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Choujin Bibyun

July 06, 1976 - March 29, 1977 (36 episodes)

Choujin Bibyun

Opening Theme

Created by Ishimori, Shotaro
Produced by Hirayama, Touru
Music by Watanabe, Michiaki

Character Actor/Actress
Tsukimura, Kei Araki, Shigeru
Bibyun Haruta, Misao
Watabe, Go Yuchida, Yasuhiko
Zushiin Yamaoka, Junji
Suga, Ichiro Sakada, Toshihiko
Bashaan Suzuki, Hiroshi
Beni Sharkku (voice) Junpei, Takiguchi
Dr. Daima Uenoyama, Koichi
Akechi, Lisa Mori, Miki
Shindo (voice) Amamori, Masashi
Birin (voice) Yashir, Hayashi
Demon Emperor Gulliver (voice) Naya, Gorou
Narrator Murakoshi, Ichiro

Choujin Bibyun

After the deaths of Zabitan, Gabura and Iberu (Evil); their spirits entered the bodies of three men, giving them super powers to fight the new evil threatening Japan. Alhough this was a sequel to Akumaizer 3 it was a very different show. First the three heroes were humans who transformed into the super heroes when needed. Second the monsters instead of being demons (akuma) were ghosts (yokai).

ZabitanTsukimura, KeiBibyun

The spirit of Zabitan entered the body of gymnist Tsukimura, Kei (Araki, Shigeru) giving him the power to transform into the fire/air warrior Choujin Bibyun. Bibyun was armed with the "Sky Sword". Bibyun would stick Sky Word into the ground to activate "Sky Radar" in order to locate monsters or to use "Sky Sword Fire" (similar to Kamen Rider Stronger's "Electro Fire""). Bibyun could use Sky Sword to draw shapes in the dirt then transform those shapes into three dimensional objects. For his final attack Bibyun would turn into a ball of fire to explode the monsters. Araki, Shigeru previously played Jou, Shigeru/Kamen Rider Stronger.

GaburaWatabe, GoZushiin

The spirit of Gabura entered the body of weightlifter Watabe, Go (Yuchida, Yasuhiko) giving him the power to transform into the earth warrior Choujin Zushiiin. Zushiin was armed with an earthquake causing staff "Mokane" and a top that can drill into the earth. Zushiin could transform into "Zushiiin Ball", a boulder, so he could roll over the monsters. He could also turnhimself into a pile of dirt. Yuchida, Yasuhiko played Apollo Geist in Kamen Rider X.

EvilSuga, IchiroBashaan

The spirit of Iberu (Evil) entered the body of swimmer Suga, Ichiro (Sakada, Toshihiko) giving him the power to transform into the water warrior Choujin Bashaan. Bashaan was armed with the water gun "Pepe". Bashaan could turn into a ball of of water or a fountain of water. He usually appears on the scene coming up out of the nearest body of water.


Bashaan, Bibyun and Zushiiin each had their own motorcycle.

Crimson Shark

Bibyun, Bashaan and Zushiiin were assisted by Crimson Shark (Beni Sharkku), a living aircraft which could shrink to the size of a model plane or grow large enough to carry them. In the early episodes Crimson Shark would fly around looking for ghosts and demons. When it spotted them it would summon Bibyun, Bashaan and Zushiiin to the scene.

yokai, Konoichi, Dr. Daima

It was metaphyscacist Dr. Daima who summoned the spirits of Zabitan, Evil and Gabura. He became mentor to Bibyun, Bashaan and Zushiiin. Instead of Darunia the three magical warriors were assisted by female police agent, and ninth level ninja Akechi, Lisa.

Choujin Bibyun ep1 Demon Emperor Gulliver 24-35

Bibyun, Bashaan and Zushiiin fought youkai (ghosts) led by Demon Emperor Gulliver, chief of the demons from Akumaizer 3.

Amamoto Eisei who played Shinigami Hakase (Doctor Death) in Kamen Rider gues stars in episode 10.

Choujin Bibyun

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