Secret Taskforce Goranger Complete Song Collection

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All the vocal themes from Himitsu Sentai Gorenj‚ (Secret Taskforce Goranger). All songs composed by Michiaki, Watanabe. There are 26 tracks with a total playing time of 76 minutes 28 seconds.

Track   1: Advance! Goranger (opening theme) - vocals: Sasaki, Isao; Horie, Mitsuko & Columbia Cradle Club
Track   2: Fly! Variblune - vocals: Sasaki, Isao & Cricket '73
Track   3: Blue Ranger From The Blue Sky - vocals: Sasaki, Isao
Track   4: Mysterious Green Ranger - vocals: Sasaki, Isao; Horie, Mitsuko & Columbia Cradle Club
Track   5: Advance Goranger Machine - vocals: Sasaki, Isao & Cricket '73
Track   6: Flowery Pink Ranger - vocals Horie, Mitsuko
Track   7: Secret Taskforce Goranger (ending theme episodes 1-63) - vocals: Sasaki, Isao & Cricket '73
Track   8: Evil Black Cross Army - vocals: Cricket '73
Track   9: Goranger Storm - vocals: Sasaki, Isao; Horie, Mitsuko & Cricket '73
Track 10: Goranger Picture Painting Song - vocals Horie, Mitsuko
Track 11: Ravenous Yellow Ranger - vocals: Cricket '73 & Columbia Cradle Club
Track 12: Red Strength, Red Ranger - vocals: Sasaki, Isao
Track 13: Goranger Come Around - vocals: Sasaki, Isao & The Chirps
Track 14: Varidreen's Song - vocals: Sasaki, Isao & Cricket '73
Track 15: Look! Goranger (ending theme episodes 64-84) - vocals: Sasaki, Isao; Cricket '73 & The Wilbies
Track 16: Battle Ends... - vocals: Sasaki, Isao & Cricket '73
Track 17: Advance! Goranger (original karaoke)
Track 18: Fly! Variblune (original karaoke)
Track 19: Mysterious Green Ranger (original karaoke)
Track 20: Flower Pink Ranger (original karaoke)
Track 21: Secret Taskforce Goranger (original karaoke)
Track 22: Evil Black Cross Army (original karaoke)
Track 23: Goranger Storm (original karaoke)
Track 24: Goranger Come Around (original karaoke)
Track 25: Varidreen's Song (original karaoke)
Track 26: Look! Goranger (original karaoke)

Series creator, Ishinomori Shoutarou, wrote the words to the opening theme as well as tracks 9, 10, 15. Tracks 7 (first ending theme), 13, 16 have words by Hatte Saburo.

Included with this CD is a 16 page booklet (counting covers). The booklet has 2 color photos (covers), 16 b/w photos from the series and 7 b/w versions of video tape covers. Full lyrics to all the vocal tracks are included.

If you are willing and able to translate lyrics please email me.

I purchased this CD (special order) from CD Japan. CD number is COCC-13213.

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