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Urutoraman Mebiusu (Ultraman Mebius) ran April 8, 2006 through March 31, 2007 (50 episodes +1 movie), it commemorates the 40th anniversary of Ultraman by returning to the series roots

Character Actor/Actress
Hibino, Mirai Igarashi, Shunjii
Aihara, Ryu Nishina, Masaki
Kazama, Marina Saikawa, Ai
George Ikaruga Watanabe, Daisuke
Amagai, Konomi Hirata, Misato
Kuze, Teppei Uchino, Kentao
Sakomizu, Shingo Tanaka, Minoru
Toriyama, Hosakan Ishii ,Kenichi
Secretary Aide Maru Maido, Yutakau
Misaki Yuki Ishikawa, Saaya
Serizawa, Kazuya Ishikawa, Shin

Urutoraman Mebius logo

Opening Theme

Ultraman (1966), Ultra Seven (1967), Return of Ultraman (1971), Ultraman Ace (1972) , Ultraman Taro(1973), Ultraman Leo (1974), Ultraman 80 (1980) were all set in the same universe and except for Ultraman Leo and his brother Astra, the Ultras were all from the Ultra Planet aka The Land of Light in the M78 Nebula. Ultraman Leo and Astra are from the destroyed Planet L77 of the Leo constellation but were adopted into the Ultra Brothers by Ultra King so they now make their home on The Land of Light. Starting with Ultraman Tiga (1996), most of the series were set in alternate universes in which the Land of Light does not exist, the Ultras in these series have different origins. Ultraman Mebius is a throw back its actually about a character from the same Land of Light defending the same Earth as in the first Ultraman. Mebius is brought to Earth by the Father of Ultra (first inroduced in Ultraman Ace) and told about the great legacy of his people defending the Earth.

Mebius Brace Mebius Blade

Hibino, Mirai transforms into Ultraman Mebius using the "Mebius Brace", given to him by the Father of Ultra and which is attached to his left arm. When not in use it is invisible. (like Kamn Riders henshin belts). When he's ready to transform the "Mebius Brace" appears and he robs the red circle with his other hand to activate it. From the "Mebius Brace", Ultraman Mebius can produce the "Mebius Blade" a yellow glowing blade which can cut through monsters. Ultraman Mebius is the first multi-form Ultraman from the Land of Light. In edition to his normal mode, there is Brave, Burning Brave, Phoenix Brave and in the movie, Infinity. Brave form he gets from the "Knight Brace" a device het got from Ultraman Hikari, a blue Ultraman (episode 15). He returned the device to Hikari (episode 35) so no longer has access to this form. Burning Brave, Phoenix Brave he acheived through his close friendship with humans who know Hibino, Mirai is Ultraman Mebius. Their trust in him strengthens him. In Phoenix form he is actually slightly more powerful than the Father of Ultra. The Infinity form he gains by merging with Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Taro (his mentor). He met Ultraman Leo, Astra and Ultraman 80 in the series but they are not in the movie. Infinity brings him close to Ultraman King level. Ultraman Mebius created the Hibino, Mirai form to honor the sacrfice of the human Ban, Hiroto who sacrifced himself to save the other crew members including his father, the captain, when their space ship traveling from Mars to Earth was damaged. Mebius tried but failed to save the young man. (Igarashi, Shunjii retired from acting in 2013.)

Ultraman Mebiu Ultraman Mebius Brave

Ultraman Mebius - his normal form acheived by using Hibino, Mirai using the "Mebius Brace" to transform
Ultraman Mebius Brave - acheived by Ultraman Mebius using the "Knight Brace" which is connected to his "Mebius Brace" (gained in episode 18) adds a golden V to his chest, instead of "Mebius Blade" he uses the stronger "Mebium Knight Blade" with can deflect more enemy attacks and grants him more sword figting skills. After Ultraman Mebius returns the "Knight Brace" to Ultraman Hikari (episode 35) he loses access to this form.

