Majin Hanta Mitsurugi

Majin Hanta Mitsurugi [Demon Hunter Mitsurugi]
January 8, 1973 - March 26, 1973, 12 episodes

old man, Ginga, Suisei, Gekko

Three ninja siblings, Ginga [Galaxy] Mitsurugi (blue scarf & stripes on helmet), Suisei [Comet] Mitsurugi (yellow scarf & stripes on helmet), Gekko [Moonlight] Mitsurugi (female, red scarf & stripes on helmet), battle the alien warriors of the Scorpion Army (Sasori Gundan).

Genri, Jin, Suisei
These three ninja are ahead of their time. They wear motorcycle helmets...

...and in addition to being armed with swords and throwing daggers they carry hand grenades.


An elderly ninja who is the keeper of the Mitsurugi Ninja's secrets gives the three siblings three magical short swords.

"Mitsurgi Sanjou! Chi! - Jin - Ai!"
(Calling on Mitsurgi! Wisdom, Benevolence, Love)

When a giant monster appears the three ninja use their magic short swords to transform into the giant, armored warrior Demon Hunter Mitsurugi.

Demon Hunter Mitsurugi carries a sword and a shield,

and fires exploding shells from his chest.

Mitsurugi vs monster 1 Mitsurugi vs monster 12

Unlike most other tokusatsu series which used men in costumes the giant hero and giant monsters in Majin Hanta Mitsurugi are models animated using stop action photography.

The legendary Iga ninja Hattori, Hanzo is a regular character in this series. He's not the hero of this series however, so he's usually needs help.


The Episodes

    1.    01-08-1973    Crush the Scorpion Army Corps' Space Ninjas!
    2.    01-15-1973    The Severed Head Laughs From the Prison Gates
    3.    01-22-1973    Break the Devil's Curse!
    4.    01-29-1973    Gold Apparition! Cain Whale's Magic
    5.    02-05-1973    Earthquake Monster Appears!
    6.    02-12-1973    Attack of Monster Gandarar!
    7.    02-19-1973    Mobile Giant Fortress Roados!!
    8.    02-26-1973    A Black Demon Bleeds Red!!
    9.    03-05-1973    Desperate Air Fight!
  10.    03-12-1973    Satan's Messenger: Scorpion Monster
  11.    03-19-1973    From Hell: Komanger!
  12.    03-26-1973    Scorpion Army Corps' Annihilation Operation

Jin SuiseiGekko

The Songs

Dash Into The Storm [OP]    Tales Of The Wind

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