Himitsu Sentai Gorenj‚

April 5, 1975 - March 26, 1977, 84 episodes and 1 movie

Created by Ishimori, Shotaro
Produced by Hirayama, Toru
Head writter Uehara, Shouzou
Music by Watanabe, Michiaki

Character Actor/Actress
Kaijo, Tsuyoshi Makoto, Naoya
Shinmei, Akira Miyauchi, Hiroshi
Oiwa, Daita Hatakeyama, Baku
Kumano, Daigoro Daruma, Jiro
Peggy Matsuyama Lisa Komaki
Asuka, Kenji Ito, Yukio
Commander Edogawa, Kenpach‚ Takahara, Toshio
Zero Zero Seven (Kato, Yoko) Kanuma, Eri
Kato, Taro Konuma, Hiroyuki
Gon (voice) Kogawa, Saiko
Black Cross President [episodes 1-55] Ando, Mitsuo
Black Cross President [episodes 56-84] Yana, Nobuo
General Sunring Mask (voice) Masuoka, Hiroshi
General Iron Mask Temujin (voice) őzuka, Shozou
General Fire Mountain Mask Magman (voice) [episodes 42-45] Yoda, Eisuke
General Fire Mountain Mask Magman (voice) [episodes 46-54] őzuka, Shouzou
Great General Golden Mask (voice) őzuka, Shouzou
Narrator [episodes 1-14] Tanaka, Nobuo
Narrator [episodes 15-84] Ouhira, Touru

Costume Actors
Akarenj‚: Niibori, Kazuo [episodes 1-60];
                Oba, Kenji [episodes 61-84]
Aorenj‚: Kawarazaki, Hirou; Nakamura, Bunya;
              Nakayashiki, Tetsuya; Yuasa, Hiroyuki [episodes 1-60];
              Okamoto, Yoshinori [episodes 61-84]
Kirenj‚: Maeda, Naotaka; Tanaka, Kousaburou; Amano, Masato;
              Ueda, Kouji [episodes 1-60];
              Takebe, Yutaka [episodes 61-84]
Momorenj‚: Naitou, Midori; Ueda, Kouji; Kurihara, Ryouji;
                    Ozawa, Shouji; Kiyouda, Maki [episodes 1-60];
                    Yokoyama, Minoru [episodes 61-84]
Midrenj‚: Bunya, Nakamura; Yukawa, Yasuo;
                Hashimoto, Haruhiko [episodes 1-60];
                Murakami, Jun [episodes 61-84]

Himitsu Sentai Gorenj‚

An international military organization EAGLE (Earth Guard League) is formed to combat the international terrorist group the Black Cross Army (Kuro JŁjigun). When five of Eagle's bases in Japan are attacked by the Black Cross five survivors, one from each base (Kantou, Touhoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido, Kansai), are choosen to form a secret taskforce, the "Gorangers" (Five Rangers).

front: Ouiwa, Daita; Zero Zero Seven; back: Asuka, Kenji; Commander Edogawa, Kenpachi; Shinmei, Akira; Kaijou, Tsuyoshi; Peggy Matsuyamafront: Peggy Matsuyama; middle: Shinmei, Akira; Kaijou, Tsuyoshi; back: Asuka, Kenji; Kumano, Daigorou

The Gorangers


Kaijou, Tsuyoshi the Akarenj‚ was first in command. He was a master of diguises. He was armed with "Red Rope" (whip), "Red Sting" (handgun), "Red Hand" ("Red Rope" with a claw) [episodes 43-84] and "New Red Rope" [68?-84]. He drove the motorcycles Red Machine [episodes 1-54] and Red Star [episodes 55-84]. He was the last to kick the ball in Goranger Storm and Hurricane.


Shinmei, Akira the Aorenj‚ was second in command. His weapon was the bows "Blue Cherry" (a pun on archery), episodes 1-42 and "Ultra Blue Cherry" [episodes 43-84]. He was the teams pilot, flying Variblune [episodes 1-42] and Varidreen [episodes 43-84]. He also drove the motorcycles Blue Machine [episodes 1-54] and Blue Star [episodes 55-84].


There were two Kirenj‚, Ouiwa, Daita [episodes 1-54, 67-84] and Kumano, Daigorou [episodes 55-67]. Ouiwa, Daita loved to eat curry rice. Kumano, Daigorou just loved to eat. Kirenj‚ was the strongest member of the team. Used the "YTC", radio which jammed the masked villains circuits and "Kisticker Pole" [episodes 43-84]. He rode in sidecars of Blue Machine [episodes 1-54] and Blue Star [episodes 68-84]. [Hatakeyama, Baku left the series to perform in a play. Daruma, Jiro was brought in as a temporary replacement, knowing that his character would be killed off so Hatakeyama, Baku could return.]


Peggy Matsuyama the Momorenj‚ was the only female member of the team. She was an explosives expert. She was armed with explosive heart shapped ear rings, "Pink Mirror" and "Pink Cards". She provide the explosives for "Goranger Storm" [episodes 1-26], "Goranger Storm New Power" [episodes 27-42] and "Goranger Hurricane" [episodes 43-84]. She rode in sidecars of Green Machine [episodes 1-54] and Green Star [episodes 55-84]. Lisa Komaki wore the "Miss Ameirca" costume in Battle Fever J (the third Sentai).


