Kamiya, Masahiro
(b. 07/29/1963)

Komyoji, Masaru; Nitta, Hiroshi; Saburo

Born in Tokyo on July 29, 1963, former child actor Kamiya Masahiro is best known outside his native Japan for his run as latch-key kid Masaru in TOEI's Jinzou Ningen Kikaida.

A young addition to the TOEI talent stable, the bulk of his acting career took place during the "Second Kaiju Boom" that occurred on Japanese television programs from 1971 (Showa 46) to 1974 (Showa 49), also known as the "Henshin Boom".

In 1971, Kamiya made his acting debut with NHK'S period drama TENKAGOMEN (CHOSEN BY HEAVEN), before becoming a series regular the following year in the ground-breaking JINZOU NINGEN KIKAIDA

In JINZOU NINGEN KIKAIDA, Kamiya's character Masaru's first line introduces him as having lived alone in his family's home for months, while his sister and father were working for Professor Gil.

ら いげつ は ほんとう に かえって くるん だろう な、 ねえーさん が ついて いるから とう さん の からだ は だいじょうぶ だと おもう けど。 

("Raigetsu ha hontou ni kaette kurun darou na, nee-san ga tsuite irukara tou san no karada ha daijoubu dato omou kedo.")

Regularly seen in tokusatsu of the era, Kamiya once again hit the spotlight as the lead in 1977's DAITETSUJIN 17.

Like many child actors, Kamiya was small for his age, which helped him get roles. As an adult, he grew to 169cm (5'6") in height, weighing 56kg (123lbs). Kamiya's interest in filmmaking shifted toward behind the camera, where he began working as a producer and in various aspects of the business, still working in smaller acting gigs.

For this scene from episode 4 of KIKAIDA, BanDaisuke jumped off a boat and was injured in real life

During KIKAIDA, Kamiya Masahiro formed a strong bond with Ban Daisuke, and the friendship continues to this day. During the filming of this show, he had a traumatic experience of seeing his good friend suffering a head injury, and had to be calmed down with passion fruit juice. After realising his friend would be alright, he was able to continue filming. 

"We were a family"

"We were a family", said Kamiya of KIKAIDA. "Sometimes they would hide the monster of the week from me until it was time to film, to get a natural reaction of fear", he reminisced in 2001. "It worked, even if some of the designs look like costumes, they were big and [the director] got the performance out of me. My fear was real, but so was my bravery, and I think this made me believable as Masaru."

Main Tokusatsu Appearances:


BAROM-1 - Episode 10 - "Earthquake Magical Mogulge" 

ULTRAMAN ACE - Episode 12 - "Cactus Hell's Red Flower", Saburo's friend (Uncredited) 

JINZOU NINGEN KIKAIDA - Series main cast, Komyoji Masaru 1973

KAMEN RIDER - Episode 74 - Suicide Blood Battle of Death !! Rider Shonentai


DENJIN ZABOGA - Series regular - Nitta Hiroshi


KAMEN RIDER STRONGER - Episode 16-  "Vampire Bubonger Devil's Present!" - Hiroshi, also Episode 29 "Witch Monster Kate Blood's Curse!" - Muneo

Kamiya Masahiro in Kamen Rider Stronger



SPACE IRONMAN KYODYNE - Episode 25 - "Ice Hell !! Frozen Monster of Fear!" - Akira Nomura, Episode 46 - "Skyzel Destruction Command" (1977) - Kazutaro 

CHOUJIN BIBYUN  - (AKUMAIZER 3 Sequel) Episode 19 - "Friends become weak worms?" Sammy Ganbare

DAI TETSUJIN 17 - Series lead, Minami Saburo


KAMEN RIDER SUPER 1 - Episode "Sucking in Man! Fear of the Spray Monster" - Youth Inhaled by Spray


SPACE SHERIFF SHAIDER - 5th episode "Suddenly lazy thing"- High School student 

BIOMAN - 29th episode "The day Tokyo disappears!" - Security Guard Michio


SPECIAL ORDER RESCUE SOLBRAIN - Episode 51 - Special Savior and Dissolution Command! - Reporter 

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION EXCEDRAFT - Episode 26 - "A Rush to Tomorrow!" - Policeman

Tokusatsu characters played by Kamiya, Masahiro:


1973 - Jumping Out, Mechanical Man Kikaidą - Komyoji, Masaru

Kamiya, Masahiro 2001
Kamiya, Masahiro (2001)

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