October 6, 1972 through September 28, 1973, 52 episodes


Stuck In Somebody's Frame

Go Rainbowman (opening theme)

Created by Kawauchi, Khan
Music by Kitahara, Jun

Cast List

Character Actor/Actress
Yamato, Takeshi/Dash 7 Mizutani, Kunihisa
Yamato, Tami Motoyama, Kakuko
Yamato, Miyuki Ishikawa, Eriko
Mizuno, Toshie It, Megumi
Daibadatta Ine, Akifumi
Mr. K Hirata, Akihiko
Diana Yamabuki, Mayumi
Mitchy Saegusa, Mieko
Cathy Takahashi, Yko
Iquana Shiozawa, Toki
Yamato, Ichiro Koizumi, Hiroshi
Olga Fujiyama, Ritsuko
Lolita Minagawa, Myko
God Iquana Soga, Machiko
Dr. Borg Dai, Nasasawa
Narrator (episodes 1 & 2) Nakae, Shinji
Narrator (episodes 3-52) Naya, Gor

Yamato Takeshi

Yamato, Takeshi was an undisciplined wrestler who didn't care how he won a match. After being kicked off the team, for being too violent, he goes to India looking for Daibadatta, a former wrestling champion who had become a hermit.


He finds Daibadatta who not only teaches him discipline but gives him the magical power to transform into Rainbowman: Warrior of Love, (episodes 1 and 2). The first thing Takeshi does with his new powers is fly back to Japan. Daibadatta will show up in Japan when Rainbowman needs help (episodes 3, 18, 21, 44, 52).

Rainbowman has seven forms, based on the Japanese days of the weeks [Monday through Sunday], each with different abilities:

Rainbow Dash 1

Dash 1 - Moonman can deflate himself in order to squeese through small spaces. In episode 21 he's given the ability to cause a thunderstorm.

Rainbow Dash 2

Dash 2 - Fireman can spray fire out of his fingers.

Rainbow Dash 3

Dash 3 - Waterman can spray water or cold air out of his fingers and he can breath underwater.

Rainbow Dash 4

Dash 4 - Leafman (or Treeman) can generate mindnumbing wind noise, shoot pine needles from his fingers or cause a windstorm to blow leaves and twigs to blind his enemies, he can also merge into a tree to hide.

Rainbow Dash 5

Dash 5 - Goldman fires lightning bolts out of his fingers and can fly (short distances).

Rainbow Dash 6

Dash 6 - Earthman (as in soil) can drill himself into the ground, to hide from the Shine Shine Dan or to travel underground. Dash 6 can also cause the earth to crack open under his enemies to swallow them.

Rainbow Dash 7

Dash 7 - Sunmanhas several powers. The most commonly used is "kanashibari" (binding hand & foot), the ability to temporarily paralyze his enemies. Others include "Rainbow Barrier" (a protective shield), and "Rainbow Flash" (bolts of energy from his fingers).

twin swords

The sun on his forehead can fire a devistating light ray, "Solar] [Taiyo] Flash". Two sunbeams can be removed, tranforming into swords. When the Shine Shine Dan becomes resistant to "Solar Flash", Rainbowman discovers that he can increase its power by using his twin swords with it.

Dash 7 can also fly, and was the form used for long distance travel. When flying long distances Dash 7 would transform into a white ball, often followed by a rainbow. Dash 7 is the form Yamato, Takeshi uses the most. Normally he transforms into Dash 7 before switching to one of the other forms. From any of the other forms he will transform back into Dash 7 before becoming Yamato, Takeshi again.

To transform into Rainbowman, Takeshi says the magic words "Anokutara Sanmyakusanbodai" (Supreme Correct Wisdom) Rainbow Dash 7" then to switch forms Rainbowman says "Rainbow Dash #" # being the number of the form he wishes to switch to. Dash 7 appears in 50 episodes, Dash 1 appears in 8 episodes, Dash 2 in 11, Dash 3 in 12, Dash 4 in 7, Dash 5 in 21 and Dash 6 in 22.

