Akuma Gosun

Gosun base Gosun base Gosun base
Akuma Gosun monsters are sent out from their two, hand-shapped, stone fortresses.

Great Devil Gosun Great Devil Gosun
Great Devil Gosun, leader of Akuma Gosun (height 24m, weight 950kg)

Great Devil Gosun is himself a stone giant. He has the power to summon lightining, "Gosun Thunder" and he can spit flames, "Gosun Fire".

Great Devil Gosun Great Devil Gosun

He doesn't appear outside his mountain fortress until the second half of the series. Although Great Devil Gosun was a giant, the other monsters were human sized.

Great Devil Gosun Great Devil Gosun

Episode 40 reveals that Great Devil Gosun can take on human form. In this form he can shoot bolts of electricy from his hands.

Orochi Yamauro

Episode 1: Orochi (height 183cm, weight 74kg)
Episode 2: Yamauro (height 163cm, weight 55kg)

Wakuramba Musasabian

Episode 3: Wakuramba (height 180cm, weight 55kg)
Episode 4: Musasabian (squirrel) (height 161cm, weight 49kg)

Obo Dogi Tsulala

Episode 5: Obo (height 172cm, weight 70kg), Dogi (height 170cm, weight 50kg), Tsulala (height 175cm, weight 60kg)

Flowernda Gin Zame

Episode 6: Flowernda (height 165cm, weight 61kg)
Episode 7: Gin Zame (Silver Shark) (height 168cm, weight 81kg)

Debonoba: episodes 8 through 20 (height 171cm, weight 78kg)
Akuma Gosun's second-in-command, made out of water, assigned to kill Kaiketsu Lion Maru.

Iwageba Zombie

Episode 8: Iwageba (height 162cm, weight 58kg)
Episode 9: Zombie (height 170cm, weight 48kg)

Doku Imori Kamakirian

Episode 10: Doku Imori (Poison Newt): episode 10 (height 172cm, weight 60kg)
Episode 11: Kamakirian (height 179cm, weight 55kg)

Giorji Oni Wurashi Tengu Wurashi

Episode 12: Giorji (height 169cm, weight 80kg), Oni Wurashi (height 182cm, weight 79kg), Tengu Wurashi (height 175cm, weight 69kg)

Umi Kaburo Funashidoki Nezugunda

Episode 13: Umi Kaburo & Funashidoki (height 182cm, weight 70kg)
Episode 14: Nezugunda (Gun Rat) (height 168cm, weight 65kg)
        Umi Kaburo turns ordinary fish into the fish monsters Funashidoki. Nezugunda rebelled against Debonoba, but wanted to have a showdown
        with Kaiketsu Lion Maru, just to find out who was the best. Lion Maru respected him and refused to fight him until episode 26 when after
        saving Lion Maru from Kuwari Girube, Nezugunda requested a duel as a favor.

Elethunder Meleonga Geromo

Episode 15: Elethunder (height 180cm, weight 68kg)
Episode 16: Meleonga (height 185cm, weight 85kg)
Episode 17: Geromo (height 150cm, weight 52kg) - based on American Indian Geronimo

Muiodori Gamirasu Kuma Oroji

Episode 18: Muiodori (height 180cm, weight 85kg)
Episode 19: Gamirasu (height 195cm, weight 85kg), (height 172cm, weight 80kg) - father & son
Episode 20: Kuma Oroji (height 173cm, weight 65kg)

Haniarasu Haniarasu Kibagira

Episode 21: Haniarasu (height 180cm, weight 80kg) - true form
Episode 21: Haniarasu - disguise
Episode 22: Kibagira (height 2m, weight 120kg)

Dagatsu Tobi Musashi

Episode 23: Dagatsu (height 220cm, weight 99kg)
Episode 24: Tobi (Flying) Musashi (height 168cm, weight 45kg)

Moth Gaiga Kuraru Girube

Episode 25: Moth Gaiga (height 175cm, weight 65kg)
Episode 26: Kuraru Girube (height 225cm, weight 120kg)

Nezugunda Nezugunda

Episode 26: Nezugunda (Gun Rat) (height 168cm, weight 65kg)
        Lion Maru respected Nezugunda and refused to fight him until after Nezugunda saved him from Kuwari Girube. Nezugunda requested a duel
        as a favor. Lion Maru recluctantly agreed.