Ultraman Mebius Burning Brave Ultraman Mebius Phoenix Brave

Ultraman Mebius Burning Brave - Feeling a pain in his side he hasn't felt for thousands of years the Falther of Ultra senses a great evil is targeting the Earth (episode 27). He and the Mother of Utra decide its too much for Ultraman Mebius to handle and send him an Ultra Sign ordering him to return to the Land of Light (episode 28, as another more experienced Ultraman is sent to replace him. He does not want to go. Hibino, Mirai spends the day doing things for (making breakfast. helping teach preschool children, reparing a motorcycle, preparing lunch) and giving gifts to his human friends. As a large red ball comes closer and closer to Earth. When a giant robot appears Hibino, Mirai transforms into Ultraman Mebius in fron of his friend Aihara, Ryu. But Mebius is no match for the robot. His commanding officer and mentor, Ultraman Taro arrives and repeates the order for Ultraman Mebius to go home so that he will die young, and Taro damages the robot but it doesn't explode it just vanishes (episode 29). When the robot returns Ultraman Taro reappears but waits to see if GUYS plan will work, it fails because the robot teleports out of their trap. Taro tells Mirai the reason he was called home is so he can train, to become stronger for the approaching war, The newly repaired robot is even too much for Ultraman Taro to handle alone. Hibino, Mirai transforms into Ultraman Mebius in front of all of GUYS Crew. and then steps in between them and the robot and nearly dies. But their trust in him and his trust in them somehow empowers him to become "Ultraman Mebius Burning Brave", gaining "Medium Burst" attack. And once the robot is destroyed Ultraman Taro tells Ultraman Mebius he can stay on Earth. Later, having Ultraman Taro as his mentor results in Ultraman Mebius developing "Mebius Dynamite", its very powerful but it takes a lot out of him. which is the same reason Ultraman Taro rarely uses his version.
Ultraman Mebius Phoenix Brave - using the Knight Brace (which it turns out was given to Hikari by the Ultraman King and is an extremly powerful artifcat) which appears on Ryu's arm after Hikari and Mebius have both appeared to have been killed (Hikair just moved into Ryu and Mebius apparently becomes a disembodied spiirt) the Crew GUYS members (minus their captain as he another task to perform) merge with a glowing Mirai to produce Ultraman Mebius Phoenix Brave. In this form he has "Mebium Knight Shot" (which is even more powerful because the GUYS captain launches a "Spacium Redoublizer" which increase the power of Ultraman's beam attack fired through it. After the battle Mirai has a body again.

Ultraman Mebius Infinite

Ultraman Mebius Infinite - used only in the movie: Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers: Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultrman Jack, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Taro (the original Ultra Brothers) temporarily merge with Ultraman Mebius to create Ultraman Mebius Infinite in order to destroy Yapool and his Super Beast U-Killersaurus Neo. Ultraman Leo, Astra and Ultraman 80 who are also consiidered Ultra Brothers do not appear in the movie although they do the series.

Its twenty-five years and two weeks since Earth has been attacked by a giant monster and just as the head of Guards for Utility Situation (GUYS) is about to retire one shows up. The good news is the first Ultraman ito appear on Earth n 25 years and 2 weeks, Ultraman Mebius has also arrived on Earth. The bad news is he (in his human form) is busy chasing a strange woman in white and black while the inexperience (because they've never seen a monster in their lifetime) operatives of GUYS are trying to stop a monster from reaching Earth. They faill and all but one is killed. That one survives only because his commanding officer hit the injection button, sending him to safety on Earth. Having succeeded in keeping Ultraman Mebius busy the woman vanishes as the monster lands in Tokyo. The new attempt of aliens and monsters to conquer or destroy the Earth has begun. Ultraman Mebius like the humans is inexperenced and although he kills the first monster much of the city is destroyed in the process. He starts out in experienced and among the weakest of the Ultras but by the end his experiences on Earth make him one of the most powerful . Although the Crew GUYS fail in the first mission against a giant monster, Ultraman Mebius still believes the humans can defend themselves, he just hear to help not take their place as defenders of their world and so disguised as one of them he sets out to reform the Crew Guys of Japan. And the international headquarters replaces their lost aircraft with more advanced ones.

Guards for Utility Situation (GUYS)

GUYS Japan

Created to defend the Earth, I have no idea what this international agency has been doing for 25 years (and 2 weeks) with no giant monsters or alien invaders to have to deal with. Unlike previous agencies whiich gave their elite combat squads a totaly different name GUYS simply sticks the word Crew in front of GUYS to their elite combat squad is called Crew GUYS. GUYS officers wear military uniforms, Crew GUYS operators where special Crew uniforms. Captain. GUYS has files from Science Special Search-Party (Ultraman), TDF/UG (Ultra Seven), MAT (Return of Ultraman), TAC (Ultraman Ace), ZAT (Ultraman Taro), MAC (Ultraman Leo) and UGM (Ultraman 80). They also have an "Out of Document:" file which contains information on monsters befoe the founding of SSSP (Ultra Q) and from the time after MAC was destroyed and before UG was founded. If any monsters from the past appear they can consult these files, or just talk to Kuze, Teppei (monsters of the past are his hobby). GUYS Spacy monitors space for incoming monsters and tries to stop them from reaching Earth at all. With the destruction of satelite V77 (episode 1) there is a whole in their defenses. GUYS Ocean patrols the Oceans. GUYS ANTARTICA defends Antarctica.


