Batoru FeebÔ Jei

February 03, 1979 through January 26, 1980, 52 episodes

Miss America, Battle Kenya, Battle Japan, Battle France, Battle Cossack
Batoru FeebÔ Jei

Battle Fever Battle Fever

Head writter Uehara, Shouzou


Character Actor/Actress
Den, Masao Tanioka, Hironori
Battle Japan Niibori, Kazuo
Shida, Ky˘suke Kurachi, Yűhei
Battle France Hasimoto, Haruhiko & Mashita, Tetuo
Shiraishi, Kensaku [episodes 1-33] It˘, Yukio
Jin, Makoto [episodes 33-52] Ban, Daisuke
Battle Cossack Atsum, Hiroshi & Koga, Hirohumi
Akebono, Shir˘ Oba, Kenji
Battle Kenya Oba, Kenji & Kitagawa, Tsutomu
Diane Martin [episodes 1-24] Diane Martin
Lisa Komaki Diane Martin (voice) [episodes 1-14, 17-24]
Yokozawa, Keiko Diane Martin (voice) [episodes 15 & 16]
Maria Nagisa [episodes 24-52] Naomi Hagi
Miss America [episodes 1-17] Lisa Komaki & Kitagawa, Tsutomu
Miss America [episodes 18-52] Onodera, Eiiko & Kitagawa, Tsutomu
Shogun Tetsuzan, Kurama Chiyonosuke, Azuka
Nakahara, Keiko Noriko, Ito
Satan Egos (voice) ╬zuka, Sh˘z˘e
Commander Hedda Ishibashi, Masashi
Salome [episodes 19-52) Ueda, Maquis
Narrator ďhira, T˘ru

Battle Fever
(Diane Martin; Akebono, Shir˘; Shida, Ky˘suke; Tetsuzan, Kurama; Shiraishi, Kensaku; Den, Maso)

Shogun Tetsuzan,Kurama created Battle Fever to battle the criminal organization Egos. He gave the power suits to four Japanese men and one Japanese-American woman, an FBI agent who followed Egos to Japan.

Den, MasaoBattle Japan

Den, Masao (Battle Japan) - former National Defense Ministry officer. Trained in Judo and karate. Armed with spear. Did a kung fu dance.

Shida, Ky˘sukeBattle France

Shida, Ky˘suke (Battle France) - a dandy and a playboy. Works as a beautician. Armed with fencing sword. Did a flamenco (Spanish) dance. Enjoys eating escargo (snails).

Shiraishi, KensakuBattle CossackJin, Makoto

Shiraishi, Kensaku (Battle Cossack 1) - trained in science and war. Armed with twin sais. Did a Russian dance. Enjoys eating caviar (fish eggs). Left Big Baser without the Battle Cossack uniform and was killed attempting to save a child from Egos. Shiraishi, Kensaku is in episodes 1-33. (It˘, Yukio (later Takeshi, It˘) left the series to get married and spend the time with his bride.)

Jin, Makoto (Battle Cossack 2) - a scientist who trained in the Defense Ministry along with Shiraishi, Kensaku. Joined Battle Fever to avenge the death of his friend. Jin, Makoto is an expert marksman. He's a loner, prefering to go off by himself. In episode 45 Jin, Makoto plays a trumpet to distract Egos. The tune he plays is the tune Ichiro plays in Kikaida 01. Jin, Makoto is in episodes 33-52.

Akebono, Shir˘ Battle Kenya

Akebono, Shir˘ (Battle Kenya) - can talk with animals. Armed with a whip. Did an African dance. Eats just about anything. The smell of his cooking is not appreaciated by the other team members.

Diane MartinMiss AmericaMaria Nagisa

Diane Martin (Miss America 1) - FBI agent. Joined Battle Fever to avenge her father, who was killed by Egos. Armed with throwing knives. Did a disco dance. After being injured by Dracula Monster, Diane decides to return to the United States to care for her younger sister Catherine. Diane Martin is in episodes 1-24. (Diane Martin apparently left the series because she had become increasingly uncomfortible in the role, she did not speak fluent Japanaese, her character's voice was actually dubbed)

Maria Nagisa (Miss America 2) - FBI agent trained by Diane Martin's father. When Diane is wounded Maria takes her place as Miss America and then stays on permenantly when Diane decides to return the the US. Maria Nagisa is in episodes 24-52.

The Battle Fever J henshin is simply the word "Fever".

The other members of Battle Fever are two female spies (who when not out spying wear brown uniforms) and a robotic minna bird. The bird's negative comments about Battle Fever annoy them. The required child is Masaru, the younger brother of one of the spies. He is NOT played by the Jinzo Ningen Kikaida Masaru actor. The other spy has a teenage sister.

Penta Force 1

Battle Fever defeated the human sized monsters with "Penta Force". There were two versions of "Penta Force" In the early episodes the Battle Fever J members formed Penta Force Cannon from their Command Bats and fired an explosive shell at the monster.

Penta Force 2

In later episodes they throw their Command Bats into the air, forming Penta Boomarang, which flew into the monster blowing it up.

