Battle Fever J Suite

cd front cover

Music from Batoru Fb Jei (Battle Fever J). Music composed by Watanabe, Michiaki (aka Watanabe, Chumei). All themes are instrumental, no vocals. This CD is number 39 in the Animex 1200 series of CDs made from out of print vinyl records. Each disk was limited to 5000 copies. This CD contains 42 minutes and 25 minutes of music.

Track   1: Theme of Battle Fever J
Track   2: Lift Off Battle Shark
Track   3: Downtown Blues
Track   4: Elegy
Track   5: Soliders Destiny
Track   6: Beautiful Departure
Track   7: The Ties of Love
Track   8: Theme From Chase
Track   9: Theme of Satan-Egos
Track 10: Under the Flag of Justice
Track 11: Dancing Soliders

Track 1 contains variations on the opening theme. Track 11 contains variations on the ending theme.

I purchased this CD from CD Japan. CD number is COCC-72039.

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