Tiger Jo

Tiger Jo Tiger Jo
(episodes 27-30, 36-47, 49-54)

As as child Jõnosuke developed his great skill with a sword, but he never learned discipline (or compassion). Even in practice rounds with a wooden sword he was brutal, beating his fellow students when they were down. Ultimatly he killed his teacher. Jõnosuke was so fast that he could toss his sword's sheath into the air and kill three men before the sheath came down.

Jõnosuke (before he lost an eye)

"Gosun Tiger!"

When contacted by Great Devil Gosun, Jõnosuke accepted a magical sword and the assignment to kill somone he had never met and had no reason to pick a fight with, Kaiketsu Lion Maru.

Tiger Jo (after he lost an eye)Jõnosuke (after he lost an eye)Tiger Jo vs Kaiketsu Lion Maru

In their first battle Tiger Jo lost an eye and from then on his fights with Kaiketsu Lion Maru were personal.

Episode 27: Tiger Jo challenges Lion Maru and loses his right eye.
Episode 28: Tiger Jo challenges Lion Maru and wins.
Episode 29: Jõnosuke brags to three Gosun ninja that he has killed Shishimaru.
Episode 30: Tiger Jo challenges Lion Maru, fight ends in a draw.

Jõnosuke vs Shishimaru

Episode 36: Jõnosuke trains himself for next fight against Shishimaru.
Episode 37: Tiger Jo and Lion Maru fight near a waterfall, knocking each other into the river (tie).
Episode 38: A powerful sorcerer brags to Jõnosuke that his magic has killed Shishimaru.
Episode 39: Gosun ninja fires a cannon at Lion Maru and Tiger Jo, Shishimaru helps wounded Jõnosuke.
Episode 40: Jõnosuke takes a wounded (and poisoned?) Shishimaru to man who can heal him.
Episode 41: Tiger Jo saves Saori and Kosuke from a monster that was going to excute them with a crossbow.

original Jõnosukenew Jõnosuke

After filming episode 41 Jõnosuke actor, Tonohiro, Kõzi dies in an accident. For the remainder of the series Jõnosuke is played by Fukushima, Yoshitaka.

Episode 42: Discovering that Shishimaru is no longer able to henshin because his left arm is paralyzed, Jõnosuke attacks
                    Shishimaru, with his fists, some how the blows loosens the muscles so Shishimaru can again move his arms.
Episode 43: Jõnosuke betrays Gosun! He kills several Gosun ninja then after receiving a direct order from Giant Devil Gosun
                    to kill Shishimaru he warns Shishimaru about a minefield, Tiger Jo helps Lion Maru to kill the monster which
                    planted the mines. Great Devil Gosun summons eight hooded figures, and orders them to kill Shishimaru
                    and Jõnosuke.
Episode 44: Four female ninja and an electrified monster try to kill Jõnosuke. Tiger Jo helps Lion Maru kill the monster.

Jõnosuke and friend Jõnosuke and friendHanzaki

Episode 45: Jõnosuke is wounded in an explosion. A salamander monster that was once Jõnosuke's friend tries to talk him
                    into rejoining Gosun.

Tiger Jo vs. Great Devil GosunJõnosuke vs. Gun Doro

Episode 46: Jõnosuke forms a new weapon, a spear tipped with a large bone horn. While Lion Maru deals with a musical
                    monster, Tiger Jo tries to kill Great Devil Gosun with the spear. He fails of course.
Episode 47: A revolver toting monster claims to have quit Gosun, Shishimaru believes him,
                    Jõnosuke does not. Shishimaru stops them from fighting each other. Jõnosuke is not there to see the monster
                    betray Shishimaru.
Episode 49: Tiger Jo loses a fight to an ape monster who insults him by letting him live. Tiger Jo takes out his frustrations on
                    Lion Maru. While Lion Maru is distracted Gosun ninja capture Saori and Kosuke. Lion Maru quits the fight to
                    rescue his friends.
Episode 50: Jõnosuke appears for about 20 seconds. He sees Saori and Kosuke walking without Shishmaru and later he
                    throws s a dagger into a Gosun ninja allowing Saori and Kosuke to rescue Shishismaru. Tiger Jo does not
                    appear at all.
Episode 51: Jõnosuke comes across a helmeted Gosun warrior and a red monster playing chess. Jõnosuke kills the man but
                    Tiger Jo is defeated by the monster. Shishimaru finds the unconscious Jõnosuke, he has Saori and Kosuke
                    take him away somewhere safe to heal while Lion Maru faces the monster alone.
Episode 52: Jõnosuke has stopped being a loner, he now travels with Shishimaru, Saori and Kosuke. He even laughs
                    and smiles.
Episode 53: Together Tiger Jo and Lion Maru battle the last Gosun monster, Gun Doro. Believing it to be dead Tiger Jo goes
                    off alone to challenge Great Devil Gosun. However, the rifle using monster is not dead. Badly wounded by Great
                    Devil Gosun's "Gosun Thunder", Tiger Jo still bravely takes on the on the expert marskman. A shot rings out.
                    Taking a bullet to the head, Tiger Jo falls...
Episode 54: Shishimaru arrives just in time for a good friend, who was once his sworn enemy, to die in his arms.
                    Twice the spirit of Tiger Jo saves Lion Maru from being shot, so the hero can defeat Gosun's last monster.
                    Sayōnara Tiger Jo.

Tiger Jo
Color photos of Jõnosuke and Tiger Jo vs. Great Devil Gosun from George B.