Chouriki Sentai Ohrenj‚        

Chouriki Sentai Ohrenj‚ (Super-Power Task Force Ohranger)

March 03, 1995 - February 23, 1996 (48 episodes)

Oh Blue, Oh Yellow, Oh Red, Oh Pink, Oh Green
Chouriki Sentai Ohrenj‚
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(Mita, Yuuji; Nijou, Juri; Hoshino, Gorou; Chief Counselor Miura, Maruo, Momo; Yotsukaichi, Shouhei)


Character Actor/Actress
Hoshino, Goro Yamada, Kazuyoshi
Oh Red Shishindo, Masaru
Yotsukaichi, Shouhei Masaoka, Kunio
Oh Green Takechi, Kenji
Mita, YŻji Goda, Maashi
Oh Blue Takeuchi, Yasuhiro
Nijou, Juri Aso, Ayumi
Oh Yellow Nakagawa, Kiyoto
Maruo, Momo Sato, Tamao
Oh Pink Murakami, Rie
Miura, Naoyuki Miyauchi, Hiroshi
Riki Shouji, Yamaguchi
King Ranger oufuji, Naoki
Emperor Bacchus Wrath Takeuchi, Yasuhiro
Emperor Bacchus Wrath (voice) ‘hira, TŰru
Empress Hysteria Yokoyama, Kazuyoshi
Empress Hysteria (voice) Yamazaki, Wakana
Prince Buldont Fujita, Kenjirou
Prince Buldont (voice) Seki, Tomokazu
Acha Nakagawa, Motokuni
Acha (voice) Kimotsuki, Kaneta
Kocha (voice) Adachi, Shinobu
Gunmajin (voice) Kamiya, Akira
Princess Maruchiwa Yoshio, Akiko
Princess Maruchiwa (voice) Yamada, Miho
Narrator Tanaka, Nobuo


An ancient race of humans created the robot Bacchus, which rebeled against them. Banished into space by the young warrior King Ranger this robot became Emperor Bacchus Wrath of the Machine Empire Baranoia, an empire of robot warriors. After conquering planets in many galaxies Bacchus turns to his planet of origin, Earth. In 1999 the Machine Empire Baranoia's invasion of Earth begins. To combat this threat five pilots (3 male and 2 female) of the United Airforce (UA) are choosen to battle the invaders as the elite Super-Power Task Force Ohranger (OH).

The Ohrangers

Chief Counselor Miura, Naoyuki using technology left behind by the ancient race built a pyramid to generate the Tetrahedron power which energies the Ohrangers. Using their "Power Braces" these UAOH members "Chouriki Henshin!" (Super-Power Transform!")

Hoshino, GorouOh Red

Oh Red (Hoshino, Gorou) - Team leader, karate experet. Pilots Sky Phoenix, Giant Roller, Red Puncher and Red Blocker. Armed with Star Riser Sword, special combat technique Super Power Riser. Hoshi=star, go=five.

Yotsukaichi, ShouheiOh Green

Oh Green (Yotsukaichi, Shouhei) - Second in command, boxer. Pilots Grantaurus and Green Blocker. Armed with Square Crushers, special combat techniques Mirage Knuckles, Lightning Super Power Crusher. Yotsu=four.

Mita, YuujiOh Blue

Oh Blue (Mita, Yuuji) - Expert at midair fighting techniques. Pilots Dash Leon and Blue Blocker. Armed with Delta Tonfas, special combat techniques Rolling Jump, Super Power Slide Attack. Mi=three.

Nijou, JuriiOh Yellow

Oh Yellow (Nijou,f Juri) - Expert in American martial arts. Pilots Dogu Lander and Yellow Blocker. Armed with Twin Baton nunchagus, special combat technique Big Wheel Throw. Ni=two.

Maruo, MomoOh Pink

Oh Pink (Maruo, Momo) - Expert in Chinese boxing. Pilots Moa Loader and Pink Blocker. Armed with Circule Defender shield, special combat techniques Vaccuum Throw, Lightning Flash Miracle. Maru=cicle, momo=pink.

Together the five Ohranger can perform Battle Stick Hurricane (using Battle Sticks), Ranger Item Attack (each in turn attacks with their own personal weapon) and Super-Power Dynamite Attack (in which they transform into a ball of energy).

Big Bang Buster

Each of the five Ohranger are armed with King Blaster, laser pistols and Battle Stick swords. Each King Blaster and Battle Stick can be compined to produce King Smashers. Any one King Smasher and each of the Ohrangers personal weapons can be combined to produce the more powerful energy weapon Big Bang Buster.

Giant Roller

When Big Bang Buster isn't powerful enough to destroy a monster Oh Red uses the Giant Roller (introduced in episode 10) to run over the human sized monster.

Ohre Bazooka

The Ohranger's most powerful team weapon is the Ohre Bazooka (introduced in episode 25).

