Daiyamondo Ai

Diamond Eye: Warrior of Light

October 05, 1973 - March 29, 1974 (26 episodes)

Diamond Eye

Created by Kawauchi, Kohan
Music by Iketa, Takeharu

Character Actor
Rai, Kotaru Ohama, Shiro
Diamond Eye [episodes 1-10] Noda, Keiichi
Diamond Eye [episodes 11-26] Ikemizu Michihiro
Goro Fukuda, Go
Kaboko Kurosawa, Noriko
Editor-In-Chief Hayakawa Hisano, Shiro
Gen Kai Ryuu (King Cobra) Nambara, Koji
Shugoku Mayama, Tomoko
Rankha (Princess Cobra) Sumidai, Kazuyo
Narrator Nakae, Shinji

Opening Theme

Hikari no Senshi Daiyamondo Ai was unique among tokusatsu. The title character was not a cyborg, android, alien or human in a power suit. Diamond Eye was a good spirit sent to fight evil spirits. Like one of Aladdin's genies he lived in a ring and appeared only when summoned.

On the trail of a ring of gem theives "Weekly Japan" reporter Rai, Kotaru ends up in a battle against an evil that threatens all of Asia. Kotaru follows a lead to a gem trader Gen Kai Ryuu not realising that Gen Kai Ryuu is the leader of the jewel theives (and something far worse). Kotaru is captured by the gangsters and about to executed by Gen Kai Ryuu when the "King of Arabia" blue diamond begins to glow and a voice from the gem orders Gen Kai Ryuu to stop.

Diamond Eye

A strange blue figure with diamonds for eyes comes out of the ring. He introduces himself as Diamond Eye. He breaks Kotaru's bonds and chases the gangsters into the street.

As the gangster attempt to flee Diamond Eye hits them with twin beams from his eyes. The "Inner Soul Illumination Beam" (Gedou Shoshin Reiha Kôsen)reveals that these gangsters are in reality ancient evil beasts known as "Zensei Majin". When Gen Kai Ryuu tries to escape Diamond Eye reveals him be to King Cobra (the one with snakes on his shoulders) the leader of the Zensei Majin. After using the "Inner Soul Illumination Beam" Diamond Eye then says to the Zensei Majin, "Thine true form have I seen Zensei Majin ________" (filling the blank with its name) to which the monster replies "I've been exposed!"

King Cobra's dimensional portal

Diamond Eye defeats the weaker of the Majin (the bull and horse like ones) by stabbing them with the pointy end of his Diamond Stick. King Cobra flees through a dimensional portal.

Diamond Eye

Mojinga (the one-eyed monster) is destroyed by Royal Punch a red bolt, from the Diamond Stick.

Diamond Eye has other energy weapons and hurls diamonds that explode like grenades but "Royal Punch" is his ultimate attack. Diamond Eye also has the ability to heal wounds and purge evil spirits from human bodies.

Eye Ring

Diamond Eye gives Rai, Kotaru the "Eye Ring" (which Diamond Eye actually lives in) so Kotaru can summon him when he needs help.


Kotaru summons Diamond Eye by uncovering the ring, exposing it to light while shouting "Ai yo!" If the ring is covered up, or otherwise kept in the dark then Diamond Eye won't appear. Once Diamond Eye is out of the ring he can use it to summon Rai, Kotaru to him. Diamond Eye's eyes will flash and the ring will too as Diamond Eye's voice comes through the ring saying "Kotaru".

Rai, Kotaru and Diamond Eye

And that's how battle of Rai, Kotaru and Diamond Eye against the Zensei Majin began.


Kotaru is joined on his quest against the Zensei Majin by his friends photographer Goro and Kaboko a young lady with a fondness for playing cards (she uses them as weapons). In episode 5 Goro open a coffe shop called "Thunder Snack" and Kaboko goes to work for him.

Editor-In-Chief Hayakawa

Rai, Kotaru's spending all his time batteling the Zensei Majin gets him into trouble with his boss at the "Weekly Japan" magazine, Editor-In-Chief Hayakawa.

Rankha 14-26

Rai, Kotaru is foolish when it comes to women. He falls for Rankha, who is possesed by the spirit of King Cobra's daughter. He's also complety oblivious to how Kaboko feels about him.

With one exception Rai, Kotaru's friends (and even some of his enemeis) call him by the nick name "Raikô". The friend who always addreses him as "Kotaru" is none other then Diamond Eye himself. Kotaru usually refers to Diamond Eye as just "Ai" (Eye). Gen Kai Ryuu insists on calling Kotaru by his full name "Rai, Kotaru" usually in an angry tone.

Episode Titles

Ending Theme

Gekko KamenNana Iro KamenRainbowmanCondorman

Hikari no Senshi Daiyamondo Ai was created by Kawauchi, Kôhan the creator of Gekko Kamen (1958), Nana Iro Kamen (1959), Ai no Senshi Reinbooman (1972) and Seigi no Shinboru Kondoruman (1975).

Diamond Eye's weapon

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