Special Collectors Edition
Jinzo Ningen Kikaida/Kikaida 01
25th Anniversary CD

cd front cover

A great double CD, featuring 37 songs from Jinzo Ningen Kikaida and 18 songs from Kikaida 01, for a total of 55 songs. The vocal versions of theme songs are the versions used during the opening and ending of each show, only one verse. The first CD is blue and red, the second is red and blue. With the two CD's is a 35 page booklet (written in Japanese of course) which features two color photographs (front and back covers) and 14 b/w photographs (mostly from Kikada-01). All songs composed by Watanabe, Michiaki. This double CD was released in 1997. CD number is COCC-14745->46.

Track lists:

CD #1

  1.  (Main Title) Mechanical Man Kikaida
  2.  Go Go Kikaida (T.V. Size Version) [op] - lyrics: Ishinomori, Shoutarou, vocals: Hide, Yuuki & Columbia Cradle Club
  3.  Dark Destruction Corps
  4.  Jiro's Guitar I-Action I
  5.  Evil's Flute I
  6.  Go Go Kikaida (Instrumental Version)
  7.  Sidecar's Roar
  8.  World Class Private Detective Hattori, Hanpei I
  9.  The Wandering Siblings
10.  Fight!! Mechanical Man Kikaida (T.V. Size Off Vocal Version Type B)
11.  The Machine Empire Of Darkness
12.  Jiro's Sorrow
13.  Insane Dictator
14.  Chase Sidemachine
15.  Go Go Kikaida (T.V. Size Off Vocal Version)
16.  World Class Private Detective Hattori, Hanpei II
17.  Jiro's Guitar II
18.  Dark Robots' Secret Maneuvers
19.  Dangerous Shootist
20.  Terrifying Monster Robot
21.  Jiro's Guitar III-Action II
22.  Evil's Flute II
23.  Kikaida Appears
24.  Fight!! Mechanical Man Kikaida (Instrumental Version)
25.  Ending
26.  Trailer-Use Music <Fight!! Mechanical Man Kikaida (T.V. Size Off Vocal Version Non-Edit)>
27.  Fight!! Mechanical Man Kikaida (T.V .Size Version Type A) [ed] - lyrics: Hatte Saburo, vocals: Hide, Yuuki & Columbia Cradle Club

Bonus Track
28.  Hakaida's Song (Edit Version) - lyrics: Ishinomori, Shoutarou, vocals: Mizuki, Ichiro

Total playing time: 72 minutes and 58 seconds

cd back cover

CD #2

  1.  Premonition Of Battle
  2.  Hakaida Appears
  3.  Hakaida's Song [instrumental]
  4.  Kikaida VS Hakaida
  5.  Plunge Into Enemy Territory
  6.  Saburo's Theme
  7.  Wicked Fortress Of Darkness
  8.  Day Of Dark's Ruin
  9.  Our Kikaida
10.  (Main Title) Kikaida 01
11.  Kikaida 01 (T.V. Size Version) [op] - lyrics: Ishinomori Shoutarou, vocals: Shimon, Masato
12.  Hakaida Corps Appears
13.  Shadow Appears
14.  Kikaida 01 Appears
15.  Kikaida 01 (Off Vocal Version)
16.  A Moment's Rest
17.  Forgetting The Battle
18.  Misao And Hiroshi
19.  The Monster Robot Invasion
20.  The Flower Garden Android
21.  Sorrow
22.  Dream For Peace
23.  Mari, Where To
24.  Lifetime Of The Great Swordsman Waruda
25.  01 Rock (Off Vocal Version)
26.  Ending
27.  01 Rock (T.V. Size Version) [ed] - lyrics: Hatte Saburo, vocals: Shimon, Masato

Total playing time: 76 minutes and 13 seconds

All together 149 minutes and 11 seconds.

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Kikaida 01 Broadcast List

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