Miyauchi, Takayuki

This is just a partial list of the Tokusatsu themes Miyauchi, Takayuki recorded:

1984 Ch˘denshi Baioman [Super Electron Bioman]

    Super Electron Bioman - opening theme
    Blue Togetherness
    Colorful Bioman
    Song of Bio Robo
    Us Biomen
    Biomic Soldier - ending theme

1984 Uchű Keiji Shaider [Space Sheriff Shaider]

    Shaider Blue

1986 Ch˘shinsei Furasshuman [Super Nova Flashman]

    Join the Beat Right Now
    Shine! Flash King

1991 Tokkua Shirei Solbrain [Special Rescue Command Solbrain]

    Special Rescue Command Solbrain

1988 Kamen Rider Black RX

    Kamen Rider Black RX - opening theme
    Battle Oh! RX
    Charge, RX
    It's All For Loving You
    Rider of The Battlefield: RX
    Soldier of Destiny
    Soldier of Light
    Somebody Loves You - ending theme

1990 Tokkei Winspector [Special Rescue Police: Winspector]

    Special Rescue Police: Winspector - opening theme
    Beloved Earth, O Beloved Sea
    Flames to the Future
    Let's Go! Fire Squad
    Solar Warrior, Fire
    This Life Forever
    From Today's Me to Tomorrow's You - ending theme

1991 Tokkua Shirei Soruburein [Special Rescue Command Solbrain]

    Special Rescue Command Solbrain - opening theme
    Adventure to the Heart
    Bonds to Tomorrow
    Fighting SolMachine
    Head Forwards!
    Marching! Solbrain
    Mothership Solid States-1
    You, too, are Solbrain
    Embracing in Love - ending theme

1992 Tokusou Ekushiidorafuto [Special Rescue Exeedraft]

    Special Rescue Exeedraft - opening theme
    Battle of Courage and Friendship
    Exceedraft Grade up!
    Hurry, O Courage!
    Knights Who Protect the Future
    Last Fighter
    One Life
    Stir up a Storm
    That's Life
    White Lightning! Barius 7
    The Goal is the Future - ending theme

1994 Ninja Sentai KakurenjÔ [Ninja Task Force Kakuranger]

    Into Danger Kakuranger
    Invincible Shogun, Now Present!
    Let's Go as Ninja! Deden no Den
    O Stars, Don't Blur!

1997 B-Robo Kabutack

    Ah, Star Peace

1998 Seijű Sentai Gingaman [Star-Beast Task Force Gingman]

    Giga Rhinos! Giga Phoenix! Giga Bitus!
    Ruler of the Galaxy, Gingaioh

1999 Kyűkyű Sentai G˘ G˘ Faibu [Rescue Task Force Go Go Five]

    Run, Go Liner! Save, 9 9 Machines
    Stop the Wars

2000 Mirai Sentai TaimurenjÔ [Future Task Force Time Ranger]

    Millennium Warriors

2006 G˘g˘ Sentai B˘kengÔ [Roaring Task Force B˘kenger]

    Rumbling Fusion! DaiBouken!!
    Legends (w/Kushida, Akira & MoJo - Roaring Task Force B˘kenger vs. Super Sentai ED

2007 Jűken Sentai GekirenjÔ [Beast Fist Task Force Gekiranger]

    Burn! Fierce Beast Fist