Captain Sakomizu ,Shingo Cheif Inspector Sakomizu ,Shingo

Captain Sakomizu ,Shingo/ Chief Inspector Sakomizu ,Shingo - apparent age 40 (actually age 70, one of the frist light speed test pilots over 25 years ago traveling at such speeds kept him from aging, he met Zoffy when Ultraman was devending the Earth), he loves coffee, he knows Hibino, Mirai is Ultraman Mebius and Hibino, Mirai knows that he is actully the Chief Inspector for GUYS Japan, the commander of all of GUYS Japan not use the elite assault team, he choose to act as Crew GUYS commander so he could fight with Ultraman Mebius and his crew not have to sit in an offic behind a desk, his true position is revealed when an inspector from the National Security Agency shows up trying to get the alien Ultraman Mebius out of GUYS. after a report with no sense of gratitude for Ultraman Mebius saving his life, three times. outs Hibino, Mirai as being Ultraman Mebius to the world. Apparently the fact that an Ultraman has always been a member of the human teams defending the Earth is not recorded any government files, which means the UG men did not report Morobashi, Dan as being Ultra Seven or the UGM commander Yamato, Takeshi as being Ultraman 80 [episode 48]. His cover blown he puts on his correct uniform to make a public enouncment before returning to his Crew GUYS uniform and asking to be refered to as Captain, for now. In the final episode during the final battle Zoffy asks Sakomizu ,Shingo to merge with him to increase his strength

Hibino, Mirai Aihara, Ryu

Hibino, Mirai (his name means "future days" - 18 years old, human formt of Ultraman Mebius, like Ultra Seven he created this form based on a human he met as he arrived on Earth, his true identity is known to Sakomizu ,Shingo from the start the rest of the Crew eventually learns it as well (episode 30), friendly and outgoing, after the original team was killed he recruited its new members, somewhat nieve, always sees good in others even when it isn't there
Aihara, Ryu - 20 years old, believed to be the only surviving member of the original Crew GUYS, suffering from "survivor's guilt" , hot headed, doesn't always think before acting or speaking

Kazamam, Marina George Ikaruga  border=

Kazamam, Marina - 19 years old, navigator, former motorcycle racer with dreams of winning a world championship, possess super human hearing, wears pants, suffers frin Arachniphobia (fear of spiders)
George Ikaruga - 20 years old, former soccer player, mixes Spanish and Japanese when he talks, posseses superior reflexes and eye sight, only team member able to use METEOR Shots "Amazing Triple Shot" (hits 3 targets), suffers from Aquaphobia (fear of water)

Amagai, Konomi Kazamam Marina

Amagai, Konomi - 18 years old base operator, does not normally go on missions but will if needed former preschool teacher, wears a skirt and glasses, loves children and animals, intitually suffers from an inferiority complex
Kuze, Teppei - 18 years old, team analyst , does not normally go on missions but will if need be, nicknamed "monster professor" for his knowledge of monsters, medical student, son of a famous doctor, told his father he joined GUY but not his mother

Lim Eleking

Produced as an accident Lim Eleking (Lim=Limited) a tiny non-hostile version of Eleking (episode 8). became the mascot of GUYS Japan (episode 11) It can only exist for 1 minute before it vanishes to reappear seemingly at random.

GUYS Japan

Misaki, Yuki Toriyama, Hosakan and Secretary Aide Maru Chief of Maintenance Araiso

With the Chief Inspector acting under cover Deputy Chief Inspecotr Misaki, Yuki is acting as the Chief Inspector for GUYS Japan. She is the one who alerts GUYS Japan and Crew GUYS that a monster has appeared. Like her boss, she knows Hibino, Mirai is Ultraman Mebius before he tells the others. Adjutant Toriyama, Hosakan (second in command of GUYS Japan after thie chief inspector) is a cowardly, incompetant, sycophantic who is alwayssurprised when Crew GUYS succeeds in a mission. Fortunatnly he leaves most of the actual command decisions to the Captain Sakomizu. When Hosakan said there hadn't been a monster in 25 years his assitant Secretary Aide Maru said it was actually "twenty five years and two weeks" .The Adjutant is the public face of GUYS, he is the one who has to face the media. His Secretary Aide Maru is surpriing loyal to his not very nice boss. Chief of Maintenance Araiso is responsible for maintiaing GUYS Japan's equipment. He does not like Aihara, Ryu who he consider arrogant and reckless (he's not wrong), he calls him "brat".

