Kikaida 01 - The Animation

This sequel to Jinzo Ningen Kikaida The Animation is a lot shorter at only 4 episodes long, but those episodes are action packed. The music for this series used a full orchestra and is very dramatic.

Kikaida 01 The Animation

Original Japanese Cast:

Jiro/Kikaida: Seki, Tomokazu
Reiko: Ohara, Sayaka
Akira: Akita, Madoka
Ichiro/Kikaida 01: Morikub˘, Sh˘taro
Mieko/Bijinda: Horie, Mitsuko
Gill Hakaida: Okawa, Shinji
Shadow Knight: Watanabe, Takeshi
Red Hakaida: Yagaki, Hidenari
Silver Hakaida: T˘chika, Koichi
Blue Hakaida: Suzuki, Takuma
Futen Ohsh˘: Nagai, Ichiro
Rei/Kikaida-00: In˘e, Kazuhiko

Watanabe, Takashi was the voice of Shadow Knight (episodes 23-27) and Waruda (episodes 37-45) in the live action series.

Ichiro and Kikaida 01

Jiro receives a signal which leads him to a temple where his "brother" Ichiro/Kikaida 01 has been stored. In the live action series 01 had a complete conscious circuit, in this animation he does not have a conscious circuit at all, and at first is indifferent towards the Shadow's harming of humans, he just enjoys fighting other machines.

Kikaida 01, Kikaida, Bijinda, Kikaida-00

Later Kikaida and Kikaida 01 will meet Kikaida-00 (Oh-Oh). 00 can "Grow Up", causing guns to pop out all over his body.

KikaidaIchiro and JiroIchiro and ReiReiko and Akira

The three Kikaidas have to protect Akira, the son of Professor Gill, and his guardian, Reiko

Shadow KnightHakaida SquadSilver Hakaida vs Kikaida 01Gill HakaidaGill Hakaida

from the Shadow and 4 Hakaidas. Zadam appears briefly but is never given the name.

Armageddon Android

Both groups want Akira because the Armageddon Android (Giant Devil Robot in live action series) does not function properly without him.

Shadow Knight

The Shadow appears to be led Shadow Knight.

Bijinda vs KikaidaBijindaMieko

The most dangerous Shadow agent is the female android, Bijinda (Horie, Mitsuko).


In the live action series Bijinda's human form is Mari, in the animation she's Mieko.


There is some mysterious relationship between Mieko and Akira's guardian Rieko.


Kikaida-00 was made by Dr. Komyoji's old teacher, Futen, using Komyoji's equipment.

The Episodes:

1. Jiro Meets Ichiro
2. Beautiful Enemy
3. Gill Rises Again
4. The Fate of Pinocchio

In Japan a special fifth episode was released on DVD in 2002: "The Boy Who Carried a Guitar: Kikaida vs. Inazuman" (Guitar wo Motta Sh˘nen - Kikaida tai Inazuman) in which Jiro meets a high school student with psionic powers and the ability to transform into the mutant warrior Inazuman. This episode does not feature 01 or 00.

Shadow Knight, Kikaida, Kikaida 01Ichiro, Jiro, Mieko

Major differences between this animation series and the original live action Kikaida 01:

(1) Live action Ichiro/Kikaida 01 had a complete conscious circuit, animation version has NO concscious circuit, so although 01 is the "older brother" 01 actually behaives more childishly than Kikaida. At first 01 is self-centered, has no feelings for humans, only fights the Shadow robots and four Hakaidas because it's "fun".

(2) Live action 01 solar powered, Ichiro could not transform in the dark. Animation 01 can function at night but requires sunlight to recharge.

(3) Live action 01 had "01 Cut", "01 Driver" and "Blast End", animation has a machine gun inside one hand and ultimate weapon is "Sunrise Beam".

(4) Live action Gill Hakaida had own personality, animation version is merly Professor Gill with a robotic body.

(5) In live action series Professor Gill had two son, Hiroshi and Akira. Animation Professor Gill has only the one son, Akira.

(6) Animation includes the third Kikaida "brother" Kikaida-00 (oh-oh), human form Rei (Zero).

English Dubbed Version Cast:

Jiro/Kikaida: Dave Wittenburg
Reiko: Peggy O'Neal
Akira: Brianne Siddall
Ichiro/Kikaida 01: Derek Steven Prince
Mieko/Bijinda: Wendee Lee
Gill Hakaida: Michael Gregory
Red Hakaider: Skip Stellrecht
Silver Hakaider: Eddie Frierson
Blue Hakaider: Steve McGowan
Shadow Knight: Bob Papenbrook
Zaddam: Peter Spellos

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