J.A.K.Q. Dengeki Tai

April 2, 1977 through December 24, 1977, 35 episodes and 1 movie

Heart Queen, Spade Ace, Big One, Dia Jack, Clover Kings

J.A.K.Q. Dengeki Tai (J.A.K.Q. Lightning Strike Team) was created by Ishimori, Shotaro, produced by Hirayama,T˘ru, written by Uehara, Shouzou and featured music composed by Watanabe,Michiaki.

Daichi, Bunta; Karen Mizuki; Joker; Sakurai, Gor˘; Higashi, Ryuu Karen Mizuki; Sakurai, Gor˘; Banba, S˘kichi; Higashi, Ryuu; Daichi, Bunta

The Cast

Character Actor/Actress
Sakurai, Gor˘ Tanba, Yoshitaka
Spade Ace Haruta, Misao & Okamoto, Yoshinori
Higashi, Ryuu Ito, Tairayama
Dia Jack Suzuki, Hiromichi
Daichi, Bunta Kazato, Ken
Clover King Koga, Hirohumi
Karen Mizuki Mitchi Love
Heart Queen Yokoyama, Minoru
Joker [episodes 1-23, 35] Tanaka, Hiroshi
Iron Claw/Warrior Ironclaw Ishibashi, Masashi
Banba, S˘kichi [episodes 23-35] Miyauchi, Hiroshi
Big One [episodes 23-35] Okamoto, Yoshinori & Haruta, Misao
Shine (voice) [episodes 23-35] Yoda, Eisuke [episodes 23-35]
Narrator ďhira, T˘ru

The Heroes

Commander Kujirai Joker

J.A.K.Q. Lightning Strike Team is created by Commander Kujirai, Daisuke a member of the International Science Special Investigation Squad (ISSIS), to fight the international terrorist organization CRIME. As commander of J.A.K.Q. Lightning Strike Team he used the code name "Joker".

poker cardspoker cards

The original four J.A.K.Q. Lightning Strike Team members are based on poker cards, Jack of Diamonds, Ace of Spades, King of Clubs (Clover), Queen of Hearts.

Joker CapsulesJoker Capsules

The original four J.A.K.Q. Lightning Strike Team members are cyborgs who have to be powered up by placing themselves inside "Joker Capsules" which provide each with their specific energy.


Banba, S˘kichi does not need a Joker Capsule, he has the power to transform within himself.

Sakurai, Gor˘ Sakurai, Gor˘

Sakurai, Gor˘ (Spade Ace) was an Olympic medal winner training for another Olympics. He originally refused to join but after witnessing CRIME's attack on Karen Mizuki he accepted cybernetic surgery to become the J.A.K.Q. Lightning Strike Team field commander.

Higashi, Ryuu˘Higashi, Ryuu˘

Higashi, Ryuu˘ (Dia Jack) was a winning boxer who refused to fix fights and so was framed for murder in Las Vegas. He was returned to Japan in handcuffs. He willingily became a cyborg in order to fight CRIME, the organization which had framed him.

Karen MizukiKaren Mizuki

Karen Mizuki (Heart Queen) was a police officer. She discovered that CRIME was involved in the smuggling of narcotics. In attempt to silence her, CRIME agents used a truck to ram the car Karen and her father were riding in. Her father was killed and Karen lost both her arms. She agreed to be transformed into a cyborg in order to avenger herself and her father against CRIME.

Daichi, BuntaDaichi, Bunta

Daichi, Bunta (Clover King) was an oceanographer. He was killed in a deepsea diving accident. He was brought back to life as a cyborg.


Spade Ace (Sakurai, Gor˘) is atomic powered, his weapon is the Spade Arts bow and whip. He's the team leader and primary pilot of Sky Ace. Dia Jack (Higashi, Ryuu) is powered by electricity. His weapon is the Electricsword. He's secondary pilot of Sky Ace. Clover King (Daichi, Bunta) is powered by gravity. His weapon is the Megaton Club. Heart Queen (Karen Mizuki) is powerd by magnetism. Her weapon is called Heartcute. As they work together a romance grows between Sakurai, Gor˘ and Karen Mizuki.

JAKQ Kovak

For the first 22 episodes JAKQ destroys the monsters with "JAKQ Kovak" over loading the monsters with atomic, electric, gravitational and magnetic energies.

Banba, S˘kichi

Before leaving for ISSIS headquarters in New York (episode 23) Joker puts JAKQ Operations Leader Banba, S˘kichi in charge of things in Japan. Banba, S˘kichi becomes Big One. Joker returns to Japan for the last episode of the series and for the "J.A.K.Q. Lightning Strike Team vs. Goranger" movie.

Big One

Big One (Banba, S˘kichi) is powered by all four energy sources, atomic, electric, gravitical and magnetic. His weapon is a the Big Baton. Banba, S˘kichi is a master of disguise and does not need a Joker Capsule to transform into Big One. In "Hundred Beast Task Force Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai" [Hyakujű Sentai GaorenjÔ tai Suppa Sentai] (August 10, 2001) Big One gains the killing move "Big Finish".

JAKQ using Big Bomber

Starting with episode 23 the monsters are destroyed using "Big Bomber" a cannon each member provides a piece of, the shell being provided by Big One.

Big One: "Big Bomber!" - voice coming out of nowhere
JAKQ: "Big Bomber!"
Dia Jack: "Set one."
Clover King: "Set two."
Heart Queen: "Set three."
Spade Ace: "Let's combine. Set on."
JAKQ: "Big One!" - he appears after their summons
Big One: "JAKQ's strongest weapon Big Bomber!"

