From June of 1973 through January of 1976 my family lived in Honolulu, Hawaii. I was 9 when we arrived, almost 12 when we left. Like many children, in Hawaii, I was a fan of Japanese superheroes, particularly Kikaida. This is my small tribute to that tv series.

Jinzo Ningen Kikaida

Jinzo Ningen KikaidÓ originally aired in Japan July 8, 1972 - May 5, 1973.

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Robotics expert Doctor Komyoji abducted and forced to work for the insane Professor Gill's Dark Destruction Corps (Daaku Hakai Butai), secretly creates the Mechanical Man Kikaida (Jinzo Ningen KikaidÓ) to destroy the Dark. When Professor Gill sends out his androids and robotic monsters to terrorize the people of Japan the young man Jiro appears, transforms into Kikaida and puts an end to the Professor's evil schemes.

Cast List

following Japanese custom names are listed family name first

Series created by Ishimori, Shotaro & Hirayama, T˘ru
Produced by Miyazaki Shin'ichi
Music by Watanabe, Michiaki

Character Actor/Actress
Jiro Ban, Daisuke
Jiro stunt double Oba, Kenji
Kikaida Kikuchi, Toshiaki
Jiro/Kikaida motorcycle stunts Kenzo, Mumomachi
Doctor Komyoji Izu, Hajime
Komyoji, Mitsuko Mizunoe, Jun
Komyoji, Masaru Kamiya, Masahiro
Professor Gill And˘, Mitsuo
Hattori, Hanpei Ueda, Shun
Saburo/Hakaida Mayama, Juji
Hakaida (voice) ╬zuka, Sh˘z˘
Narrator Okabe, MasÔki
from Tokusatsu File 6: Kikaider Version 1.1 96.1.28
ę 1996 Amritavira Trailokya miyake@Hawaii.Edu


The episode titles, translations by InfraMan

  1.    07-08-1972    The Horrible Grey Rhino King Is Hell's Messenger
  2.    07-15-1972    The Bizarre Green Mantis Is A Killer
  3.    07-29-1972    The Cursed Orange Ant's Challenge Of Death
  4.    08-05-1972    The Evil Blue Buffalo Sets A Trap
  5.    08-12-1972    The Yellow Jaguar's Evil Hand Closes In
  6.    08-19-1972    The Black Horse Waits At The Execution Ground
  7.    08-26-1972    The Monster Blue Bulldog's On A Rampage
  8.    09-02-1972    The Carmine Spider Ominously Laughs
  9.    09-09-1972    The Hour Of Death! Phantom Bird Red Condor
10.    09-16-1972    Scorpion Brown Maddened By The Human Bombs
11.    09-23-1972    Gold Wolf Howls In Hell
12.    09-30-1972    The Ruthless Sorceress Silver Cat
13.    10-07-1972    Pink Tiger's Amusement Park Assault
14.    10-14-1972    The Great Demon Silver Tortoise Summons Three Monsters
15.    10-21-1972    Golden Bat Sorcery At Work
16.    10-28-1972    The Lady Red, Jellyfish, Calls To The River Styx
17.    11-04-1972    Red Hornet The Horrible Hostage Plan
18.    11-11-1972    Black Chameleon The Phantasmic Big Heist Maneuver
19.    11-18-1972    The Death Beast Helmet Crab Rouge Pays A Visit!
20.    11-25-1972    The Cruel Green Waterbug's Poison Project
21.    12-02-1972    Savage! The Poison Fangs Of Purple Rat
22.    12-09-1972    White Saw Shark The Twelve Nightmarish Hours
23.    12-16-1972    A Meet With The Yellow Ant Lion Brothers Three
24.    12-23-1972    A She-Devil?? Peach Armadillo
25.    12-30-1972    Bitter Orange Snail The Killing Flute
26.    01-06-1973    Emerald Green Mammoth Global Freezing Plan
27.    01-13-1973    The Violet Top Shell's Evil Passion
28.    01-20-1973    Making Babies Cry Red Devil Tigerfish
29.    01-27-1973    Sponge Green Lives Thrice
30.    02-03-1973    Madder Red Squid Targets The Pretty Girl Scholar
31.    02-10-1973    Calling for Jiro's Death Octopus Gold
32.    02-17-1973    Blue Electric Eel The Evil Hands Glisten!
33.    02-24-1973    The Diabolical Devil-Face Crab Red's Magic Commandment
34.    03-03-1973    The Monster With Child In Tow Black Porcupine
35.    03-10-1973    Jiro Death Of The Electromagnetic End
         03-17-1973    Jumping Out, Mechanical Man Kikaida - 3D movie
36.    03-17-1973    The Crazed Jiro Attacks Komyoji
37.    03-24-1973    Jiro's Younger Brother The Formidable Foe Hakaida!!
38.    03-31-1973    Hakaida Eliminates Jiro!
39.    04-07-1973    Father's Enemy, Jiro Nations Most Wanted
40.    04-14-1973    Crisis Jiro! The Operations Full Shutdown!!
41.    04-21-1973    Magnificence The Jiro Mid Air Break Up!
42.    04-28-1973    Henshin Disabled!? The Hakaida Great Revolt!
43.    05-05-1973    Jiro's End Or Dark's Destruction?!