Asuka, Kenji the Midorenj‚ was the youngest member of the team. His weapons were "Greenmerang", a boomerang [episodes 1-42] and "Mido (Green) Puncher", a kind of sling-shot [episodes 43-84]. He drove the motorcyles Green Machine [episodes 1-54] and Green Star [episodes 55-84]. Itou, Yukio would later play Shiraishi Kensaku/Battle Cossack 1 in Battle Fever J [episodes 1-33].

Gorangers transform by saying "Go!" (Japanese for the number 5) while either jumping into the air or staying on the ground and spinning around. The could reverse the process by just spinning around.

Akarenj‚ flyingMomorenj‚ flying

The Gorangers could fly using rockets on their belts.

Goranger Storm Goranger Hurricane

The Gorangers destroyed the Black Cross Army kaijin with "Goranger Storm" [episodes 1-26], "Goranger Storm New Power" [episodes 27-42] and "Goranger Hurricane" [episodes 43-84]. "Goranger Storm" involved an exploding soccerball, with "new power" the ball would transform into something related to the kaijin before exploding. "Goranger Hurricane" replaced the soccer ball with a football. Momo provided the explosive balls and Aka always gave the final kick.

Green Machine, Red Machine, Blue MachineGreen Star, Red Star, Blue Star and Varitank

Printed on their motorcycles "Red Machine", "Blue Machine", "Green Machine" [episodes 1-54], "Red Star", "Blue Star" and "Green "Star" [episodes 55-84] was "Goranger". Somebody at Toei can't spell English words properly.


There were no giant robots or daikaijuu (giant monsters) in Himitsu Sentai Gorenj‚. The Gorangers did have aircrafts Variblune [episodes 1-42] and Varidreen [episodes 43-84].


Varidreen carried Varitank or Varikyun [episodes 69-84]. Varitank could burrow into the ground to destroy Black Cross Army's underground bases. Varikyun was a balloon with a motor on the bottom used to launch it from Varidreen. Varikyun was usually piloted by either Momorenj‚ or Kirenj‚.

Commander Edogawa, Kenpachi

The Gorangers commanding officer Commander Edogawa, Kenpachi disguised himself as the cook at Snack Gon, the snack shop which was the secret entrance to their headquarters. He served Ouiwa, Daita alot of curry rice.

Zero Zero SevenTaroGon

The Gorangers were assisted in their battle against The Black Cross Army by several spies (most of whom gave their lives in the line of duty). The most important agent was "Zero Zero Seven" (Katou, Youko). In later episode she often drove Varitank. Every 1970s tokusatsu series had to feature at least one child. The child in this series was Zero Zero Seven's young brother Katou, Taro. The final member of the Gorangers team was a mynah bird, Gon, whose comments usually made Ouiwa, Daita angry.

Black Cross Army

The Black Cross Army

The Black Cross Army was an international terrorist group led by Black Cross President (played by Andou, Mitsuo [Professor Gill in Jinzo Ningen Kikaida] for episodes 1-55. Under Black Cross President were generals Sunring Mask [episodes 15-20], Iron Mask Temujin [episodes 21-42], Firemountain Mask Magman [episodes 42-54] and Golden Mask [episodes 54-84]. Under the command of the generals were 81 lesser masked villains and hundreds of Zolders (the black clothed soldiers).

For the first 42 episodes The Black Cross Army had missle launchers that could come up out of the ground. They also had one-man aircraft called "Condors". For episodes 43 through 54 they had Navarone, a portable base that come up from the ground to fire upon any target. For episodes 64-84 they had Black Cross Castle, a flying fortress. Both Navorone and Black Cross Castle carried Condors. The Castle also carried larger aircraft called "Battra", which were launched against Varidreen as well as targets on the ground.

Himitsu Sentai Gorenj‚ was the first, and longest running Sentai series. It was Ishimori, Shotaro's and Toei's second longest super heroe series (after Kamen Rider, which ran for 98 episodes). Thankfully it has not be "Sabanized". There were five Goranger movies, however four were simply television episodes [6, 15, 36, 54] modified for the big screen, the fifth, "Bomb Hurricane" (July 18, 1976), was the only one actually made for the big sgreen. The Gorangers also appeared in "J.A.K.Q. Dengeki Tai vs. Goranger" (March 18, 1978), in which they joined J.A.K.Q. Dengeki Tai in defeating a revieved CRIME. In this film only Momorenj‚ is seen out of costume. The Gorangers also appeared in two made for video specials, "Future Task Force Special (2001)" and "Rescue Task Force Growl Ranger vs Super Sentai" (September 22, 2001). In the first of these two specials they appear only through scenes from their series in the second Akarenj‚ appears live at the end, the rest appear only in outtakes from their series. None appear out of costume.

The music for Himitsu Sentai Gorenj‚ was composed by Watanabe, Michiaki (best known for the music from JInzo Ningen Kikaida).

Ban, Daisuke (Jiro/Kikaida, Watari, Goro/Inazuman; Izumo, Daisuke/Fire Ninja in "Ninja Captor"; Jin, Makoto/Battle Cossack 2 in "Battle Fever J") guess stared in episode 81. Ikeda, Shunsuke (Minami, Takeshi in "Return of Ultraman", Ichiro/Kikaida-01 and the older brother "Condorman") guess stared in episode 83.


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