May 7, 1979 through December 24, 1979, 31 episodes


Created by Kariya, Tetsu
Music by Yokoyama, Seiji

Character Actor/Actress
Shishidou, Takeshi/Captain Dagger Kitazume, Yuki
Shishidou, Rosemary Takabayashi, Yukiko
Takamine, Ran Sugio, Madoka
Kurokava, Seiji Jimmy Araki
Saru, Ippei Hashimichi, Kouji
Yuri, Hyousuke Hozumi, Pepe
Takamine, Sougen Inoue, Yoshio
Berlock Kurobe, Susumu

Opening Theme

Captain Dagger with soldiers

The Black Star Army invades the planet Rosetta. Believing her husband to have been killed Shishidou, Rosemary takes her son Takeshi (shishi=lion, takeshi = brave) and flees to planet Earth. When their new home is threatened by the giant monster, Kamakidon, sent by The Black Star Army, Rosemary gives her son his father's bracelets which will allow him to transform into the giant Honou No Senshi (Warrior Of Flame), Megaloman.

Takamine, Ran (pink); Kurokava, Seiji (blue); Saru, Ippei (green); Yuri, Hyousuke (yellow); Shishidou, Takeshi (red)

When their human friends Takamine, Ran (Ran="orchid"); Kurokava, Seiji; Saru, Ippei; and Yuri, Heisuke learn their secret Rosemary gives them Energy Bracelets that allow them to transform into Sentai-like multi-colored warriors to fight the human sized aliens. Takeshi's bracelets give him the ability to fly as well transform into Megaloman. All of the bracelets function as monster detectors, registering the energy used by the Black Star Army. The other bracelets are all linked to Takeshi's. Although Takeshi can transform alone the others can only transform when he is with them.

Megaloman Megaloman

As Takeshi learns more about martial arts he incorporates his new skills into Megaloman's combat techniques. Megaloman's final blow "Megalo Fire" is unique in tokusatu. He flings fire from his long white hair. In addition to the fire based weapon Megaloman also makes uses of giant sized martial arts weapon, "Megalo Blade".

Rosemary as martial arts teacher

Rosemary monitors the battles from inside the spacecraft which brought her and Takeshi to Earth, radioing advice to Megaloman, through the bracelets. Takeshi's mentor is his martial arts teacher, Takamine, Sougen; Ran's father. During the second half of the series Takamine, Sougen closes down his martial arts center to become the leader of a military group charged with defending Japan against the giant monsters. For the most part this group is ineffective.

Shishidou Takamine, Ran and Yuri, HyousukeKurokava, Seiji (blue) and Saru, Ippei (green)

Taking time out of their normal lives to fight alien invaders causes trouble for Takeshi's friends. For example, Hyousuke's brother doet not believe the stories he tells about monsters invading earth, neither does Ippei's father and Seiji gets into trouble for leaving work early when his bracelet detects a monster. Seiji is missing from episodes 20 and 21. He's back for episodes 22, 23, 24 and 25 (his final episode). Ren has a crush on Takeshi, which of course he fails to notice.

Black Star Army officer Captain Dagger, who starts off wearing a silver helmet, kills his superior in order to take full control of the Black Star Army (episode 11). From then on he wears a gold helmet. After all his monsters are kiled Captain Dagger has himself transformed into a giant warrior.

Episode 20 introduces Berlock, an evil scientist who tries to find ways to defeat Megaloman for Captain Dagger. Berlock is played by Kurobe, Susumu who was Hayata in Ultraman. In episode 28 Berlock proves he's fanatically loyal to Captain Dagger by turning his own son, Hyme, into a monster (Buffalon). In episode 29 Berlock plans to turn Yuri, Hyousuke into a monster, hoping Megaloman won't have the heart to kill a friend.

At the end of the series a surprising relationship between Takeshi and Captain Dagger will be revealed. Captain Dagger is Takeshi's long lost twin brother, Hiroshi. <---(highlight for spoilers)--> And their father isn't dead after all.


The Episodes

Note: the following English translations were made from the Italian episode titles and my be different from the original Japanese titles.

  1.  05-07-1979  The Fiery Superman Strikes
  2.  05-14-1979  The Bracelets of Friendship
  3.  05-21-1979  The Shout of the Space Team
  4.  05-28-1979  Appearance of the Magnetic Monster
  5.  06-04-1979  The Star of Mt Hoshimigoka
  6.  06-11-1979  Order: Operation Invasion
  7.  06-18-1979  Fighting the Warrior of Love
  8.  06-25-1979  On Guard, Small Hero
  9.  07-02-1979  A UFO and a Dead Soldier in the Sea
10.  07-09-1979  Combat in the Crime Army
11.  07-16-1979  Battle For Command
12.  07-23-1979  The Great Challenge
13.  07-30-1979  The Battle of the Monsters
14.  08-06-1979  The Earth's Children are Threatened
15.  08-13-1979  Inner Conflict
16.  08-20-1979  The Mask of Gold
17.  08-27-1979  Where is the Secret Base?
18.  09-03-1979  Proof Positive
19.  09-10-1979  The Secret of the Scales
20.  09-17-1979  The Great Invasion of Monsters
21.  09-24-1979  The Heroism of Mary
22.  10-01-1979  The Secret of the Megalo-Fire
23.  10-08-1979  Infernal Prisoner
24.  10-15-1979  Blood Urge
25.  10-22-1979  The Death of Seiji
26.  10-29-1979  The Monster Zagno Zvider
27.  11-05-1979  A Providential Aide
28.  11-12-1979  The Sacrifice of Hyme
29.  11-19-1979  Takeshi - Don't Shoot the Monster!
30.  11-26-1979  Dagger's Counterattack
31.  12-24-1979  The Ultimate Challenge

monster Megaloman and monstersmonster

The Daikaijuu

  1.  Kamakidon
  2.  Goran
  3.  Zaninga
  4.  Dobura
  5.  Gamereon
  6.  Zubogu
  7.  Terumosu (Thermos?)
  8.  Suchirunesu
  9.  Doradoza
10.  Jamado
11.  Nun-chuk
12.  Rezakkusu
13.  Mirror Monocle
14.  Boarein
15.  Unigon
16.  Paraboran 1
17.  Paraboran 2
18.  Kyanza
19.  Arumunga
20.  Zonbiron, Barigen, Suidorasu, Bonbaron, Arumunga
21.  Zonbiron, Barigen, Suidorasu, Bonbaron, Arumunga
22.  Songa
23.  Kajuron
24.  Vacuum
25.  Zatan
26.  Zubaida (Spider?)
27.  Jadonga
28.  Buffalon
29.  Terogirasu
30.  Despair
31.  Despair, Dagger


For episodes 1-13 the series was titled Megaloman, for episodes 14-31 it was retitled Honou no Choujin Megaloman (Megaloman: Superman of Flame).

Ending Theme


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