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Henshin Ninja Arashi

April 07, 1972 - February 23, 1973 (47 episodes)

Created by Ishimori, Shotaro
Produced by Hirayama, T˘ru
Music by Kikuchi, Shunsuke

Character Actor
Hayate/Fuyute Nanj˘, Tatsuya
Henshin Ninja Arashi Nakamura, Bunya
Henshin Ninja Arashi (voice) Ikemizu, Michihiro
Tatsumaki Maki, Fuyukichi
Kasumi Hayashi, Hiroko
Tsumuji Matsuba, Kanyu
Tsukinowa (voice) Ichikawa, Osamu
Devil Sai (voice) Naya, Gor˘
Skull Maru Sone, Harumi
Demon Master Nemata, Y˘ichi
Great Devil Satan Amamoto, Eisei
Kageri Kiku, Yoko
Tsuyuha Saeki, Minako
Priest Itachi Ushio, Kenji
Shinobu Kudo, Fusako
Narrator Nakae, Shinji

Opening Theme

Henshin Ninja Arashi
Henshin Ninja Arashi

Although Henshin Ninja Arashi was set in feudal Japan it never the less had a lot in common with Kamen Rider (which was set in modern Japan). Created by Ishinomori, Shotaro, creator of the Kamen Riders. Music composed by Kikuchi, Shunsuke; composer for first seven Kamen Rider series and their movies. Chief villain's voice by Naya, Gor˘, the Great Leater of Shocker, Gel-Shocker, Destron, etc. Arashi costume worn by and stunts performed by Bunya, Nakamura who also wore the costumes and did stunts for Kamen Rider 2, X, Amazon, Stronger (episodes 1,2,39) as well as Marshal Armor (Kamen Rider V3) and Apollogeist (Kamen Rider X).

After decades of civl war Japan is finally united and at peace. That peace is shattered when an evil force arises to conquer the war weary Japanese.


Kiju an elder of the Blood Wheel Clan and his son Hayate learn that their clan has been corrupted by the mysterious Devil Sai who is s planning to use ninja magic to conquer Japan. Not wanting any part of this plot Hayate's father uses magic to transform Hayate into the powerful warrior Henshin Ninja Arashi (Transforming Ninja Storm) so he can defeat Devil Sai's magical ninja mutants, many of them created by Kiju before he understood what they would be used for. He expected them to be used to maintaine peace in Japan not wage war against the people. Kiju is initially hesitent to transform his son but Hayata insists that it is his responsibilty as the son of the one who created the transforming ninja to enforce justice and correct his father's error. After he has transformed Hayate, Kuji's scroll of ninja transformation is stolen by Skull Maru (Gaikotsumaru) who hands it over to his master Devil Sai, so he can produce more transforming ninja himself. Kiju is then mortally wounded by Poison Moray Eel. a transforming ninja of his own creation, dying in his son's arms.

henshin sequence

Fukeyo, Arashi! Arashi!! ARASHI!!!"("Rise, Storm! Storm!! STORM!!!")

Henshin Ninja Arashi

"Henshin Ninja Arashi kenzan!!"
(Transforming Ninja Arashi is here!!)

Arashi is armed with his magic sword, "Faster Than The Wind" (Hayakaze) which is his henshin device and is used in his "Invisible Blade Ninja Shadow Attack". He also throws "Feather Shurikens". Arashi and his Hayabusao, linked by ninja magic can talk to each other, Arashi understand the horse's nays and the horse Arashi's Japanse words.


Arashi is assisted by Tatsumaki (Thunder) an older ninja who was sent by the Shogunate of Edo to stop the Blood Wheel Clan, along with seven other Iga ninja, but the Blood Wheel Clain anticpating this was ready and managed to kill the other seven, one by one.. Tatsumaki is played by Maki, Fuyukichi who was Shirokage in Kamen no Ninja Akakage (1967-1968).

Tsumuji and Kasumi

Arashi gave Tatsumaki's daughter Kasumi a magical flute, "Wind Bell", which when played sends a signal to him so he can come to her aid whenever needed. Her younger brother, Tsumuji, is skilled at using throwing stars.


When Arashi got in trouble a mysterious magical ninja, Tsukinowa would appear (starting with episode 21), help Arashi, then vanish. Tsukinowa turns out to be Fuyute, the older twin brother of Hayate. Hayate and Fuyute will ultimately merge into a single person, a more powerful Henshin Ninja Arashi. Tsuki is Japanese for "moon".


For the first half of the series Arashi uses his magic sword to defeat his enemies. After Arashi and Tsukinowa merge together Arashi gains an energy weapon.

female ninjafemale ninja

Near the end of the series sisters Kageri and Tsuyuha are sent by the Iga ninja clan to help fight the Blood Wheel Clan.

Priest Itachi

Near the end of the series Ushio, Kenji (Jigoku Taishi in Kamen Rider) joins the cast as the cowardly, bumbling Priest Itachi.

Hayate's mother

For the last 8 episodes Great Devil Satan uses Hayate's mother to try to defeat Henshin Ninja Arashi.

Henshin Ninja Arashi and friends

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Ending Theme

commercial screen

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