Big Bazer

Battle Fever J was the first Sentai to feature a giant robot used to destroy giant monsters. Starting with episode 5, when the human sized monsters of Egos are in danger of being defeated a giant robot "younger brother" is sent to take their place. To fight these giants one of the Battle Fever team radios Shogun Tetsuzan Kurama at Battle Fever's underwater base, Big Bazer, to request the release of the flying submarine Battle Shark. Most of the time it is Battle Japan who calls for Battle Shark but each of the others has also made the call at least once.

Battle Shark

Battle Shark is armed with Tail, Wing, and Vulcan Missiles, Guns of Navarone, and depth bombs.

Battle Fever Robo

To finish off the giant robots Battle Shark releases the giant robot Battle Fever Robo. Battle Fever Robo is armed with Lightning Sword, Cross Fever throwing knives, Stick Lancer, Chain Crusher, Attack Lancer trident and Fever Axe. The throwing knives are stored in sheathes on Battle Fever Robo's legs the other weapons and a shield are sent to Battle Fever Robo from Battle Shark. Battle Japan, Battle France, Battle Kenya, Battle Cossack and Miss America have rockets in their boots which allow them to fly ("Jet On") into Battle Fever Robo's stomach.

Three MachinesBattle Fever Car

Battle Cossack, Battle France and Battle Kenya travel by motorcycles, Three Machines. Battle Japan and Miss America ride in Battle Fever Car.


The Battle Fever team fights the evil Egos cult, lead by the mysterious Satan Egos, his priest Commander Hedda (played by Ishibashi, Masashi who was Iron Claw in J.A.K.Q. Dengeki Tai) and American Egos officer Salome.

Battle Fever J is different from most tokusatsu in that the villains do not know who the heroes are in the first episode. Egos learns who each of the Battle Fever members are slowly over the course of the series. They don't discover who Miss America is until episode 24 but then she's replaced by a different woman, who's name Egos does not know. In episode 26 Egos finally learns the names of all the Battle Fever members.

Battle Fever

The Episodes

  1  02/03/1979  Charge! To The Ball Park We Run
  2  02/10/1979  Egos' Mysterious Human Manufacturing Method
  3  02/17/1979  Search The Spy!
  4  02/24/1979  It Is The Trap Of Super Bewitchment!
  5  03/03/1979  Battle Of The Flying Robots
  6  03/10/1979  Release The Almighty Submarine
  7  03/17/1979  Burn The Houses!
  8  03/24/1979  The Secret Of The Steel-Armed Pitcher
  9  03/31/1979  Woman From the Frozen Lands
10  04/07/1979  The Sighting Of The Elephant
11  04/14/1979  The Petnapping Affair
12  04/21/1979  The Plans Of A Cursed Rose
13  04/28/1979  Gold Egg And Fried Egg
14  05/05/1979  Marriage Of Beauty And Beast
15  05/12/1979  Egos' Hades Cooking
16  05/19/1979  Dark Queen Of Fighters
17  05/26/1979  Steal The Monster Machine
18  06/02/1979  Hurry To The Pigeon's Evil Nest
19  06/09/1979  The World's Strongest Beauty
20  06/16/1979  Dangerous Ghost To Hunt
21  06/23/1979  Hurry To Dragon Peninsula
22  06/30/1979  The Revenge Of The Woman Spy
23  07/07/1979  Showdown! The Appearance Of Many Monsters!
24  07/14/1979  Diane Overthrown
25  07/21/1979  Mystery Of The Movie Studio
26  07/28/1979  The Masked Report From The Bandaged Man
27  08/04/1979  Becareful Of The Thief Of Your First Love
28  08/11/1979  Chase The Unidentified Boat
29  08/18/1979  Did You See The Torn-Mouth Lady?
30  08/25/1979  I Want To Eat -- The Cook Of Strange Foods
31  09/01/1979  Supersonic Siblings
32  09/08/1979  Homeland Village Massacre
33  09/15/1979  Cossack Dies
34  09/22/1979  Shogun Of Darkness Laughs In Hell
35  09/29/1979  Hunger Panic
36  10/06/1979  Blasted Wedding
37  10/13/1979  Lightning Sword vs Wing Sword
38  10/20/1979  A Mysterious Costume Party
39  10/27/1979  The Friend Who Became An Evil Spirit
40  11/03/1979  Hour Of The Beauty Queen
41  11/10/1979  The Old Explosion Trick
42  11/17/1979  Fireworks And Sparks Of Human Love
43  11/24/1979  Assassin Jackle
44  12/01/1979  Tsukkage Family Of Hell Valley
45  12/08/1979  Five Minutes Before A Heart Stops
46  12/15/1979  The Cursed Straw Man
47  12/22/1979  The Mysterious Baseball Scheme!
48  12/29/1979  A Thief And A Juvenile Deliquent
49  01/05/1980  2nd Grade, Glass No. 5 Rebel Army
50  01/12/1980  The Masked Ogre
51  01/19/1980  The EGOS Rites Of Ressurection
52  01/26/1980  The Hero's Symphony

Battle Fever

Batoru FeebÔ J (Battle Fever J) featured music composed by Watanabe, Michiaki (best known for the music from JInzo Ningen Kikaida).

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