Jõnosuke Tiger Jo

Tiger Jo - episodes 27 through 30, 36 through 47, 49-54:

A skilled swordsman was given a magic sword which allowed him to transform into Tiger Jo. In his first battle with Kaiketsu Lion Maru he lost his right eye, so after that he wore an eye patch.

Dokuronga Masubaraba Orochi Jr

Episode 29: Dokuronga (height 230cm, weight 245kg)
        three Skull Ninja combine into this single monster with three heads
Episode 30: Masubaraba (height 190cm, weight 85kg)
Episode 31: Orochi Jr (height 180cm, weight 71kg)
        son of the monster from episode 1, seeks to avenge father's death

Gamawolf Kame Madara Pandaran

Episode 32: Gamawolf (Bullfrog Wolf) (height 189cm, weight 99kg)
Episode 33: Kame (Turtle) Madara (height 210cm, weight 163kg)
Episode 34: Pandaran (height 187cm, weight 162kg)

Ari Jarin Gosun 36 Todogirasu

Episode 35: Ari (Ant) Jarin (height 179cm, weight 98kg)
Episode 36: Hachi (Bee) Garaki (height 1980cm, weight 166kg)
Episode 37: Todogirasu (height 188cm, weight 124kg)

wizard Tasudorodo Kichiku

Episode 38: Tasudorodo (height 220cm, weight 194kg)
Episode 39: Kichiku (height 168cm, weight 103kg)
        although a rebel against Gosun this monster is still wicked and still preys on the innocent

Harizanza Garaitachi Kirugodo

Episode 40: Harizanza (height 197cm, weight 188kg), Garaitachi (height 179cm, weight 113kg)
Episode 41: Garaitachi (height 179cm, weight 113kg)
Episode 42: Kirugodo (height 197cm, weight 140kg)

Girara Me Ganda

Episode 43: Girara (height 194cm, weight 130kg)
Episode 44: Me (Eye) Ganda (height 179cm, weight 160kg)

Hanzaki human form Hanzaki

Episode 45: Hanzaki (Salamander) (height 230cm, weight 340kg)
        A friend of Jõnosuke (Tiger Jo) attempts to talk the swordsman into rejoining Gosun. Jõnosuke's friend transforms into Hanzaki

Noiser Djanma Mafiran

Episode 46: Noiser (height 187cm, weight 130kg)
Episode 47: Djanma (height 185cm, weight 103kg)
Episode 48: Mafiran (height 198cm, weight 124kg)

Jamura Jukaku: Abuda

Episode 49: Jamura (height 210cm, weight 182kg)
Episode 50: Jukaku (height 197cm, weight 126kg)
Episode 51: Abuda (height 182cm, weight 83kg)

Gonrado Gun Doro Gun Doro

Episode 52: Gonrado (height 203cm, weight 118kg)
Episode 53: Gun Doro (height 210cm, weight 152kg)
Episode 54: Gun Doro - killed Tiger Jo.

Masked Skulls (various episodes) - regional leaders who assisted some monsters:

episode 42 episode 49

The Masked Skulls wore black hoods, red hoods, blue hoods, or metal helmets (5 of them). The black hooded ones went undercover as spies, the others were seen to be in command of the Skull Ninja. Most of these men lasted for under five minutes. Some where actually killed by the monsters rather than by Lion Maru.

Female Ninja (episodes 44 & 48):

episode 44 episode 48

Four female ninja (episode 44) are sent to kill Jõnosuke (Tiger Jo). The daughter of Mafiran tries to kill Shishimaru and gets in a fight with Saori (episode 48).

Skull Ninja (episodes 1-54):

Skull Ninja Skull Ninja
These skull masked ninja assisted the kaijin through out the entire series.

Screen capture images provided by Seijin X and George B.
Monster names provided by Walter O.