GUYS Ocean


Captain Isana - commander of GUYS Ocean, at first he doesn't tell Crew GUYS that's actually in charge of GUYS Ocean he just lets them think he's just a pilot. Besides helping Crew GUYS deal with a monster hiding in the ocean he has another reason for being at GUYS Japan, he's heard that they have an Ultraman coming to the aide them all the time and he's determined to find out which one of Crew GUYS he is,they try to keep him from finding out but Mirai used to talking openly about it now keeps letting things slip he should't. He leaves a note to Crew Guys letting them know that he knows who Ultraman Mebius is but when one of his men asks if he found out who Mebius is he pretends he didn't. (episode 38).

GUYS Supreme Command (New York)

Takenaka, Jinguji

Supreme Chairman Takenaka, Jinguji - commander of all of GUYS, stationed in New York, formerly of the Terrestrial Defense Force (Ultra Seven) and Monster Attack Team (Return of Ultraman) comes to visit GUYS Japan unannounced sending them all into a panic (episode 42). This would be the worst time for LIM the mascot to appear so of course it does, apparently it wants to welcome him. As the Crew GUYS stand at attention he walks by each one, he stands looking Hibino, Mirai the longest. When he sees the Captain he adresses him as "Sakocchi".which I guess is a friendly nicknam for Sakomizu ,Shingo The Cree GUYS are confesed why men 40 years apart in age would be close friends. In a private convesation between the two the audience learns about tthe Captain having traveled at light speed and that for him 1 year passed for every 5 to 10 on Earth. This all happened while the Science Patrol and the original Ultraman were defending the Earth in the first age of monsters. Through flash backs we see how Sakomizu ,Shingo encountered still undidentifed alien ships and met Zoffy in space. The Supreme Chairman's granddaughter comes to town, supposedly to see her grandfather but when she asks Hibino, Mirai to spend the day with her it turns out she came to see him, they met in the movie (Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers) and he saved her life, he did know at the time who she was (episode 43). Mirai has his first popcorn. Supreme Chairman Takenaka, Jinguji was played by Sahara, Kenji who played Manjome, Jun in Ultra Q (1966) as well as General Takenaka, Jinguji in Ultra Seven (1967) and Return of Ultraman (1971).

GUYS Aircraft

Phoenix Nest

GUYS Japan's base is called Phoenix Nest. A huge facility it not only house the combat command center and adminsitrative offices, but also medcial facilaties, a cafeteria and even a gymn and a swimming pool.

Gun Phoenix Gun Winger and Gun Loader.

From their Phoenix Nest headquarters they launch Gun Phoenix which can split into Gun Winger and Gun Loader. Much Extreme Technology of Extraterrestrial ORigin (METEOR) which can only be used for one minute. It allows the aircraft to make other impossible moves such as genertor duplicates of itself, generating waves that can throw a monster around, etc. Its hard on both the crafts and the Crew .In fact METOER was originally intended to be an emergency escape system to save the life of the Crew, not as an ehanced combat mode. Continued use of it actually rended Gun Wingrer unstable.

Gun Booster Sea Wingerr

Later they get an extra aircraft "Gun Booster" (episode 15), flown from New York to Japana by Its Mirai and Chief of Maintenance Araiso. Phoenix Nest had a function that was kept top secret by GUYS Headquarters in New York until I was absolutly neccesary to tell GUYS Japan. Phoenix is itself a giant aircraft (episode 26). GUYS Ocean had Sea Winger (episode 38).

