Gosei Sentai DairenjÔ

Gosei Sentai DairenjÔ (Five Star Task Force Dairanger)

February 19, 1993 - February 11, 1994 (50 episodes)

Gosei Sentai DairenjÔ

Toei's 17th Sentai series is a favorite among many American fans.

Hirofumi, Ishigaki; Lin, Tempusei; Ry˘, Tenkase; Sh˘ji, Tenjy˘sei; Tengensei, Daigo


Character Actor/Actress
Tenkasei, Ry˘ Keiichi, Wada
Ryuu Ranger ďfuji, Naoki
Tengensei, Daigo Nomi, Tatsuya
Shishi Ranger Kitagawa, Tsutomu
Tenjy˘sei, Sh˘ji Hamura, Ei
Tenma Ranger Sh˘ji, Hachisuka
Tenjisei, Kazu Tsuchiya, Keisuke
Kirin Ranger Hirofumi Ishigaki
Tempusei, Lin Natsuki, Takahashi
Houou Ranger Murakami, Rie
D˘shi Kaku K˘ji, Naka
Ryuusei˘ & Dairen˘ Kusaka, Hideaki
Kujaku Morishita, Masako
Gorma Emperor XV K˘da, Munemaru
Lt. Colonel Shadam Nishi, Rintar˘
Lt. Colonel Gara Amamatsuri, Y˘ko
Major Zydos Tamurao, Yen
Motoba, Jin Hirose, Takumi
K˘shinsei, K˘ Sakai, Hisashii
Kiba Ranger Watanabe, Minoru
Akomaru Shibata, Sh˘hei
Won Tiger, Kibadai˘, Daijinryuu Kusaka, Hideaki
Kameo/Daimugen (voice) Imagawa, Sugisaku
Kameo/Daimugen (voice) Naruse, Tomihisa
Narrator Miyata, Hiroshi

D˘shi Kaku

6050 years ago in China the evil Gorma Tribe tried to conquer the Dai Tribe. Five Dai Tribe members controling five magical beasts fought against Gorma. One of the five men defected to the Gorma tribe causing the defeat of the Dai Tribe. However after the war both tribes vanished. Then in 1993 the Gorma Tribe mysteriously returned and planned to conquer the modern world. D˘shi Kaku, formerly the Gorma Tribe's Master Jiaxu, brought together four young men and one young woman who possed magical powers to battle the evil Gorma Tribe. He gives these young adults the Aura Changers which allow them to "Kiryoku Tenshin Aura ChenjÔ!" (Chi-Power Transform! Aura Changer!) into the Dairangers.


Ryuu (Dragon) Ranger of the fire star (Tenkasei, Ry˘) - son of Ry˘, Ch˘ the Dai Tribe member who turned traitor. Wanted to be the best gyoza cook in Japan. Weapons/Powers: Red Dragon Fist, Red Dragon Double Dragon Swords, Heaven Fire Star Lightning Flames Destruction, Shooting Star Lightning Flash. Chi Transmitting Beast: Star Dragon (Ryuusei˘).

Shishi (Lion) Ranger of the phantom star (Tengensei, Daigo) - worked at a pet shop. Weapons/Powers: Lion Fist, Lion Staff, Heaven Phantom Star Mist Concealment. Chi Transmitting Beast: Star Lion.

Tenma (Pegasus) Ranger of the gravity star (Tenjy˘sei, Sh˘ji) - dreams of becoming a world champion boxer. Weapons/Powers: Pegasus Fist, Pegasus Nunchakus, Pegasus High Speed Spinning Kicks, Heaven Weight Star Gravity Inversion Destruction. Chi Transmitting Beast: Star Pegasus.

Kirin Ranger of the time star (Tenjisei, Kazu) - beautician. Weapons/Powers: Drunken Master Kirin Fist, Kirin Nine Section Staff, Heaven Time Star Time Reversal, Rod Arrow. Chi Transmitting Beast: Star Kirin.

Houou (Phoenix) Ranger of the wind star (Tempusei, Lin) - Master Kaku's niece. Weapons/Powers: Phoenix Fist, Spear Phoenix, Heaven Straight Line Whirlwind. Chi Transmitting Beast: Star Phoenix.

Super Chi Power Bazooka

The original five Dairangers are all armed with Dairen Rods, Star Cutters and Star Swords The Star Cutters and Star Swords are combined to produce Dai Busters. Dai Busters can be combined to form the Chi Power Bomber. Later the five Dairangers are armed with Big Wheel Blades and the Super Chi Power Bazooka.

