Horie, Mitsuko
(b. March 8, 1957)

Horie, Mitsuko 2000

This is just a partial list of the Tokusatsu themes Horie, Mitsuko recorded:

1972 Kaiketsu Lion Maru

    I Am Called Saori

1975 Himitsu Sentai Gorenj‚

    Advance! Goranger (w/Sasaki, Isao and The Columbia Cradle Club)) - opening theme
    Flowery Pink Ranger
    Goranger Picture Painting Song
    Goranger Storm (w/Sasaki, Isao & Cricket '73)
    Mysterious Green Ranger (w/Sasaki, Isao & The Columbia Cradle Club)

1975 Kamen Rider Stronger

    Fight! Seven Riders (w/Mizuki, Ichiro)
    Kabutoroh Boogie (w/Mizuki Ichiro & The Columbia Cradle Club)
    My "S" Mark Shines On My Chest (w/The Columbia Cradle Club)
    Stronger Counting Song (w/Mizuki, Ichiro)
    Stronger Picture Painting Song
    There Go On! Dear Tackle (w/The Columbia Cradle Club)
    Stronger Will Fight Again Today! (w/Shimon, Masato) - ending theme episodes 1 & 2
    Stronger Will Fight Again Today! (w/Mizuki, Ichiro) - ending theme episodes 3-30
    Stronger Action (w/Mizuki Ichiro) - ending theme 31-39

1976 Ninja Kyaput‚

    Fight! Ninja Captor (w/Mizuki Ichiro & Cricket '73) - opening theme
    Go Captor Machine (w/Mizuki Ichiro & Cricket '73)
    Captor Of The Sky (w/Mizuki Ichiro & Cricket '73) - ending theme

2001 Rescue Task Force Growl Ranger vs. Super Sentai

    Super Sentai Tamachi (w/Mizuki, Ichiro) - ending theme

Video Games

1999 Super Hero Sakusen

    Super Hero Strategy (w/Mizuki Ichiro)
    Shine! Super Hero Shine! Super Hero (w/Mizuki, Ichiro)

She's also recoded the theme songs for and provided character voices in several Animes, but since I'm not an anime fan, I don 't have a list of those.

Shirakawa, Etsuko

Horie, Mitsuko was in the live action series Uchu Tetsujin Kyodain [Space Ironmen Kyodain] (1976) as Shirakawa, Etsuko a second lietuenant in the United Nations Defense Force.

Horie, Mitsuko

Horie, Mitsuko voiced Mieko and Bijinda in Kikaida 01: The Animation (2001).