Marquette Monsters

Miclas Windam Fire Windam

METEOR is also able to produce Marquette Monsters, similar to Ultra Seven's Capsule Monsters, but with a one minute time limit. The first one produced, for testing purposes, was Miclas. While the other Crew GUYS thought it looked weak and clumsy, Amagai, Konomi said it was cute and so it bonded to her and she was the only one who get it to actually fight (episode 4). Miclas was upgraded to Eleki-Miclas,giving it the ability to generate electric shocks and become invisible, but even so Crew GUYS superiors considerd Miclas to be a falure. That doesnt stop Crew GUYS from using Miclas however. Durig the upgrading of Miclas a tiny version of Elking known as Lim Eleking (Limted Elking) was accidently created. It too can only exist for 1 minute after which it disappears only to reappear seemingly at random. It becomes Crew GUYS mascot. The next giant sized Marquette Monster created by GUYS is Windom (episode 11), upgraded to Fire Windom, Windom with an explosive charge firing attachment (episode 24). GUYS Japan is sent new prototype Marquette Monsters to test. It does not go well. Gudon is rejected because if it went underground and its 1 minute time limit expired it could not return to its capsule, Birdon is rejected because its poison could be an environmental hazard. Adjutant Toriyama says Twin-Tail, a sea creature should be left to GUYS Ocean, so rejected by GUYS Japan. Bemstar, rejected because Marina refused to work it since the real one tried to eat her. They run a computer simulation having Zetton vs Gudon, but when the try to switch it off they discover that it cannot be switched off and in fact the silimulaed Zetton is attempting to escape into the computer network. A simulater Ultraman Mebius is sent in but its given to many conflicting orders and gets confused and is easily destroyed. Mirai decides to digitze himself to enter the computer simulation as Ultraman Mebius. Before he goes in Ultraman Mebius appears human sized for the first time. Miclas and Windam simulatons are added to help him. After the Zetton simulation is finally defeated no new Marquette Monsters are ever discused or developed. (episode 27). And then a monster, Nova, figures out how to tap into GUYS system to create Marquette Novas to distract GUYS from hat the real Nova is upto (episode 28).

Hunter Knight Tsurugi/Ultraman Hikari

Hunter Knight Tsurugi Serizawa, Kazuya

A mysterious blue giant appears on Earth and kills two Sadolas after Ultraman Mebius is nearly out of energy from defeating one (episode 5) but not because he cares about Ultraman Mebius or the humans. Known as Hunter Knight Tsurugi he is seeking revenge against Bogar a monster which destroyed the plant Arb which he loved and whidh brought the Sadolas to Earth. He doesn't care who gets hurt in his quest for vengenge, he killed the Sadolas because Bogar wanted them and anything she wants he will destroy. For his human form he has taken over Serizawa, Kazuya former Captain of GUYS thought killed by Dinozaur and won't let him go. Because he has supressed his human hosts personalty he has no idea who he is until Aihara, Ryu calls him by name stiring some of Serizawa, Kazuy's memories. (Serizawa, Kazuya may look familar to Kamen Rider fans, Ishikawa, Shin who played him was Kazamatsuri. Shin in Shin Kamen Rider> [1992]). Evetually Hunter Knight Tsurugi falls in battle...

Hunter Knight Tsurugi Ultraman Hikari

Because he was once a respected scientist from the Land of Light, the Mother of Ultra appears to restore him and free him of his hatred (episode 10). One restored (episode 11) Aihara, Ryu gives him the name Ultraman Hikari (Light). Without the Hunter Knight Tsurugi armor Ultraman Hikari looks different and isn't as powerful but he's more concerned about others. Ultraman Hikari he will apear when Ultraman Mebius needs some assitance. Although healed Ultraman Hikari, who is a scientist not a warrior, needs to rest to be be fully restored but when Zoffy appears and tell him to return home to the Land of Light he declines to go (episode 15). Although now a willing host to Ultraman Hkikari, Serizawa, Kazuya refuses to return to GUYS, he doesn't believe Aihara, Ryu needs him since he has Hibino, Mirai fighting by his side. But its not his friend he needs its his mentor.

