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Kikaida 01 riding his Doublemachine

"Where evil lurks, I will come! Where evil appears, I will be! I am the Champion of Justice, Kikaida 01!" -- Ichiro's introductory speech.

KikaidÓ Zero Wan originally aired in Japan, May 12, 1973 - March 30, 1974 (in the same time slot as the original series had been aired). Although it began just one week after Jinzo Ningen Kikaida it was supposed to take place 3 years after the defeat of the Dark Destruction Corps.

Series created by Ishimori, Shotaro & Hirayama, T˘ru
Music by Watanabe, Michiaki 

Character Actor/Actress
Ichiro Ikeda, Shunsuke
Kikaida 01 Mitsuhashi, Yukio
Gill Hakaida (voice) ╬zuka, Sh˘z˘
Blue Hakaida (voice) Wakui, Setsuo
Red Hakaida (voice) Omiya, Teiji
Silver Hakaida (voice) Aomori, Shin
Akira Yoshihide, Goto
Rieko Sumidai, Kazuyo
Momochi, Gunta Kuri, Minoru
Jiro Ban, Daisuke
Shadow Knight (voice) [episodes 8-16, 20-22] Imanishi, Masao
Shadow Knight (voice) [episodes 17-19] Kiyokawa, Motomu
Shadow Knight (voice) [episodes 23-27] Watanabe, Takeshi
Big Shadow Yana, Nobuo
Misao Hijiri, Matsumoto
Hiroshi Ishii, Kiyotaka
Zadam (voice) Suzuki, Taimei & Hosoi, Masao
Mari Shihomi, Etsuko
Bijinda (voice) Kogawa, Saiko
Waruda (voice) Watanabe, Takeshi
Narrator Okabe, MasÔki

Hakaida Squad

In this series Kikaida's "older brother", Kikaida 01 fights, first the Hakaida Squad (formed by surviving members of the Dark Destruction Corps) and later the Shadow Organization.

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The Episodes

For the first few episodes Kikaida 01 was slightly less formularized than Kikaida. Kikaida 01 doesn't destroy a monster at the end of each episode, in fact there are no monsters (apart from the 4 Hakaidas) until the fourth episode. The second episode ends with Kikaida 01 damaged and in danger (a cliff hanger).

Gill Hakaida and Ichiro

Kikaida 01's greatest enemy was a new Hakaida, this one with Professor Gill's brain, instead of Doctor Komyoji's. Gill Hakaida was given stars to indicate his new rank. 01 not only had to fight Gill Hakaida (aka Boss Hakaida), but also three other versions, Blue, Red and Silver, who together formed The Hakaida Squad.

Ichiro and Jiro Kikaida 01 and Kikaida

Sometimes Kikaida 01 would need some assistance, then he would be joined by his younger brother, Kikaida. There were forty-six Kikaida 01 episodes. Kikaida joins the show in episode 3. In episode 5 Gill Hakaida puts on Professor Gill's black cape and plays the flute, to torment Jiro. In episode 6 the flute is destroyed. Jiro/Kikaida eventually leaves the series (probably because Ban, Daisuke got the staring role in Inazuman). Kikaida is in episodes 3 through 9, 11, 12, 14 through 20, 25, 26 and 46 (the last episode). My favorite is episode 14, because he actually uses Double Chop and Giant Swing Throw, good to see those again. In episode 15 he uses Spinning Attack. Ichiro and Jiro could transform together using "Double Change".

Ichiro vs Shadow Knight

After destroying the Hakaida Squad, 01 has to battle an even more dangerous foe, the Shadow organization. This evil group plans to murder 10 million people, 1 out of every 10 Japanense. Each victim is chosen by a computer given the name Black Satan. This computer picks men, women and children. The mysterious Big Shadow restored Gill Hakaida, who pretends to serve the Shadow but really just wants to destroy 01.

Akira & Hiroshi

A major portion of the plot of Kikaida was the search for Dr. Komyoji, by both his family, and the Dark Demolitiion Corps, in Kikaida 01, The Hakdaida Squad, and The Shadow were both after two young boys, Akira and Hiroshi, because each has part of the plans for the Giant Devil robot printed on his back with invisible ink.

Kikaida 01

Kikaida 01's Combat Techniques

Zero Wan Katto (01 Cut) - single handed karate chop. Often used to decapitate Shadowmen and Androbots.
Zero Wan Doraibaa (01 Driver) - he'd put his arms above his head and fly through the air while spinning around really fast, sort of like a flying electric screwdriver, knocking bad guys aside and punching them.
Burasto Endo (Blast End) - he'd jump up in the air and move his hands across his face. (The opposite of the way Kikaida moved his for Denji Endo. Instead of moving from the outside in, Kikiada-01's hands moved from the inside outwards.) Then white cracks would appear across the screen, and the monster was history! First used in the fourth episode against Silver Hakaida's shrimp form. In later episodes a white beam would come out of his hands.
Zero Wan Kikku (01 Kick) - flying kick a lot like the Kamen Riders'. Introduced in episode 16.
Burasto Endo Flash (Blast End Flash) - Blast End three times rapidly, used in episode 20.
01 Fire - sparks come out of his fingers, used in episode 32.
Burasto Attaku (Blast Attack) - weaker version of Blast End, used in episode 38.
Burasto Power (Blast Power) - waves of energy shoot out of his hands, used in episode 39.

In episode 18 Kikaida & Kikaida 01 link together,
to use Double Brother Power - two white bolts shoot out of their hands.

01 can link with Bijinda to use Blast Laser (episode 39),
or with Kikaida and Bijinda to use Kikaida Triple Circle Power (episode 46).

(These linked attacks are dangerous. The energy generated is more
than enough to destroy our heroes if they don't release it fast enough.)

Kikaida brothers

Kikaida 01 was twice as strong as Kikaida, could jump 20 meters (aprox. 65 feet), could run 100 meters (328 feet) in 5 seconds and could fly at 800 kilometers (aprox. 497 miles) per hour.

binocular eyes

01 could adjust his eyes in order to see far away objects.


Kikaida 01 and Doublemachine

Like Kikaida, Kikaida 01 drove a motorcycle with a sidecar, the Doublemachine. The Doublemachine had three rocket jets (one on motorcycle, two on sidecar), flames would shoot out of them when Doublemachine was at top speed.

Like Kikaida's Sidemachine, Doublemachine could fly.

Sidemachine and Doublemachine

Doublemachine did not become a normal motorcycle when 01 became Ichiro. And in this series Jiro drives Sidemachine. Like Sidemachine, Doublemachine could drive itself. In episode 9 Doublemachine and Sidemachine both drive on water. Doublemachine's license plate number was 0001.

 Momochi, Gunta

Just as Kikaida had comic relief, through the bumbling detective Hattori, Hanpei; Kikaida 01 had the inept photographer Momochi, Gunta. Some children called him "Gumbo". In one episode he takes all these wonderful photos of the Hakaida Squad and Kikaida 01 only to discover later that he hadn't put any film in the camera. Momochi, Gunta appears in episodes 1 through 13, 16 and 19. Gunta claims to be a descendant of the ninja Momochi, Sanjayu. Gunta wasn't in the series long enough to be developed as a character, unlike Hanpei he never does anything brave.


Hattori, Hanpei (Ueda, Shun) appears in episodes 36 and very briefly in episode 37, in which he wears a guitar like Jiro and a harp like Bijinda.

Before there were the television shows, there was the Kikaida comic.

Kikaida 01

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Kikaida 01 and Kikada actors
Ikeda Shunsuke (Ichiro/Kikaida 01)
and Ban Daisuke (Jiro/Kikaida) in 1997

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