Rainbow Crossme>

In episode 44 Rainbowman gains the ability to split himself into three forms, dash 7 and any two others then combine the three together. Called "Rainbow Cross", this ability gives him different powers with each combination. Combining dash 2, 5, 7 allows Rainbowman to use lighting bolts or fire. Combining dash 4, 6 and 7 allows Rainbowman to merge with trees and rocks. Combining dash 3, 5 and 7 allows him to cause a windstorm inside a building and fire lightning bolts. When this power is used the sun on Rainbowman's forehead changes to reflect the combination. Example, combining 2, 6 and 7 would make one third of the sun red, one third gold and one third brown striped. The combination of forms lasts until Rainbowman transforms directly into any single form. The combinations he uses are 2, 5, 7; 4, 6, 7 (three times); 3, 5, 7; 3,6,7; 2,6,7 and 1,5,7. He uses this ability last in episode 51. The final episode featuring dash 7 and dash 6 only.

[Mizutani, Kunihisa played Yamato, Takeshi and Rainbowman Dash 7, the other forms were played by actor/stuntmen with Mizutani, Kunihisa's voice dubbed in.]

Yamato, Takeshi frozen

When Rainbowman is wounded or drained of energy from over use of his powers, he becomes Yamato, Takeshi and goes into a trance to heal himself. In this trance his body freezes. In this state he is not aware of what is happening around him and is vunerable to his enemies, if they can find a way to penetrate his frozen skin. When he thaws out he will be totally healed and rested. In later episodes he has the ability to quickly heal himself of minor injuries by just chanting, without freezing.

Shine Shine Dan soldierRainbowman Dash 2 and Shine Shine Dan soldierShine Shine Dan soldier and Rainbowman Dash 3Rainbowman Dash 4 and Shine Shine Dan soldierRainbowman Dash 6 and Shine Shine Dan soldier

Rainbowman battles the evil Mr. K's Shine Shine Dan (Die Die Army), a group of wealthy foreigners (mostly Chinese) seeking revenge against Japan for the second world war.

Takeshi's mother Takeshi's sister MiyukiMizuno Toshie

Mr. K knows that Yamato, Takeshi's is Rainbowman and is not above attacking his mother Tami, younger sister Miyuki or his "koibito" (sweetheart) Mizuno, Toshie. Miyuki was hit by a car, resulting in having to wear a leg brace. Takeshi blames himself for the accident. At first none of Takeshi's family know he's Rainbowman, but later in the series they seem to have figured it out.

Takeshi's father

Takeshi's father Yamato, Ichiro disappeared years ago (apparently on a trip to Africa). When the Shine Shine Dan discovers were he is (an African prison), Mr K has him brought to Japan, holding him hostage in an attempt to force Rainbowman to surrender (episodes 22-24, 26).

God Iguana Bat SisterMummy Sister

Starting with episode 40 Rainbowman has to battle both the Shine Shine Dan and Iquana's mother God Iquana who needs his blood to bring Iquana back to life. This sorceress is not working for the Shine Shine Dan, and she doesn't care if her attacks on Rainbowman interfere with Mr. K's plans. God Iquana is weakened by bright light or seeing her own reflection. She creates two monsters from her own blood, Bat Sister [episodes 46 and 47] (height: 170cm weight: 41kg) and Mummy Sister [episode 48] (height: 178 cm weight: 70kg). When the monsters are killed she is weakened. [It was originally planned that the first Iquana would return but when it came time to film the last 13 episodes Shiozawa, Toki was no longer available, so Soga, Machiko (voice of Dr Kate in Kamen Rider Stronger episodes 27, 29, 30) was hired to play her mother instead. In my opinion Shiozawa, Toki was better.]

Jenobaado and Rainbowman

Episode Titles and Villain Names

Ai no Senshi Rainbowman starts slow. It isn't until the end of the second episode that Yamato, Takeshi becomes Rainbowman and he doesn't meet Mr. K until the fourth episode. The magical monsters don't appear until episode fourteen. Many episodes end in a cliffhanger. Starting with episode 27 the Shine Shine Dan becomes more powerful, harder for Rainbowman to defeat.

Gekko Kamen Nana Iro KamenDiamond EyeCondorman

Ai no Senshi Rainbowman was created by Kawauchi, Khan, who started tokusatu television with Gekko Kamen [Moon Light Mask] in 1958. His other series include Nana Iro Kamen [Seven Color Mask] (1959), Hikari no Shenshi Daiyamondo Ai [Diamond Eye: Warrior of Light] (1973-1974), and Seigi no Shinboru Kondoruman [Condorman: Symbol of Justice] (1974-1975).


From November 10, 1982 through March 27, 1983 there was a 22 episode animated "Rainbowman"s, in which the 7 forms of Rainbowman were giant robots.

A Fan's Home-Made Dash 7 Costume

Yamato Takeshi's Song (original ending theme)

His Name Is Rainbowman (second ending theme)

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