After being knocked down by Saramandora and experiening a blinking color timer for the first time he realized it was time to head Zoffy's words and he gave Ultraman Mebius his Knight Brace saying that Mebius will need it in a future battle. But Mebius will not let him leave until Serizawa, Kazuya sees Aihara, Ryu. After briefly speaking to Ryu, Kazuya transforms through shear will power (since he gave his henshin device away) into Ultraman Hikari and heads home to The Land of Light in the M78 Nebula (episode 17). After he's gone Ryu finally adresses Sakomizu, Shingo as "Captain Sakomizu" instead of calling him by his full name. When Babaru Seiji (remember him?) impersonates Hunter Knight Tsurugi, attacks the city and Ultraman Mebius, Ultraman Hikari arrives on Earth chasing after the alien but unware of what he's done to destroy his reputation (episode 35). Serizawa, Kazuya finally returns to GUYS and is surprised to leanr Crew GUYS knows Mirai is Ultraman Mebius. Hibino, Mirai returns the "Knight Brace" to Serizawa, Kazuya which makes Ultraman Hikari more powerful but costs Ultraman Mebius his "Brave" form. Ultraman Hikari summons a new armor and becomes Hunter Knight Tsurugi but without the venegable spirit and kills Babaru Seiji. After saying his farwells to Crew GUYS he leaves to go investigate the source of these continued threats to the Earth. Ultraman Hikari notices a black spot on the Earth's sun, as he sees it growing at a rapid rate he realzies its not natural (and presumably alerts the Land of Light) [episode 48].

After managing to inflict a minor wound on Alien Emperor, Ultraman Hikari vanishes giving the imperssion that he had been killed [episode 49]. In realty he recognized that his brave but foolish friend Aihara, Ryu was about to make a suicidal and totally ineffective attack run against the alien and save his life merged with him before the alien blow up Ryu's plane. When Ultraman Hikari appears again and a weakened Ultraman Mebius appears they are unable to harm the self styled Emperor and Lord of Darkness, and Ultraman Mebius appears to be killed, his body desingrated. After the voice of the other Ultrabrothers (not incluidng Taro, Leo or Astra) tell the humans not to give up hope, the Knights Brace appears on Ryu's arm and hears Mirai's voice. The Knights Brace is actually a powerful artifact given to Ultraman Hikari by the Ultraman King and through it the five Crew GUYS members are able to merge with a glowing Hibino, Mirai (apparently now a disembodied spirit) to become Ultraman Mebius Phoenix Brave [episode 50]

The other Ultras to guest star in this series are:

Father of Ultra Mother of Ultra

Father of Ultra - Commander of the Space Garrison, father of Ultraman Ace (adoption), father of Ultraman Taro, (Father of Ultra is a title his actual name is Ken), his first three appearances in this series are in the land of light, only appears on the Earth once, in the final episode he communicates with Alien Emperor from the Land of Light tell him the light of the Earth will never go out [episodes 1, 27, 29, 37, 50], first introduced in Ultraman Ace (episode 27).
Mother of Ultra - Commander of the SIlver Cross, chief medic of the Ultra Garrison, (Mother of Ultra is a title her actual name is Mari or Marie), appears in this series only in the Land of Light does not actually journey to Earth [episodes 10, 11, 27 and 29], first introduced in Ultraman Taro (episode 1).

Zoffy Ultraman

Zoffy - high ranking office of the Space Garrison, leader of the Ultra Brothers, in his first appearance in this series he appears in space and he tells Ultraman Hikari he should return to the Land of Ligh, Ultraman Hikari does not immedialy do so but does ultimatey comply, his second appearance, also in space, is a flash back 40 years when he destroyed an entire flite of alien space ships, stopping an invasion of Earth and safing the life of astronatu Captain Sakomizu [episodes 15, 42, 50, movie], first introduced in Ultraman (episode 39).
Ultraman - first Ultraman to protect the Earth (the name Ultraman was given to him by his human host, actual name is unknown), in this series appears to help Ultraman Mebius deal with Mefilas [episodes 47, 50, movie].

Ultra Seven Ultraman Jack

Ultra Seven - first Ultraman to create a human body rather than merge with a human, cousin of Ultraman Taro, father of Ultraman Zero (Space Garrison Post Observer 340 was renamed as Ultra Seven by the humans of the Ultra Guard (because he was honorary seventh member of the Ultra Guard), in this series he appears to protect Crew GUYS women (the men all in the hospital) so they can unfreeze Ultraman Mebius (there is a flash back to when Ultra Seven had a similar experience and UG saved him) [episodes 46, 49, 50, movie],
Ultraman Jack - was originally intended to be the original Ultraman with a new human host didn't actually get the name Ultraman Jack until 1984, 13 years after his series. the name Ultraman Jack comes from "Jack the Giant Killer" and was actually voted on by Japanese fans. in this series he protects Phoenix Nest from energy blasts while Ultraman Mebius deals with the giant monster [episodes 45, 50. movie],

