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Choujin Baromu-1 [Superman Barom-1]

April 02, 1972 - December 11, 1972 (35 episodes)

Choujin Baromu-1

Opening Theme

Created by Saito Takao and Hirayama, Touru
Music by Kikuchi, Shunsuke

Character Actor/Actress
Shiratori, Kentaro Takano, Hiroyuk
Kido, Takeshi Izuka, Hiroki
Barom-1 (voice) Koichi, Ueda
Barom-1 Nakamura, Bunya
Barom-1 Nakayashiki, Tetsuya
Kido, Matsugoroe Keisuke, Sunakawa
Kido, Rintaro Kobayashi, Kiyoshi
Kido, Noriko Nakamura, Kazumi
Sugizaki, Kume Saito, Hiroko
Mr. Doruge (human form) Hideo, Murota
Doruge (voice) Īzuka, Shouzoue
Narrator Tanaka, Nobuo

Kentaro & Takeshi

Shiratori, Kentaro (the smart one) and Kido, Takeshi (the strong one) are friends. When the evil alien Doruge decides to conquer Earth the good alien Kopuu appears to give these boys the Barom-Bop [Baromu-Boppu], a device which detects the presence of Doruge's Demon Agents and allows the boys to transform into the Justice Agent Barom-1.

Barom Cross
"Barom"                      "Cross"    

When the boys have become Barom-1 they can be seen as tiny people inside his eyes. (No Barom-1 is not a giant.) Barom-1 is powered by "friendship energy". The level of this energy is measured by a gauge on the bottom of Bopp. If either of the boys is angry with the other the level of friendship energy will be too low for them to transform. Although Barom-1 has his own personality complete with own voice the boys continue to exist inside his head and if they disagree on what course of action Barom-1 should take the energy level will fall, weakening Barom-1. If the level falls to zero the boys return to normal and cannot transform again until harmony is restored, raising the friendship energy level. This only happens in the early episodes before the boys have learned never to quarl.

Barom Dynamite Punch

Barom-1's combat techniques include "Barom Swing" (he tosses the monster) and "Barom Break" (he runs into the monster), "Barom Dynamite Punch" and or "Barom Driver" (both of which are capable of splitting solid rock). When used in midair "Barom Driver" reflects the monster's attack back at it. Barom-1 can fly and bullets bounce off his body.


Barom-Bop flashes and sounds an alarm when one of Doruge's Demon Agents is near. The boys take turns carrying Bop. Starting with episode 18 Bop is used in the henshin sequence. One of the boys throws Bob into the air then both boys jump into air before they cross arms.


Barom-1 wears Bop on his belt. He often uses Bop as a weapon, throwing it at the Demon Agents. When Bop hits a monster that is diguised as a human it forces the monster to reveal itself. When thrown at a monster Bop can sever a limb.


When Barom-1 needs transportation he tosses Bop on the ground, shouting "Macharod Bop", Bop then transforms into the car Machrod.

castShiratori, Kentaro; Sugizaki, Kume, Kido, Takeshi

Other regular characters in the series were Shiratori, Shizuka (Kentaro's mother); Shiratori, Keitaro (Kentaro's older brother); Kido, Rintaro (Takeshi's father); Kido, Noriko (Takeshi's older sister), Kido, Matsugoro (Takeshi's uncle) and Sugizaki, Kume (girl both Kentaro and Tatkeshi like) none of whom are aware that the boys are Barom-1. In episode 14 Matsugoro helped Barom-1 to increase his strength and agility by pushing boulders down a cliff at him. Matsugoro can't hold down a job. He's either unemployed or working a different job in each episode. At the end of episode 34 the Shiratoris (except for Kentaro) and the Kidos (except for Takeshi) are taken prison by Doruge. They are not rescued until the end of episode 35.

Demon Agents

Barom-1 battles the evil Doruge's Demon Agents. Doruge and his mutants are aware of how Barom-1 gets his power. In the early episodes they try to cause disagreements between Kentaro and Takeshi so the boys cannot transform into Barom-1. In later episodes the Demon Agents just try steal Bop. Of course they fail, they do however succeed in wounding Barom-1 more than the earlier less powerful monsters.


Choujin Baromu-1 (Superman Barom-1) featured music composed by Kikuchi, Shunsuke (best known for the music from the 1970s and 1980s Kamen Rider series). Although there isn't a Christmas episode there is a Barom-1 Christmas Song.

Choujin Baromu-1 was one of the few tokusatsu series produced by Hirayama, Touru which featured characters that were not created by Ishinomori, Shotaro.

I don't know why Barom-1's legs are sometimes green and sometimes yellow. I think he looks better green.

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Choujin Barom-1

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