Faiyaman (Fireman)

January 07, 1973 - July 31, 1973, 30 episodes


Character Actor/Actress
Misaki, Daisuke Makoto, Naoya
Commander Umino Mutsumi, Goro
Mizushima, Saburo Kishida, Shin
Chiba, Hajime Hiraizumi, Sei
Hayama, Mariko Kurihara, Hiroko

Misaki, Daisuke

Deep under the Earth's surface lives the Agan, a race of people who will die if exposed to light of the sun for more than three minutes. When the surface world is attacked by aliens one of the Agan risks his life to defend it, as the giant hero Fireman. Taking on human form and using the name Misaki, Daisuke he joins the Scientific Attack Force (SAF).

Fire Stick

Misaki, Daisuke uses the Fire Stick to transfom into the giant warrior Fireman.


Fireman was Tsuburaya Productions's second best series (after Jumborg Ace), Ultraman simply cannot compare. The theme to Fireman, recorded by Shimon, Masato, is the best song from any Tsuburaya series.

Fireman vs Stegorus Fireman vs King Zaura and Muku MukuPlanetship X

The Monsters

The Songs


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