In episode 19 the living sabre, White Tiger True Sword (Byakkoshinken), chooses a young boy to be its user and sixth Dairanger, the Kiba (Fang) Ranger.

K˘shinsei K˘ Fang Ranger

Kiba (Fang) Ranger of the howling new star (H˘shinsei, K˘) - son of Shadam and a woman of the Dai tribe. Weapons/Powers: White Tiger True Sword (Byakkoshinken), Howling New Star Chaos Echo, Fang Punch, White Tiger Bolt of Lightning Chi Transmitting Beast: Won Tiger. K˘sjinsei, K˘ transforms into the adult Fang Ranger using Kiba Changer: "Kiryoku Tenshin Kiba ChenjÔ!" (Chi-Power Transform! Aura Changer!)

Initially D˘shi Kaku and the original five Dairangers did not know who the Kiba Ranger was. Eventually H˘shinsei, K˘ moves in with Tempusei, Lin. K˘ was a spoiled brat and Lin should have given him a spanking.

Dairangers on Kibamachines

The five Dairangers ride 5 motercycles, the Kiba Machines: Red Kiba 1, Green Kiba 2, Blue Kiba 3, Yellow Kiba 4 and Pink Kiba 5. Kiba means "fang". The Kiba Ranger sometimes rides K˘'s skateboard.


Kujaku (Peacock), a Dai Tribe member imprisoned by Mirror Make-Up Artist 6006 years before is finally freed in 1993. She battles against Lt. Colonel Gara of the Gorma Tribe. Tengensei, Daigo (Lion Ranger) falls in love with Kujaku. [Apparently the writers of this series don't know that the colorful Peacocks are male. The female Peahens are a drab brown.]

Grandmaster Yufang, Lin's great great uncle invented the Aura Changers, Kiba Changer, Big Wheel Blades and Super Chi Power Bazooka. He hid the Kiba Changer behind a picture in Lin's house and plunged the White Tiger True Sword (Byakkoshinken) insto a stone so only the Kiba Ranger would be able to pull it free.

Kameo Daimugen (Great Infinity)

The Dairangers' friend Kameo turns out to be Great Infinity (Daimugen) a giant turtle creature who took on human form thousands of years ago and over time forgot his true nature.

Master Jiaxu

In the end D˘shi Kaku returns to Gorma as Master Jiaxu, turning against the Dairangers. He thinks that he can defeat Shadam to become the new leader of Gorma and end the war. His failure to explain exactly what he was doing to the Dairangers helps lead to his downfall and the Dairangers have to win the war without their mentor.

Chi Transmitting Beasts

The Dairangers "mecha" are not machines but giant magical creatures (Chi Transmitting Beasts).

Star Dragon KingGreat Union King

Star Dragon (Ryuusei˘) can transform into Star Dragon King. Star Dragon King, Star Lion, Star Pegasus, Star Kirin and Star Phoenix combine to become Great Union King (Dairen˘).

Won Tiger

Kiba Ranger's beast is Won Tiger.

Won Tiger warrior Fang Great King

Won Tiger transforms into Won Tiger warrior. Won Tiger combines with Star Lion, Star Pegasus and Star Kirin to become Fang Great King (Kibadai˘).

Daimugen (Great Infinity)Heavy Armor Chi Palace

Great Infinity can stand on two legs and open its shell so that Star Dragon King can slide inside and be shielded from Gorma attacks. Great Infinity combines with Won Tiger, Star Lion, Star Pegasus, Star Kirin and Star Phoenix to become Heavy Armor Chi Palace which Star Dragon King then rides into combat.


In episode 37 a massive dragon, Daijinryuu, appears. It is on no side. It just wants the war between the Gorma and Dai tribes to cease. It shows its outrage at the war by devistating Tokyo. A short lived peace follows. In the final episode (50) Daijinryuu apparently decides that Gorma is the problem, because it destroys the Gorma Palace.

With the death of Shadam and the destruction of the Gorma Palace it appears that the battle between the Dai Tribe and the Gorma Tribe is finally over. However, 50 years later a New Gorma Monster (Shin Gooma Kaijin) appears, to be fought by the new Dairangers, the grand children of the original Dairangers.

The Dairangers starred in their own movie "Five Star Task Force Dairanger" (April 17, 1993).

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Dairanger cast: 2007
(Dairanger cast: 2007)

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