Iron King

Iron King (Aian Kingu) ran from 10/08/1972 through 04/08/1973 (26 episodes)

Iron King

Opening Theme

Created by Sasaki, Mamoru

Character Actor/Actress
Shizuka, Gentaro Ishibashi, Shoji
Kirishima, Goro Hamada, Mitsuo
Iron King Kato, Hisashi
Iron King Kubota, Tetsuo
Shiranui, Taro (episodes 1-10) Hotta, Shinzo
Takamura, Yukiko (episodes 1-6) Morikawa Chieko
Phantom Gekko (episodes 10-18) Muramatsu, Katumi
Fujimoni, Noriko (episodes 19-26) Ukyo, Chiaki
Titanian #1 [voice] (episodes 18-26) Yoda, Eisuke

Shizuka, Gentaro Kirishima, Goro

AIron King (Aian Kingu) is different from most other tokusatsu series in that its the bumbling sidekick who transforms into the warrior of the series title. Also Iron King actually needs help from the human Shizuka, Gentaro to defeat his giant foes, at least to start with. The series has one other twist envolving one of the main characters which as far I know is unique.

When the Shiranui Clan (episodes 1-10) threatens the peace of Japan, the National Security Organization sends agent Shizuka, Gentaro to deal with the threat. Dr. Tsushima, creator of Iron King, sends Kirishima, Goro to take of Shizuka, Gentaro When giant monsters appear the giant water powered warrior Iron King appears to fight them. Despite the fact that Goro is constantly thirsty and Gentaro knows Iron King is steam powered and will cease to function without water, he doesn't realize his sidekick actually transforms into Iron King (until the finale episode). Shizuka, Gentaro is effcient, ruthless to his enemies and unfriendly to everyone else. Despite the occasional smile and bursting into Japanse folk songs, he is mostly, as Goro calls him, "cold" towards others. Kirishima, Goro is a bumbler, seemingly incompetent and is friendly towards everyone, even the cold hearted Gentaro; and of course always thirsty. Shizuka, Gentaro carries a weapon called "Iron Belt", a tube which with the push of a button can extend out a blade, turning into a rapier or a flexible strap, turning into a whip. Kirishima, Goro carries a canteen. Gentaro wears a black cowboy hat (five years before Hayakawa, Ken in Toei's Kaiketsu Zubat) for no particular reason. Goro wears a red hat, which is his henshin device. Goro finds ways not to be around when Iron King is needed. The first episode he hits his head and is "knocked out". Then when Gentaro isn't looking he transfroms. Every time Gentaro mentions Iron King saving the day, Goro pretends he's sorry he missed meeting Iron King. Gentaro does not seem to like his partner but then he doesn't seem to like anyone else either.

Takamura, Yukiko Takamura, Yukiko

According to Kirishima, Goro; Shizuka, Gentaro has a weakness for a pretty face, and it seems to be true when he meets this young woman who claims to be Takamura,Yukiko; a plant researcher, and allows her to follow the two of them around. He even risks his life several times to protect her, though he acts like he doesn't like her most of the time, even calling her "ugly" and "stupid". He also insults her cooking. Goro of course is always nice to her. In contrast to Shizuka, Gentaro who dresses like a cowboy, Takamura,Yukiko wears her hair and dresses like an American Indian (at least for the first 4 episodes, startng with episode 5 she unbraids her hair and wears more modern clothes). [I prefer her original look.] She carries a white guitar around (five years before Hayakawa, Ken in Toei's Kaiketsu Zubat) but Its actually Shizuka, Gentaro who plays it and sings Japanese folk songs. For the first 4 episodes he gives it back to her but at the end of episode 5 he still has it. Takamura, Yukiko is not who she pretends to be. In episode 6 its Goro who plays the guitar while Gentaro sings a last song for Yukiko. Goro leaves Yukiko's guitar at her grave. Gentaro manages to find other guitars to play and sing with throughout the remenaing episodes. For episodes 7-18 there is no regular female cast member, only guest stars who appear in one episode each. Yukiko isn't replaced full time until episode 19.

After the Shiranui Clan is defeated a new group tries to conquer Japan, the Phantom Militia (episodes 11-18). After the Phantom Militia has been dealt with yet another threat appears in the form of the alien Titanians (episodes 19-26).

Fujimoni, Noriko Dr. Tsushima

During the final story arc (episodes 19-26) Shizuka, Gentaro and Kirishima, Goro will be assigned a supervising agent Fujimoni, Noriko, they give her the nickname "Tenko", which she hates. Izu, Hajime (Dr. Komoyoji in Jinzo Ningen Kikaida) will guest star in episodes 19 & 26 as Dr. Tsushima, Iron Kings creator. Both characters are first seen at the National Security Organization headquarters (episode 19) when the Dr. Tsushima calls Gentaro and Goro back to base to inform them about the strange radio waves they've been monitoring and his fear that an alien space ship has landed in Japan, (it has). Fujimoni, Noriko is a by the book type and is assigned to be a "watch dog" over the undisciplened Gentaro and Goro who have a bad habbit of noting keeping their superiours informed of their actions. Dr. Tsushima calls Gentaro and Goro "mischievous boys". Fujimoni, Noriko carries the seven pieces of equipment which all National Security Agents are supposed to have and which Gentaro and Goro haven't bothered to take with them on missions.The only ones she's actually seen using are a gas mask, Spectrium Glasses (which show when a human is possessed by a Titanian) and, a flashlight.

Before the final battle with Titanian #1, Gentaro who finally knows Goro is Iron King, is singing, one last time, what is apparently his favorite song, a song about a man taking his bride in the morning after only knowing her one year. After the battle while Gentaro and Goro are playing around on a beech, a well earned vacation, Fujimoni, Noriko aka "Tenko" is walking along singing the same song. Gengaro and Goro make her stop before the line about the couple becomikng lovers because none of them are. But then Tenko tells them she's going to pick one of them for a husband. And they turn and flee as she gives chase..As the series ending theme song begins to play various scenes from the series are shown before cutting back to Gengaro and Goro running away, as they turn to wave goodbye the normal ending credits takes over.

Goro and Gentaro

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On November 6, 2007 BCI Eclipse released Iron King on DVD, in Japanese with English subtitles.
When BCI Eclipse went bankrupt Mill Creek Entertainment aquired their properties
and rereleased the DVD set under their logo on March 9, 2010.

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