Ultraman Ace Ultraman Taro

Ultraman Ace - adopted by The Father of Ultra after his actual father was killed, first/only Ultraman to have two hosts a man and a woman, at the same time, helps Crew GUYS deal with a monster on the moon while Ultraman Mebius is busy fighting Yapool [44, 50, movie],
Ultraman Taro - son of Father of Ultra and Mother of Ultra, cousin of Ultra Seven, hasn't been seen in human form since his host decided to seperate from him (I can only assume the actor either doesn't want to replay the part or is unable to do), Ultraman Taro is the first of the Ultra Brothers to appear on Earth in this series. sent to Earth to replace Ultraman Mebius who was ordered by the Father of Ultra to return to the Land of Light (to receive more comabt training for the coming war) once Mebius gained "Burning Brave" form Ultraman Taro said he could stay on Earth (presumably he cleared this with his father later) [episodes 29, 30, 50, movie].

Ultraman Leo Astra

Ultraman Leo - one of only two survivors of the destruction of Planet L77 of the Leo constellation, accepted as an Ultra Brother by the Ultraman King, second Ultra Brother to appear on Earth in this series, first to appear in his human form, trains Ultraman Mebius [episodes 34, 50].
Astra - one of only two survivors of the destruction of Planet L77, of the Leo constellation, younger brother of Ultraman Leo, accepted as an Ultra Brother by the Ultraman King, Astra is the only one of the Ultra Brothers who does not appear in an episode of this series without the others, he only appears in the final episode to assist Ultraman Leo and the others in trying to uncover the Earth sun, he has no dialogue [episode 50], first introduced in Ultraman Leo (episode 22).

Ultraman 80

Ultraman 80 - last Showa era Ultraman, last Ultra Brother until Mebius and Hikari were addded, second Ultra Brother to appear on Earth in this series [episodes 41, 50]

Space Garrison is Land of Light's military which is sworn to univeral peace and justice. Silver Cross is like Earth's Red Cross. Ultra Brothers are those Ultras who have defened the main universe Earth. According to this series both the title's "Ultraman" and "Ultra Brother" are actualy bestowed not by the people from the Land of Light (despite the fact it was the Ultraman King [does not appear in this series] who declared Leo and Astra to be Ultra Brothers) but by the humans of Earth.

Hayata, Shin Hayata, Shin
(1966 & 2006)

Hayata, Shin (Kurobe, Susumu) - human host of Ultraman (since they were seperated at the end of the series and Hayata lost all memories of Ultraman, Ultraman must recreat this form when he's on Earth because he's used to using it), in the Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers movie havig lost the ability to become Ultraman he is working as the administrator of the Kobe airport (of course he regains his true form later in the movie)
(Zoffy has no regular human host, though he did temporarily posses a scientist in Ultraman Taro and temporarily possess Sakomizu, Shingo in this series [episode 50])

Morobashi, Dan Morobashi, Dan
(1967 & 2006)

Morobashi, Dan (Moritsugu, Kohji) - first Ultraman not to take a human host, instead he created a human form, based on a human he admred for his courage Satsuma, Jiro; after serving with the Ultra Guard, Morobashi, Dan/Ultra Seven returns to the Land of Light to rest and heal up from all the battles he fought on Earth, he returns to earth as leader of MAC and loses the ability to become Ultra Seven, he mentors Ultraman Leo, when MAC was destroyed he vanished, (apparently rescued by Mother of Ultra and returned once more to the Land of Light where he is regains the ability to become Ultra Seven), during his time with the Ultra Guard he was friendly and smiled a lot, during his time with MAC he rarely smiled and was an extrmely harsh teacher of Otori, Gen/Ultraman Leo, in the Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers move he is a sheep rancher, he tells Hibino, Mirai to appreciate his friends and that he hopes he never has to go through the sorrow he has (presumably a refrence to death of his MAC team members) [episode 48].

Go, Hideki Go, Hideki
(1971 & 2006)

Go, Hideki (Dan, Jiro) - human host of Ultraman Jack, first human host to transform without needing a henshin device, first human host not to be seperated from the Ultraman at the end of the series, in the Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers movie he is coaching mini car racing; when it appears the Phoenix Nest has been destroyed he can see its actually trapped in a blue crystal and informs Mebius [episode 45]

Hokuto, Seiji Hokuto, Seiji
(1972 & 2006)

Hokuto, Seiji (Takamine, Keiji) - male host of Ultraman Ace, in the Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers movie he is the head chef in a resteraunt, appears on Earth to transform and fly to the moon to help out Crew GUYS with a monster there while Ultrman Mebius is fighting a monsters of his own [episode 44]

Minami, Yuko Minami, Yuko
(1972 & 2006)

Minami, Yuko (Hoshi, Mitsuko) - female host of Ultraman Ace, actually from the Earth's moon she returns there leaving Hokuto, Seiji as Ultraman Ace's sole human host, in this series she surprises Hokuto, Seiji whom she hasn't seen in years by appearing in space when he's talking to Mirai [episode 44]. Its suggested that had she stayed on Earth when he was stationed there they may have become a couple.

