range and accuracy than the other SSI agents short barreled revolvers but theirs are easier to carry especially concealed (episodes 27-39)

In episode 12 Secret Science Investigation is revealed to be under the authortity of the National Security Agency (same as National Security Organization from Iron King?) who assigns them a special mission. In episode 27 the SSI is transfered to the Earth Defense Force and move to a new headquarters. In episode 36 its revealed that the SSI is an international organization with its main headquarters in the US,

Twice Ken nearly gets Red Baron destroyed over a woman. The first time he refuses to attack a giant robot because the pilot is a woman and and the second time because Mari was in jeapordy and he didn't trust the others to rescue her so the left Red Baron pilotless to go rescue her.. Ken and Mari clearly have feelings for each other and yes its a danger to their mission and to themselves.

Daisaku & Daisuke)

Agent Hori, Daisaku had a younger brother, Daisuke. Daisuke is the only one the children in the show the adults refer to by name every time he is an episode. Other children have names but they are only spoken twice (episode 7 and 25) and the other children don't have many lines. Daisuke has his eleventh birthday in episode 14 and Daisaku gives him a remote controlled robot for a present. which of course the Iron Alliance steals and replaces with one of their own. Surpringly, Daisuke did not realize his brother was with the SSI until shortly before he lost him when Daisuke was abducted by the Iron Alliance who told him. Daisaku rescued his brother and friends but then foolishly ran after the Mecha-Robos alone (episode 25). After his death Hori, Daisaku is not replaced on the SSI team they just go on one person short. Sakai, Tetsuya's father is a farmer (episode 38).

The SSI agents are rarely seen doing their cover jobs but it does happen. Daigoi, Minoru and Kurenai, Ken can be seen working on cars. Sakai, Tetsuya once goes out to talk to a woman about buying a car however she turns out to be an Iron Alliance robot. Matsubara, Mari is actually sent by her magazine editor to go to take a picture of a 50 meter snake someone reported seeiing, Hori, Daisaku goes with her. The snake is of course connected to the Iron Alliance. Matsubara, Mari must be related to Shizuka, Gentaro, in episode 28 she suddenly burts into song just because such a beautiful day (right after a giant robot tried to flatten her).

Originally planned for only 26 episodes, good ratings extended the series for another 13 episodes. The cast had originally been contracted for 26 episodes while most of them were able to stay on two could not, Oshita, Tetsuya (Captain Daigoi, Minoru) and Hozumi, Pepe (Hori, Daisaku), so their characters had to be killed off. Also a new foe had to invented in order for the series to continue because of course Dr. Deviler's demise was already scripted and he too was only contracted for 26 episodes. Hozumi, Pepe will later show up in Megaloman as Yuri, Hyousuke (the guy in yellow).

Kumano, Ippei Inspector Kumano's bicycle

Although not officially a member of the SSI, Inspector Kumano, Ippei who rides a bicycle and carries an umbrella that can deflect bullets and is itself a gun as well as bicycle pump which fires explosive charges, always seems to show up where ever the SSI does. The bicycle pump handle also doubles as sword. His bicycle is always giving him trouble. And his favorite line is "I am vexed".When not in combat he serves as comic relief, howerver he actually does very well for himself in combat. Inspector Kumano is affectionatly refered to by a group of children as "The Bicycle Inspector" for obvious reasons. He is actually an Inspector whith the Tokyo Munciple Police Science Division, apparently their version of the SSI, and is sent out to investigate murders on several occassions, of course they always end being part of an Iron Alliance scheme. In episode 20 the inspector says he can't let minors drink and he drinks Tetsuya, Mari and Daisaku's champaign. They can't driink but they can carry guns (revolvers)? The celebration was premature anyway as the Iron Alliance's second in command escaped. In the end rather than risk him getting away again the inspector shot him, multiple times until he was sure he was dead.. I guess he's a mean drunk.

Mizuki, Hikaru

Working in Paris, France police officer Mizuki, Hikaru returns to Japan to become Inspector Kumano's assistant (episode 18). Appears only when the inspector needs a message delivered to the SSI which he can't deliver himself for some reason or when she can't locate him and wants the SSI to find him so her appearanses are sporadic. She makes a cameo appearance at the end of the final episode which serves no real purpose.

