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Akumaizer 3

October 07, 1975 - June 29, 1976 (38 episodes)

Cast List

Created by Ishimori,Shotaro
Produced by Hirayama,Tru
Directed by Atsuo Okunaka
Music by Watanabe,Michiaki

Character Actor/Actress
Zabitan (voice) Ine, Makio
Nagumo, Takeshi Takizawa, S
Evil (voice) Kji, Yada
Gabura (voice) Joji, Yanami
Darunia Yoshida, Rihoko
Mega Lord (voice) Mahito, Tsujimura
Shima, Ippei Chiba, Jir
Narrator Tanaka, Nobuo

Stuck In Somebody's Frame

Akumaizer 3
"Zarado - Erado - Garado!"

The Akuma Zoku (Demon Clan), a race of magical cyborgs who live deep within the earth, plot to invade the surface world. Zabitan, the son of a male demon and a female human, deserts the clan in order to defend the humans. Two demons, Evil and Gabura, are sent to kill Zabitan but they chose to join him in defending the human race against the demons.


Zabitan is armed with his sword "Zarado" and miniture cannons "Zabitan Nova". He also the power to make himself invisible, change his form and transform animals and inanimite objects. In the second half of the series he often takes on the form of reporter Nagumo, Takeshi. At the site of the Demon Clan's Talisman his head cracks open.

Shima Ippei

Starting with episode 14 Zabitan frequently disquises himself as his friend Shima, Ippei. So the children in the audience won't be fooled the Zabitan Ippei wears golden earrings.

Nagumo Takeshi

Starting with episode 17 Zabitan takes the form of Nagumo, Takeshi and works with Shima, Ippei as a reporter. Nagumo, Takeshi can even transform himself and his motorcycle..

Evil Evil

Evil (Iberu) is armed with his sword "Erado", which can transform into his "J Gun". Evil has the special combat technique "Evil Finish". Seeing his own reflection immobolizes Evil.


Evil has the (little used) power to transform himself into an inanimate object .


Gabura is armed with his sword "Garado", which can transform into his spiked ball and chain weapon "Denburu". Gabura is the strongest and least inteligent of the Akumaizer 3. Gabura needs water to function properly, without he becomes weak.

Gabura Cho

Gabura has the power to transfrom into the ostrich like bird Gabura Cho (episodes 25-38).


Mega Lord leader of the Demon Clan sends demons who are relatives and friends of the Akumazier 3 to attack them. The Akumaizer 3 are forced to kill most of these demons, but one Darunia (episodes 2-38), joins them. She does this because she's in love with Zabitan.

Heiwa T Yonin Jyu

At the end of the series (episodes 37 & 38) four demons, Basugaru, NaameNaameda, Nobera and Nobera Jr form the The Demon Party of Peace (Heiwa T Yonin Jyu) and join the Akumaizer 3 in battling the Demon Clan. Basugaru is the only demon who didn't first fight against the Akumaizer 3 before joining their side.


The Akumazier 3 took from the Demon Clan an unusual aircraft, Zeidabeck for their own use. Zeidabeck is usually disguised as an old pirate ship

Garibr A, Garibr B and Garibr CGaribird

Zabitan, Evil and Gabura each rider their own motorycles, Garibr A, Garibr B and Garibr C, which combine into a single more powerful machine, Gari Bird.

Akumaizer 3
Akumaiz 3

The first 24 episodes of Akumaizer 3 were the best. Before Gabura gained the ability to transform into a bird the series was the most action packed tokusatsu ever. Starting with episode 25 the series got very silly.

The Episodes

Akumaizer 3 as befits this unusal series, had a non-traditional ending.

Akumaizer 3 Songs

Although the actors (and singers) pronounce the series title "Akumaiza 3" the opening credits has "AKUMAIZER" printed over the Japanese text.

Chjin Bibyun

Akumaizer 3 is followed by the sequel Chjin Bibyun.

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