SF Dorama: Saru no Gundan
SF Dorama: Saru no Gundan

October 6, 1974 - March 30, 1975, 26 episodes

Saru no Gundan

Opening Theme

Character Actor
Yurika Saito, Hiroko
Sakaki, Jiro Kaji, Masaaki
Izumi, Kasuko Tokunaga, Reiko
Gdo Ushio, Tetsuya
Pepe Takita, Kazue
Prime Minister Bippu Ohmae, Wataru
General Geb Hatakeyama, Baku
Director Gobi Yanami, Jji
Secretary Sabo Watanabe, Takeshii
Director Ruza Takashima, Hiroshi
Narrator Yamada, Shunji

SF Dorama: Saru no Gundan (Science Fiction Drama: Army of the Apes) is the Japanese answer to "Planet of the Apes".

Izumi, Kasuko Sakaki, Jiro and Yurika

Izumi, Kasuko takes two children; Yurika and Sakaki, Jiro on a tour of a cryogenics lab. Jiro climbs into a cryogenic chamber. Before Izumi-sensei can get the boy out of there a volcano erupts causing an earthquake which shakes the building. As the ceiling starts to fall in Izumi places Yurika in a second cryogenics chamber before climbing into a third one herself. She assumes they'll be safe in the steel canisters. A piece of the ceiling lands on the control panel starting the freezing process. The earthquake destroys the lab and the cryogenic chambers are buried in the rubble. Time passes. Eventually the three metal canisters are dug up and carried to a new lab. The woman and two children thaw out. Searching the new lab they are horrified to discover that Earth has been taken over by intelligent, talking apes.

Godo Pepe

Eventually the three humans escape from the apes and meet the (last surviving?) man Gdo who has been fighting for his survival, killing many apes. The four humans are then befriended by the ape child Pepe.

Bippu Geba, Bippu, Sabo, Gobi

A dispute arises among the apes. Some like Prime Minister Bippu, believe the humans are important for science and should be treated well. Others, such as the disgraced General Geb want them dead. Ultimately a civil war erupts between the gorillas and the chimpanzees.

Sabo Gobi

Loyal to Prime Minister Bippu is his secretary Sabo. Loyal to Geba is his brother Director Gobi.


The one eyed Ruza leads the chimpanzees.

The Episodes

Saru no Gundan

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