Choujinki Metalder

Stuck In Somebody's Frame


Created by Hatte, Saburo
Music by: Miki, Takashi & Yokoyama, Seiji

Character Actor/Actress
Tsurugi, Ryuusei Senou, Hiroshi
Metalder Yamada, Kazuyoshi
Metalder Kaneda, Noriiaki
Metalder (voice) Iida, Michirou
Springer (voice) Hayashiya, Genpei
Kirihara, Gouzou Toudou, Shinji
Emperor Neros (voice) Watanabe, Takeshi
Ohgi, Mai Hiroko, Aota
Spy K Mitsui, Yuuko
Spy S Yamamoto, Emiko
Top Gunder (voice) Mori, Atsuo
Coolgin (voice) Mori, Atsuo
Barusuki (voice) Kuwahara, Takeshi
Gerudoringu (voice) Yoda, Eisuke
Doranga (voice) Īzuka, Shozo
Kita, Hakkou Kawai, Hiroshi
Narrator Musemune, Issei

Choujinki Metalder (Super Manchine Metalder) originally aired in Japan from March 16, 1987 through January 17, 1988. There were 39 episodes and one short movie.

Choujinki Metalder

During the second world war robotics expert Doctor Koga, Ryuuichirou (Uehara, Ken) is assigned by the Japanese military to design robotic soldiers which could be turned lose against the Alies. While working on his assignment Doctor Koga receives news that his son has been killed in the Pacific. Swearing off war, the doctor abandons the project, vanishing with his plans, leaving the prototype robot hidden away.

Kirihara GouzouEmperor Neros

Forty years later Kirihara, Gouzou former member of Doctor Koga's research team has become the head of a terrorist orginzation, the Neros Empire. Learning of the existance of Neros, Dr. Kogo, who had been living in the USA, working for NASA, returns to Japan. Emperor Neros orders the assination of his former superior.


The doctor survives the attempt on his life, makes his way to his hidden lab and activates his artificial human, Tsurugi, Ryuusei/Metalder (Senou, Hiroshi). In human form Metalder is a duplicate for the doctor's son, Tatsuo. Like the earlier jinzo ningen, Jiro and Ichiro, Tsurugi is musical, plays the violin and the saxaphone.

When the Neros Empire attackes the lab Tsurugi, Ryuusei shows little reaction. The doctor leaves the lab and is captured. His cries for help finally stir Tsurugi, but too late. Finding his "father" has been murdered Tsurugi becomes the sworn enemy of the Neros Empire. Tsurugi "shuntens" (moment-shifts) into Metalder by saying "Ikaru!" (Rage).


Choujinki Metalder was different from Kikaida and Kikaida 01 in that Metalder had to learn his powers and practice combat. In fact he loses his first battle, with Kurugin, leader of the Neros Armor Army.


Metalder was powered by "super gravitational energy". His special combat techniques were "Super Oscillation Laser Arm", "G[ravity] Kick", "Metal Tornado" Spinning Kick, "Head Crash", "Plasma Punch", "Metal Bomber" (punching attack from above), and "Thousand Hand Punches".


Returning to the lab, for repairs, Metalder meets Springer (voice by Genpei Hayashiya), a robotic dog left by the doctor to assist Metalder.

Ohgi, Mai

Metalder's first human companion, first person outside the Neros Empire to discover that Ryusei is a robot, is nature photographer Ohgi, Mai (Hiroko, Aota). At first she seems frightened of Ryusei after discovering "he" is not human.

Top Gunder and Metalder

Metalder will later be joined by Top Gunder, a member of the Neros Empire who changes sides after Metalder spares him, because it would be dishonorable to kill an unarmed enemy.

Kita, Hakkou

Metalder's final friend is motorcycle racer Kita, Hakkou; a young man who falls for Ohgi, Mai.

Side Phantom

Metalder drives a motorcycle with sidecar, Side Phantom. (It's not clear in these photos of Side Pantom, but Toei had "METALDER" printed on the front of the sidecar, which I why I spell the character's name "Metalder" instead of "Metalda" as the actors (and singers) pronounce it.

Metal Charger

In addition to the motorcycle Metalder also has a car, Metal Charger, which was driven by both Tsurugi, Ryuusei and Metalder. Metal Charger looked like an ordinary Mazda Familia but its doors could unfold into wings so the car could fly.

Silver Carcass

Side Phantom and Metal Charger are kept in Metalder's undergound base, Silver Carcass, which emerges above ground to launch them.


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