Higashi, Kotaro (Sinoda, Saburo) [no photo] - human host of Ultraman Taro, has not been seen since he seperated from Ultraman Taro, current location unknown, Taro simply appears without a human form.

Otori, Gen Otori, Gen
(1974 & 2006)

Otori, Gen (Manatsu, Ryu) - human form of Ultraman Leo like Ultra Seven generated his own human form intead of merging with a human, when he teaches Hibino, Mirai/Ulraman Mebius he behaives just like his teacher Morobashi, Dan [episode 34], his brother Astra has no human form.

Yamato, Takeshi Yamato, Takeshi
(1980 & 2006)

Yamato, Takeshi (Hasegawam, Hatsunori) - human host of Ultraman 80, he was a school teacher, who fights monsters after school and on Sundays with the UGM, which also consisted of people who started out with no experience in fighting monsters since there had not been any for five years. Third to create his own human form rather than merging with a human to safe his life. Yamato, Takeshi is the only returning Ultraman to not get an onscreen henshin sequence. In in his own series it was said if anyone found out he was Ultraman 80 he would have to leave Earth (why when no other Ultraman had that restriction I dont know), in this series its revealed that his students knew all along and as adults have been waiting for his return, one became a school teacher because of him [episode 41].

Ultraman Hikari & Ultraman Mebius

Episode Titles

As is standard for most Ultraman series, after the battle against his most dangerous foe is won, Ultraman Mebius will say farewell to his human friends and return home to The Land of Light in the M78 Nebula. He tells his human friends that since the final battle is over he has a new mission, to teach the new Ultramen what he has learned about humans. As Ultraman Mebius flys away, Ultraman Hikari and Zoffy are seen not far ahead. As his human friends shout farwells Lim appears one last time in Konomi arms. As the ending credits roll and the series theme song plays brief glipses of Crew GUYS future are seen. George is playing soccer again, Marina is splashing champagne from a giant bottle (guess she won the racing championship), Teppei is a doctor, Konomi is back teching preschoolars, Ryu is Captain of Crew GUYS. After a closeup of a photo of the main cast members on Ryu's shelf the final scene of the series is of the Ultra Brothers. THE END.

The Ultra Brothers - final scene of Ultraman Mebius

In a 2006 direct to video special "Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Armored Darkness", sometime after Ultraman Mebius has returned home to the Land of Light, and Ryu became captain of a new Crew GUYS the original members come out of retirement to be reunited with Ultraman Mebius in battle against "Armored Darkness" which has absorbed Ultraman Hikari. At the end of the story Mebius teleports his human friends back to Earth. As Hibino, Mirai is talking about having to leave them again, he sees an "Ultra Sign" in the sky informing him that he can stay for a time. Even Chief Inspector Sakomizu, Shingo; Deputy Chief Inspecotr Misaki, Yuki; Adjutant Toriyama, Hosaka and his assisstant Secretary Aide Maru show up to great their old friend.

Since Urutoraman Mebiusu ended in 2007, and there hasn't been another Ultraman series set in the same universe and on the same Earth since (and there were twety-five years beetwen the last two) I think it could be a long time yet (if ever) there are more Ultra Brothers added after Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Hikari.

In 2009 Hibino, Mirai and Ultraman Mebius appear in "Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie". This is the final appearance for Hibino, Mirai as Igarashi, Shunjii retired from acting at age 27 in 2013. In 2010 Ultraman Mebius (but not Hibino, Mirai) appeared briefly in "Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire". In 2015 Ultraman Mebius (but not Hibino, Mirai) appeared in "Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!". Ultraman Mebius appears briefly in "Ultraman Orb" (2016) and "Ultraman Geed" (2017).

Mill Creek Entertainment has not yet announced the release date for Ultraman Mebius on Blu-Ray. They have said it will include the movies and the Hikari specials.

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