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Robotto Keiji (Robot Detective) ran from April 05, 1973 through September 27, 1973, twenty-six episodes and a movie. The movie was just a review of the television episodes.

Created by Ishimori, Shotaro
Produced by Hirayama, T˘ru
Music by Kikuchi, Shunsuke

Character Actor
Robot Detective K Nakajima, Takashi
Robot Detective K (battle mode) Yamaoka, Junji
Robot Detective K (voice) Nakamura, Hideo
Detective Shinj˘, Go Chiba, Jir˘
Chief Inspector Shiba, Daiz˘ Takashina, Ko
Shiba, Nami K˘, Keiko
Shiba, Yumi Kaga, Yumiko
Jigoku, Jihei Mikami, Sakyo
Saori Kimi, Yűko
Bad˘ voice Kawakubo, Kiyoshi
Narrator Keiichi, Noda

Robotto Keiji K
Robotto Keiji

Robot Detective was created by Ishimori, Shotaro and featured music composed by Kikuchi, Shunsuke (best known for the music from the 1970s and 1980s Kamen Rider series).

Robotto KeijiRobotto KeijiRobotto KeijiRobotto Keiji

Like the jinzo ningen (androids) Kikaida and Kikaida 01, Robot Detective K could register emotion. Normally his eyes were yellow but when sad they would turn blue. When angry his eyes would turn red, this always happend before going into combat. In "Blow Up" mode his eyes would turn silver and body would turn red.

Robotto Keiji

Unlike the jinzo ningen (Kikaida, Kikaida 01, Hakaida, Bijinda) K did not have a human form, but "disguised" himself with yellow hat, red jacket, white pants, yellow gloves and boots. Before entering combat K would remove his hat and jacket to reveal his true form. As he twirled the jacket his shirt and pants would be rolled up in it. K would then toss his clothes aside, his eyes would turn red and he would shout "Go!"

Kchest gun

It wasn't always shown but the large K would flash, apparently to indicate he was fully charged, before he would use the gun, hidden in his chest, to blow up the evil robots.

Robotto KeijiRobotto KeijiRobotto Keiji

In episode 22 K is upgraded so that he can "Blow Up". In "Blow Up" mode his eyes turn silver, his body turns red, 3 guns appear out of his head and two missiles from his shoulders. The weapons in his head and shoulders can slide back inside when not needed. In this form K can also use a machine gun or a drill, either worn on his right hand. K's red armor was superior to his blue armor, even missiles could not pierce the red armor.

Joker Joker

Robot Detective K drove a car, which could fly, called Joker.

Robot Detective J

Robot Detective K was originally going to be Robot Detective J (for Japan). His car was J Car.


Whenever Robot Detective K was damaged he called for his "Mother" (a giant, mobile fortress) to repair him.


K's creator Saori lives inside "Mother". She's made K to fight the Bad˘ robots, built by her brother, Kirishima.

Shinj˘, Daiz˘, KJigoku, Jihei and Chief Inspector Shiba, Daiz˘

At first Chief Inspector Shiba, Daiz˘ resents having a robot assigned to his department (and nearly resigns). Detective Shinj˘, Go becomes K's friend much quicker than his boss. The detectives are often being bother by professional informant Jigoku, Jihei who is always trying to sell them information.

Chief Inspector Shiba, Daiz˘ and daughters

The Chief Inspector's daughters loved K, once they realised that the robot would not hurt them.

Chiba, ShinichiYamaguchi, Akira

Martial arts star Chiba, Shinichi (aka Sonny Chiba) the real life older brother of Chiba, Jiro appears in the first episode as Shinj˘, Go's older brother. Yamaguchi, Akira (Yuki, Joji/Riderman in Kamen Rider V3) appears in episode 24 as Bad Agent M-5.

Chief Inspector Shiba, Daiz˘ and daughters

Robot Detective K battled the robots (robotto) and cyborgs of the criminal organization "Bad" (Bad˘).

