Battle Japan Battle CossackBattle France Battle KenyaMiss America
Battle Fever J

Lyricist: Yamakawa, Keisuke
Composer: Watanabe, Michiaki
Singers: MoJo, Columbia Cradle Club & Feeling Free

English translation, 1st verse provided by: KotaroDude


The earth screams, the flame burns
(Battle Fever)
Someone calling us, the flame burns
(Battle Fever)
Go for the sea, fly though the sky, Battle Fever
The five existences dance in a rage

Battle France (Oui!)
Battle Cossack (Da!)
Battle Kenya (ndiyo!)
Miss America (Yeah!)
Battle Japan (Oh!)

One by one, however it is small
Expierence is viewing invincible in one
You and (You and) You are like me
Combining the powers, Battle Fever J!

This is the opening theme from Batura Feebā J, which ran from 1979 through 1980 and was the first Sentai to feature a giant robot.

(live Super Sentai 2006)

Icons from Currentworks' Tokusatsu Icons