The Dark Destruction Corps

The forty-five Dark Destruction Corps monsters (plus Hakaida)
and the episodes they appear in. Translations by InfraMan

Gray Rhino King           1, 14, movie
Green Mantis           2, 14
Orange Ant           3, 14
Blue Buffalo           4, 14, movie
Yellow Jaguar           5, 14
Black Horse           6, 14, movie
Blues Kong           7, 14, movie
Carmine Spider           8, 14
Red Condor           9, 14
Scorpion Brown         10, 14
Gold Wolf         11, 14, 25
Silver Cat         12, 14, movie
Pink Tiger         13, 14, 25
Silver Tortoise         14, movie
Golden Bat         15
Lady Lipstick-Red Jellyfish         16
Red Hornet         17, movie
Black Chameleon         18, 25, movie
Helmet Crab Rouge         19, 33
Green Waterbug         20
Purple Rat         21
White Saw Shark         22, movie
The Yellow Ant Lion Brothers Three         23, movie
Peach Armadillo         24
Bitter Orange Snail         25, movie
Emerald Green Mammoth         25, 26
Violet Top Shell         27
Red Devil Tigerfish         27, 28, movie
Sponge Green         27, 28, 29, movie
Madder Red Squid         30, movie
Octopus Gold         31, movie
Blue Electric Eel         31, 32, movie
Devil-Face Crab Red         33, movie
Black Porcupine & Young Porcupine         34, movie
Black Crow         35
Multi-Colored Sand Lizard         movie
Stag Beetle Blue         36
Starfish Purple         36, 37, 38
Hakaida         37-42
Angler Brown         39
Katydid Gray         40
Red Mine Toad         41, 42
White Bone Flying Squirrel         42, 43

Of course those androids appear in every episode.


Kikaida's Combat Techniques

Daburu Choppu (Double Chop) - two handed karate chop, which often severed a limb. Most monsters got hit with this twice, Blues Kong three times, once by Jiro.
Dai Sharin Nage (Giant Swing Throw) - Kikaida grabs hold of the monster, lifts if up over his shoulder into the air, and spins several times, finaly tossing the monster, hard, onto the ground. (Hard to describe accurately, you have to see it). In some cases he simply tosses the monster spinning into the air.
Denji Endo (Electromagnetic End) - crosses his arms over his chest, jumps into the air, shouts "Denji Endo", moves crossed arms out towards the monster, an electricomagnetic charge fries the robotic monster's circuitry. The screen cracks. The monster explodes. In the first episode Kikaida clearly says "The End", changing to "Denji Endo" in second episode.
Kaiten Attaku (Spinning Attack) - throws himself at the monster (knocking it down) then punches it repeatedly.
Kikaida Kikku (Kikaida Kick) - powerful kick that causes sparks to fly from the monster. First used against Black Crow in episode 35.
Kikaida Nage (Kikaida Throw) - throws monster straight up into the air. Used only once, against Black Crow in episode 35.
Kikaida Supaaku (Kikaida Spark) - powerful white beam. Used only once, against Black Crow in episode 35.
Ginga Hariken (Milky Way Hurricane) - flies around enemy, hitting him repeatedly. First used against Hakaida in episode 39.

Kikaida's Other Special Powers

Rockets in his feet which allow him to jump great distances and even to fly.

lifting car
The strength to lift objects weighing thousands of pounds.

Light beams which can expose disguised Dark Destruction Corps monsters.

Kikaida front Kikaida backKikaida righ sideKikaida left side
Kikaida was 190 centimeters tall (approx. 6' 3") and weighed 80 kilograms (approx. 176 lbs)


Kikaida and Sidemachine

Kikaida uses his Sidemachine, motorcycle, with sidecar, as a weapon, attempting to run down the Dark Destruction Corp androids and robotic monsters. Sidemachine's top speed is 500 km/h (approx. 310 mph).

flying Sidemachine

Sidemachine can fly and drive on water (Kikaida 01 episode 9).

Sidemachine's drill

In episode 17 a rotating blade comes out of the sidecar wheel to tear up the tire on a truck being driven by Black Chameleon.

The sidecar is useful in carrying people Kikaida has rescued. Sidemachine's license plate number is 0010.


Jiro on Sidecar

Jiro's motorcycle, Sidecar, has the sidecar on the opposite side of Sidemachine. In episode 2 Jiro flips a couple switches which causes the Sidecar to drive itself so he can jump off it, Masaru was a passanger. In episodess 37 & 43 Jiro whistles and Sidecar comes to him.


The Songs

Cast/Staff Birthdays

Kikaida Trivia

My Drawings

Other Fan Tributes To Kikaida

After Kikaida defeated the Dark Destruction Corps a new evil arose,
to be confronted by Kikaida's older brother, Kikaida 01.


Before there were the television shows, there was the Kikaida comic.

"Jinzo Ningen Kikaida - The Animation" was introduced, in Japan, 0n October 16, 2000.

"Kikaider Reboot: Kikaider The Ultimate Human Robot" was introduced in Japan on May 24, 2014.
On October 10, 2014 it was shown in Hawaii to celebrate 40 years of Kikaida in Hawaii.
(warning page contains spoilers, including how it ends)
The film is available in the US through JN Production's "Generation Kikaida" store and on Amazon.

Kikaida - The End

(for first two episodes turn on CC for English subtitles. rest are not subtitled)

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