The Bad Robots

Wakaman Tenagaman

Episode 01 - Wakaman (Wakachiataeru = To Divide)
Episode 02 - Tenagaman


Episode 03 - Jirikiman (jiki = magnetism)
Episode 04 - Kamereoman (kamereon= chameleon)


Episode 05 - Nanatsuman (nanatsu = seven)
Episode 05 - Kowashiman (kowasu = break, property damage)
Episode 06 - Kowashiman (kowasu = break, property damage)


Episode 07 - Hik˘man (hik˘ = aviation)
Episode 08 - Kaminariman (kaminar = thunder)


Episode 09 - Koshikakeman (koshikake = seat)
Episode 09 - Harisasuman (hari = needle)
Episode 10 - Harisasuman (hari = needle)

Rokaaman Supuringuman

Episode 11 - Rokaaman (rokaa = locker)
Episode 11 - Supuringuman (supuringu = spring)
Episode 12 - Supuringuman (supuringu = spring)

Dokugasuman Ganrikiman

Episode 13 - Dokugasuman (dokugasu = poison gas)
Episode 14 - Ganrikiman (ganriki = power of observation)


Episode 15 - Nokogiriman (nokogiri = saw)
Episode 15 - Taih˘man (taih˘ = cannon)
Episode 16 - Taih˘man (taih˘ = cannon)


Episode 17 - Moguruman (mogura = mole)
Episode 18 - Reidoman (reido = absolute zero [temp.], freezing-point)


Episode 19 - Gyoraiman (gyorai = torpedo)
Episode 19 - Karateman
Episode 20 - Karateman


Episode 21 - Dennetsuman (dennetsuki = electrothermic equipment)
Episode 22 - Misairuman (misairu = missle)

Sensuiman - episode 23Bakuraiman

Episode 23 - Sensuiman (sensui = diving)
Episode 24 - Bakuraiman (bakurai = depth charge)


Episode 25 - Gatoringuman (gatoringu = gattling gun)
Episode 26 - Haguruman (haguruma = gear)

Bad cyborgs

Bad Agents

Besides the robots Bad also used cyborgs know as Bad Agents. They're were two types, the dark faced and the white masked. Both types could self-destruct to avoid capture. Disguised as ordinary humans the Bad Agents would find business men who were willing to share the profits from crimes Bad Robots would help commit. These people would have to sign a contract which included a sever penalty for not completing the deal -- death. Bad Agents were armed with machine guns and large knifes. Robot Detective K could not harm ordinary humans, but apparently his programming classified cyborgs as non-human because he'd blow them up just like the robots.

Robotto Keiji

The Episodes

01)  04/05/1973  BAD's Killer Salesman
02)  04/12/1973  Witnesses are Zero
03)  04/19/1973  The Case of the Crazy Clocks
04)  04/26/1973  The Assassin Vanished in the Wall
05)  05/03/1973  The Double Criminal Mystery
06)  05/10/1973  Terror of the Execution Machine!!
07)  05/17/1973  The Fear Overhead!!
08)  05/24/1973  Death by Thunderbolt?!
09)  05/31/1973  The Electric Chair Spy!!
10)  06/07/1973  BAD's Plan for Total Annihilation!!
11)  06/14/1973  The Secret of BAD's Hideout!!
12)  06/21/1973  Mother Under Attack!
13)  06/28/1973  Watch Out for the Devil's Smoke!
14)  07/05/1973  Terror of the Twinkling Eyes!!
15)  07/12/1973  The Target: Atomic No.79?!
16)  07/19/1973  Steal Back from BAD!
17)  07/26/1973  Beware the Foam of Evil?!
18)  08/02/1973  BAD's Deep Freeze Strategy
19)  08/09/1973  Chasing the Okinawan Sea Mystery!!
20)  08/16/1973  The H-Bomb Airship Heads for Tokyo!
21)  08/23/1973  The Terrible Dennetsuman -- Mother Destroyed!!
22)  08/30/1973  The Villainous Missleman -- BAD is Revealed!!
23)  09/06/1973  Sensuiman's Undersea Terror!!
24)  09/13/1973  Bakuraiman's Burning Scheme!!
25)  09/20/1973  Evil Gatlingman's BAD Virus Strategy!!
26)  09/27/1973  BAD Dies on Mars!! <

TOEI TOKUSATSU WORLD OFFICIAL Youtube channel: Robot Detective episodes
(for first two episodes turn on CC for English subtitles, the others are not subtitled)

Robotto Keiji

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