RikiKing Ranger

King Ranger (Riki) - The ancient hero who originally drove the robot Bachus Wrath from Earth. Pilots King Pyramider. Armed with King Stick, which allows him to perform King Victory Flash. Riki transforms into King Ranger with the King Brace. His henshin phrase is the same as the others, "Chouriki Henshin!" (Super-Power Transform!"). Riki is introduced in episode 26 but does not transform into King Ranger until episode 27.


Riki, the King Ranger, protects a mysterious alien girl named Dorin. Dorin has a pet lizard named Paku.

Blue Jetter, Yellow Jetter, Red Jetter, Pink Jetter, Green Jetter

The five UAOH officers pilot specially designed fighter jets called Thunderwings. On land they ride five motorcycles called Jetter Machines: Red Jetter, Green Jetter, Blue Jetter, Yellow Jetter and Pink Jetter.

Ohranger mechas

The Ohrangers orginal indivdual mechas are Sky Phoneix, Grantaurus, Moa Loader, Dash Leon and Dogu Lander.

Ohranger Robo

The first five mechas combine to form Ohranger Robo (introduced in episode 7). Ohranger Robo has five interchangable heads, each of which gives it different powers. It's powers are Super Crown Sword, Crown Final Crash, Leon Punch, Dogu Sky Kick, Super Power Jump Crash, Super Power Crown Sword Shoot, Super Power Crown Spark Shield, Super Power Taurus Thunder, Super Power Leon Beam, Super Power Dogu Vulcan, Super Power Moa Cannon.

Red Puncher

The difficult to control Red Puncher (introduced in episode 19) is piloted by Oh Red. Red Puncher is transported the battle ground by being shot from a cannon. Red Puncher is armed with Magna Puncher and Puncher Gatling.

Buster Ohranger Robo

Ohranger Robo and Red Puncher combine to form Buster Ohranger Robo (introduced in episode 22), which is armed with Big Cannon Burst.

King Pyramider

King Ranger's King Pyramider has three forms. In standared Pyramid form it uses a lightning like energy weapon. In Carrier form Sky Phoneix, Grantaurus, Moa Loader, Dash Leon, Dogu Lander and Red Puncher ride on it and together they shoot bolts of energy at the giant monster. King Pyramider combines with Oh Ranger Robo and Red Puncher to form King Pyramider Battle Formation (introduced in episode 28), destroying the giant monsters with Super Legend Beam.

The Blockers

The Ohranger's second set of five mecha (introduced in episode 33) are Blue Blocker, Yellow Blocker, Red Blocker, Pink Plocker and Green Blocker . Their special attacks are Blue Drop Kick, Blue Freezing Storm, Yellow Spinning Kick, Yellow Lightning Flash, Star Head Attack, Red Star Fire, Pink Skyline Chopper, Pink Impact Wave, Green Body Tackle, Green Enclose Net. Each is also armed with giant sized versions of the weapon their pilot uses and a giant sized King Smasher. Together the five robots are refered to as "Blocker Robos". Like Red Puncher they are shot out of a cannon.


Red Blocker, Green Blocker, Blue Blocker, Yellow Blocker, Pink Plocker combine to form Oh Blocker (introduced in episode 34), armed with Twin Blocken Swords and Twin Blocken Crash.


Tackleboy (introduced in episode 37) transforms into a tire which Ohblocker throws at the giant monsters. This attack is called "Dynamite Tackle". Tackleboy has no human pilot, it controls itself. Like Red Puncher and the Block Robos, Tackleboy is shot out of th cannon.

(Information from The Sentai Series Manual Version 2 © 1995 Marc H. Miyake)


Episode 37 introduces Gunmajin, a giant warrior who has to fight for whoever posses the sculpture of his head and the key which opens it. So sometimes he fights against Baronia and other times against the Ohrangers. Armed with the Majin Saber with which he peform one of four sword attacks, Fire, Lightning, Wind or Blinding Light. Gunmajin can shrink down to human size.

BaranoiaKaiser Buldont and Princess Maruchiwa

Chief Counselor Miura, Naoyuki created the Ohrangers to battle the Machine Empire Baranoia, a race of alien robots which invade Earth in order to replace humans with machines.

Ohranger vs. Kakuranger

The Ohrangers starred in two of their own movies "Super-Power Task Force Ohranger" (April 15, 1995), and "Super-Power Task Force Ohranger: Ohre vs. Kakuranger" (03/08/1996). The Ohrangers also guest starred in the movie "Racing Task Force Carranger vs. Ohranger" (March 14, 1997). King Ranger is only in the second film.

Momo, Shouhei, Gorou, Yuuji, Nijou, Riki henshin pose
(Maruo, Momo; Yotsukaichi, Shouhei; Hoshino, Gorou; Mita, Yuuji; Nijou, Juri; Riki)

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