The Vehicles

Auto Clover, Heart Buggy, Spade Machine, Mach Dia

Each of the J.A.K.Q. team (except for Big One) has their own vehicle. Clover King rides a motorcycle called Auto Clover. Heart Queen drives Heart Buggy. Spade Ace's car is called Spade Machine. And Dia Jack drives a race car called Mach Dia.

Jack Tank

The team also has an armed assault vehicle called Jack Tank. It can carry Joker Capsules.

Sky AceSky Ace

J.A.K.Q.'s aircraft is Sky Ace. Most of the time either Spade Ace or Dia Jack pilots it. Sky Ace carries 4 Joker Capsules.

Sky AceSky Ace

Sky Ace is armed with Sky Missiles fired from the bottom of the ship and the Sky Rocket fired from the top. The rocket is powerful enough to destroy several of CRIME's Devil Sharks at once.


ISSIS Agents ISSIS Soldiers

JAKQ was assisted by female ISSIS Agents 7, 8, 9 and 10. They report sitings of CRIME and can if neccesary pilot Sky Ace. There are also male soldiers but their main function in the series is to get killed by CRIME.

ISSIS Hamster Hime, Tamasabur˘

Joker had a pet hamster, that was actually a cyborg. It could talk. Episode 23 introduces the inept ISSIS agent Hime, Tamasabur˘. He pretends to be a cook but he isn't even good at that.

The Villains

Iron Claw Warrior Iron Claw

J.A.K.Q. Lightning Strike Team battles the international criminal organization CRIME, lead by Iron Claw (Ishibashi, Masashi). Iron Claw is a master of disguise and can transform into the silver-faced Warrior Iron Claw.


The Episodes

  1.  04/02/1977  Four Cards!! The Trump Card is JAKQ
  2.  04/09/1977  Two-Ten-Jack!! The Secret Factory is Shocking
  3.  04/16/1977  Five Flashes!! Bark, Panther
  4.  04/23/1977  One Joker!! The Perfect Crime's Assassin
  5.  04/30/1977  Three Snaps!! The Ballad of Betrayal
  6.  05/07/1977  Nine Pokers!! The Beautiful Woman's Trap
  7.  05/14/1977  Eight Supercars!! 300 Km/h Speed
  8.  05/21/1977  Six Targets!! The Exploding Flower
  9.  05/28/1977  Seven Straight!! Hell's Sure-Kill Fist
10.  06/11/1977  Eleven Collections!! Invitation to Happiness
11.  06/18/1977  Thirteen Jackpots!! Burn! Friendship's Fire
12.  06/25/1977  Ten Pyramids!! Maze of the Golden Mask
13.  07/02/1977  Blue Key Quiz!! The Closet Murder Incident
14.  07/09/1977  All Supercars!! Fierce!! The Great Rush!!
15.  07/16/1977  Crimson Occult!! Vampire Ghost Story
16.  07/23/1977  The Black Baseball!! The Attacking Demonic Sphere
17.  08/06/1977  Black Devil Moon!! Ghost Story of the Hellish House
18.  08/13/1977  Blue Whirlpool Tide!! The Secret Spy's Face
19.  08/20/1977  Crimson Big Adventure!! Exterminating Demons in the Bottomless Demon Realm
20.  08/27/1977  Messenger of Darkness!! The Transparent Monster Runs in the Dark
21.  09/03/1977  Rose-Colored Age of Baseball!! CRIME's Heavy Hitter
22.  09/10/1977  Red Big Reversal!! Attack the Suicide-Bomb Corps


23.  10/01/1977  The White Superhuman! Big One
24.  10/08/1977  Demon? Angel? The Mysterious Whistle-Blowing Man
25.  10/15/1977  Victory? Death?!! The Demon General and the Mechanized Corps
26.  10/22/1977  An Invader?!! The Enigmatic Space Pirate Ship
27.  10/29/1977  The Dictator's Ambition!! Break Through! The Internment Camp of Death
28.  11/05/1977  My Secret! The Space Creature in the Pocket
29.  11/12/1977  Let's Go, Seven Apparitions! The Iron Claw Versus Big One
30.  11/19/1977  The Death-Calling Code! Fatally Poisonous Cobra Twist
31.  11/26/1977  Red Impact! The Spy is an Elementary School Fourth-Grader
32.  12/03/1977  Which One is This!? Big One in Danger
33.  12/10/1977  The Shock Team is Destroyed!? CRIME's Cooking Class
34.  12/17/1977  Disappearance! CRIME's Fortress Island
35.  12/24/1977  Huge Victory! Farewell, JAKQ
[title translations by T.D. Myers]

On July 17, 1977 episode 7 was shown on the big screen at a Japanese film festival.

J.A.K.Q. Dengeki Tai vs. Goranger

After the series J.A.K.Q. teams up with the Gorangers to fight a reformed CRIME in the movie "J.A.K.Q. Dengeki Tai vs. Goranger" (March 18, 1978). Off camera (ie not shown in the movie) The Gorangers battle CRIME agents in Africa, Kikaida battles CRIME agents in Mongolia, Kamen Rider V3 battles CRIME agents in Europe and Kamen Rider Amazon battles CRIME in the Amazon jungle. The Gorangers return to Japan to join JAKQ in fighting CRIME on their home turf.

J.A.K.Q. Dengeki Tai

The Songs

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