The Vehicles

SSI car SSI jeep SSI jeep SSI jeep

The SSI vehicles were first introudced in episode 2. Daigoi, Minoru piloted two different helicopters (episodes 2 and 23). In some of the early episodes Kurenai, Ken drove a white convertible but after a couple episodes its never seen again. The yellow racing car was first driven by Matsubara, Mari but in later episodes Minoru and Ken will also drive it. The Suzuki jeep was first driven by Sakai, Tetsuya but in later episodes is driven by Minoru or Ken. The motorcycle is riden by Ken once, otherwise its Hori, Daisaku 's primarary mode of transporation although may occcasionalyl ride in the car or the jeep. While his bicycle is Inspector Kumano's usual form of transporation he does climb into the back of the jeep on one occasion. In the early episode he would attach is bicycle either to the back of the jeep or the motorcycle with a long cable and a pari of handcuffs so the SSI could tow him (usually without his asking them to). In later episodes the racing car would have license number "SSI-02", the jeep "SSI-03" and the motorcycle "SSI-04". The white convertible would have been "SSI-01". Makami, Shiro also rides a motorcycle.

"The Bike Squad'

The Bike Squad Hachiro;, Inspector, Daisaku, Yoshiko )  border=

Almost every 1970s tokusatsu series had to have children as regular characters (since they were actually made for children) and this one was no exception. There were originaly four, Hori, Daisuke (younger brother of SSI agent Hori, Daisaku), Hayashi, Hachiro; Murata, Yoshiko and Yamada, Hiroshi, together with Inspector Kumano they were affectionatly named "The Bike Squad" by Matsubara, Mari, Yamada, Hiroshi is never seen after episode 8. Daisuke is the only one of the children refered to by name in every episode in which he appears. The others are only addressed by name once (episode 7, their names are repeated in episode 25 when talking about them not to them). Daisuke, Yoshko and Hiroshi learn Daisaku is in the SSI when an Iron Alliance agent pretending to be a reporter informs them of the fact before aducting them.(episode 25). They are rescued by Daisaku and the inspector but Daisaku foolishly runs after the kidnappers alone, this mistake will ultimatley cost him his life. (episode 26). I thought Daisuke would be phased out after the death of his brother, but he and the other children continue to appear throughout the series.. We never see any of the parents. The children are seen at school once, otherwise we only see them at play or with the inspector. The three children carry sling shots that are surprsingly effective against the human sized robots. After not appearing in episode 38 the children appear in the final scene of episode 39.

 Kumano, Ippei Daisuke, Yoshiko,  Hachiro SSI

The Secret Science Investigation team rarely get to take vacations but when they do they apparently all go together and invite the inspector and the children (episode 9). SSI has a swimming race, the children are impartial, they side with all of them at one point. The inspector is trying to enjoy a quite drink of sake and doesn't like the "noise". By this point Yamada, Hiroshi has already been phased out.

The Villians

Mecha-Robo Giras Q 's Armies of Steel

There are two evil groups or one with two names, depending ,on how you look at it. Super Robot Red Baron was originally planned for 26 episodes and there was to be one evil group the Iron Alliance, lead by Dr. Deviler. But then it wa extended and a new enemy was needed.

While the Iron Alliance is still a threat a new foe appears, beant on destroying Super Robot Red Baron and the SSI, an alien Angel Killer and his Sky Shark robot (episode 23). Dr. Deviler does not recognize either of them and intially works against them because "I will not let some undelcared Robot defeat Red Baron! For I am the one who will crush Red Baron!" but then he learns that Angel Killer was sent to Earth from their headquarters of the Interplanetory Iron Alliance (episode 24). When the series was extended 13 episodes Dr. Deviler becamr subordinate to the larger, more dangerous group. In episode 27 Kurenai, Ken refers to the new group as the Space Iron Alliance and they don't correct him so the simpler name sticks. It is ultimatly revealed that the Space Iron Alliance, lead by Giras Q, is based on Mars and that Kurenai, Kentaro, Ken's father is actually alive on Mars (episode 37) and the fight is taken there.

Ken will succesfully return his father to Earth but he's living on borrowed time and it runs out just as Ken was going to let him pilot Red Baron, so Ken puts his dead father in the pilot seat then controls the Red Baron for him. While this is going on the three children free three finches they had previously caught to sell. THE END.

The Songs

Episode Titles

(clearly a sponser as ths sticker was not only on the jeep and the motorcycle but they walked past or drove past buildings with this sign on it.)


On April 08, 2008 BCI Eclipse released Super Robot Red Baron on DVD, In Japanese with English subtitles.
When BCI Eclipse went bankrupt Mill Creek E8ntertainment aquired their properties and rereleased the DVD set under their logo on January 19, 2010.

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